Search Engine Optimization to improve organic trafic

Looking to increase organic / natural traffic to your website / online store through a strong presence in search engines? Find us the ideal partner to formulate an SEO strategy for your company.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most effective method to win the top places in search engine results from Google, Bing and Yahoo without needing to constantly pay for ad campaigns like AdWords. It is also a demanding method that requires not only high marketing knowledge but also advanced technical knowledge of programming for the WWW.


  • Companies with no experience in digital marketing;
  • Companies with SEO strategies;
  • Agencies.


BYDAS offers a service that aims to put our customers in the best positions of the search engines, mainly in Google.

Thus, we can expect a highly competent service focused on the following tasks:

  • Internal and external analysis of the website and its global positioning;
  • Definition of market strategy and composition of keywords;
  • Optimization of the general metadata of the website;
  • Optimization of the page-by-page metadata of the website (whenever possible);
  • Extend the representation of the website to be displayed on maps (Google Maps), mobile devices (iPhone, Android), image and video searches, among others;
  • Create link building strategy with partners to increase backlinks;
  • Validate the website according to W3C;
  • Register the website in some vertical business directories to increase the visibility of the website in the search engines;
  • Among other minor tasks.


Our process is divided into 3 phases: Analysis, Implementation and reporting.

In order to start the optimization action to the site, it is important to understand what the main objective of the same is commercial level:

  • Analysis of seed expressions - these expressions are words that define in general the area of activity of the company, the category of the service or product. These expressions will be part of the top of the influence pyramid. By using these phrases, it will be easy to identify the competition (5 competitors) in Google's search engine.
  • Analyzing competitor metrics - previously identified competitors will then be analyzed at various levels and their metrics recorded to understand which elements have the greatest strength and how can they be exceeded.
  • Optimization of On-Page metrics - internal actions will be performed on the website in order to improve SEO metrics taking into account website structure, navigation, design and metadata
  • Optimization of Off-Page metrics - actions will be taken to improve or maintain the popularity of the domain either at the level of security / confidence metrics or at the level of traffic metrics.
  • Reports - will be presented 3 report (prelimionar, intercalar and final) that will allow to understand the evolution of the action SEO in the time having as comparison data the 3 evolution points (beginning, middle and end), as well as the respective 3 points of evolution but in relation to each of the 5 competitors.


Our SEO service must be contracted for a minimum period of 6 months.


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