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UB Online Store offers you the latest worldwide news of urban fashion on a daily basis, in which it highlights Gianni Kavanagh. We exist since 2016 and our main commitment is to present multiple novelties with diverse collections, focusing on quality, fitting & hot trends.

Our clients satisfaction is what drives us. For this reason, we have a specialized team qualified to work on our platform and services that we provide. The logistics department's main goal is to ship all orders on time, and they perform this task with a level of excellence of 98%. With this being said, today we define our motto to be QSS, as we commercialize products with high QUALITY; we only work with payment methods and shipping companies that guarantee the maximum SAFETY; and our reviews have proven that 99% of our clients consider our platform to be excellent and trustworthy, showing their level of SATISFACTION.You can purchase on our online platform 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. You may speak with our customer care from 9:00am to 8:00pm (Lisbon, GMT) from Monday to Friday and Holidays; and from 10:00am to 8:00pm (Lisbon, GMT) on weekends. Providing a good shopping experience is, without doubt, our main daily focus and if at any moment feel that we are letting you down, please contact us here.

Developed Tasks
  • Elaboração de Livro de Estilos
  • Elaboração de livro de estilo responsivo (Mobile)
  • Programação Frontend
  • Configuração de Framework
  • Integração de Apps externas
  • Integração com sistema de pagamento (Visa, Mastercard,etc...)
  • Integração com Sistemas de Pagamento por Referências Multibanco
  • Integração com o sistema de pagamento Paypal
  • Integração com sistemas de pagamento manual (ex: transferência bancária)
  • Elaboração de tabelas de envio de encomendas
  • Configuração de taxas (IVA, VAT, etc...)
  • Adaptação e tradução de emails de notificação
  • Tradução de Frontend da loja, recorrendo a uma aplicação externa (Langify)
  • Integração com loja no Facebook
UB Online Store
UB Online Store
UB Online Store
UB Online Store

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