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Web Design

We have noticeable experience in web designing, mainly because we use our own original technology with a lot of newly features for an easy user experience.

If you want a website we can give you a suitable platform: very stable, expandable and 100% customised that uses the latest technology for high performance, beating some of the standard technologies available like Joomla or Wordpress. The main goal of our platform is the SEO Friendly feature that enables the website to easily reach the first places in Google.

If what you want is visibility and presence on the Internet, and you want it implemented fast and at a low cost, then a micro site is the ideal solution for you.

Our backoffice uses the same technology as our websites, and is known for being the fastest backoffice in the market by using Ajax technology.

We are also able to develop applications and/or web apps prepared for mobile devices. Contact us to get all the information about our services.

If you need eCommerce solutions, we have great proposals for you. We can build you an online shop that can be quickly set up with a lot of scalable features.



Each web project is analysed from a communication point of view (What do you want to communicate?), so to further develop the design strategy (graphics, colours, shapes, unit content, amount of information, etc ...), always take into account the psychology of the receiver. We do not use pre-designed templates - every design is 100% original.

BYDAS develops highly effective web pages with strong psychological impact, with two concepts always present: creativity and intuitive navigation.

Often we find highly creative web designing, but with very complex navigation, which is counterproductive because Internet users enter the site and leave very quickly, reducing the rate of loyalty. Thus, the message communication is broken.

BYDAS, with authority and experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), develops its web projects taking into account the webmaster guidelines of Google, Yahoo and Bing, to allow rapid and reliable indexing by search engines.


  • Unique and attractive design - All our websites are designed from scratch, using our clients’ guidelines (always with our creative advice);
  • Compatibility guaranteed - You do not have to worry about visitors' computers - your website will be ready to be browsed by any computer (PC, Mac and Linux), any operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, and major Linux distributions) and all popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc. ...);
  • Positioning guaranteed - We develop our websites to ensure you the best possible position in the most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Search, and Ask) ensuring a greater number of visits to your site;
  • Content manager (CMS) - With this tool you will be able to update your website freely;
  • Statistics - You will have access to users’ data, such as their origin, that will help improve the website’s placement on the Internet.

If you want to create an online store, you are now looking at the perfect solution. We develop custom online stores with advanced features, graphics’ full control, order management, inventory management, payment management, security management and customer management, using the best solution on the market: Shopify.

BYDAS is a certified partner of Shopify in the Portuguese market!In addition, we offer tech support to Shopify clients, who are also members of BYDAS.


There are several ways to achieve this kind of business model. Our agency offers a service that provides the shop with all the technology already developed, and there is no need for our customer to do any kind of starting investment. You just pay your rent. That's it.

Our shops use one of our most successful technologies on the Internet, and we guarantee you full value in the management of your business. 

Our stores offer the following characteristics:

  • Personalised Domain Name:;
  • Customised Design;
  • Security SSL protocol (128 bits);
  • About 50 different payment gateways (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, ...);
  • Statistics Tracking;
  • Possibility to attach web pages (about us, services, blog, F.A.Q., ...);
  • Possibility to modify all contents using the backoffice;
  • Easy order management;
  • Promotion Management;
  • Automatic Backups;
  • Servers with CDN;
  • Anti-fraud system (to avoid the usage of fake credit card numbers);
  • Optimisation for search engines;
  • Online marketing options (landing pages);
  • Compatibility with mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, ...).


Try the Shopify platform for 15 days, free of any charge! If you chose to run your own store, this is the best option. BYDAS, Shopify’s partner in Portugal, offers free technical assistance for members.

You don't know which plan to pick? If your budget is a problem, we recommend you chose the cheapest plan to avoid any financial stress. With time, and as you get more comfortable with the platform and online transactions, you can always upgrade your plan.


a) Simple stores always involve a single transaction fee per product of 2% of its value, plus the monthly fee for leasing payment, maintenance and management of the store. In addition, in this type of store, there is a limit of 100 products and 100MB of storage space for photos and videos;

b) If you want a pro shop with more space for file storage and products, you will have a transaction fee of 1% per product to pay the leasing, maintenance and administration by the agency;

c) If you do not want to be charged any transaction fees, you can choose a free store, but with higher monthly costs of rent, maintenance and administration. However, if you choose this method, the storage space is unlimited, as well as the quantity of products in display.


Drupal Technology

We specialise in websites using the content management framework Drupal, which allows us to give our clients a complete pack of day-to-day management solutions for websites, blogs, portfolios, online communities, and almost any kind of online publication.

Drupal is extremely flexible, powerful and is an opensource software, making it available for all individuals and companies for free!

Besides implementing websites with this technology, we offer Drupal’s theme creation service: graphic layouts’ creation which adapt to any previous Drupal instalment.

More information on Drupal...

Drupal is a project of the community. It was carefully developed by a wide community of engineers and computer technicians, who volunteered to create a free platform with advanced features that could be used massively worldwide – becoming sort of a content manager of reference to whom wants a portal with a good content management system (CMS).

The Drupal community is made of designers and developers from all around the world, which promotes the software and creates new features and modules daily. Drupal is not just another software package to create blogs or forums - it is something way more powerful. Basically, it is a robust system for web publishing, perfectly suited for a fast implementation of online contents, whether on blogs or forums, and others.

Drupal is infinitely customised through external modules. There are literally thousands of modules available for Drupal, simplifying many publishing tasks. And if the wanted module does not exist, it can be developed, integrated in the software and, why not, made available for the whole community.

Who is it for?

Drupal suits any kind of demands. However, it is normally used by companies, mainly medium and large ones that need a system to efficiently manage large amounts of information.

Some examples of where Drupal can be used:

  • Online communities’ portals;
  • Forums;
  • Corporate websites;
  • Apps for intranets;
  • Ecommerce apps;
  • Vertical and resource directories;
  • Social Networks;

From the examples above, it is easy to understand that Drupal is a powerful platform, ready for demanding information technology that any company that wants an Internet presence may need.

If you still have questions, contact us for further clarification.

Budget Request

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