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E-commerce is in a remarkable development and following this consumption trend, the technologies and services around this activity are expanding so as to guarantee sustainable and successful operations that guarantee automatism and integration with other systems: companies want each once again ensure that certain manual processes are replaced by automatisms that eliminate human error and increase the efficiency of the trade service.


  • Individuais;
  • Novas empresas;
  • Empresas que necessitem de reestruturar a loja online;
  • Empresas que necessitem de migrar a tecnologia de comércio eletrónico para Shopify.


Bydas proposes a simple, functional and guaranteed scenario of success when allied to the technology of the moment (Shopify).

  • It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, it means that it resides in the cloud and is IT-supported in the monthly fee paid to the service provider (Shopify), reducing a significant share of e-commerce investment - IT and efficient servers.
  • It is a technology that offers all the great functionality one can imagine in an ecommerce in its most basic and inexpensive plan.
  • It is a technology that has different levels of complexity that attracts from small business to large corporations (who can opt for the Shopify Plus program to ensure higher performance and fewer bank commissions). If you are visionary and believe that your business will grow, this will be the factor to take into account. Shopify has the ability to scale technologically in the same way as your business.
  • Connectivity: Shopify ensures connectivity with large marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay and also direct link with the dropshipping giant: Oberlo.
  • Graphically and at the level of usability is the technology that has set the pace and trends. Almost all Shopify stores are beautiful and easy to use. Layouts are very product oriented and "pull" for the need for good photography and original products.
  • It has a marketplace with thousands of applications to extend the functionality at the level of marketing automation, SEO, Social Networks, etc ...
  • When creating a Shopify account you are purchasing not only an ecommerce system, but also a merchant manager who will manage the remaining points of sale: physical stores, Facebook integrated shop, Messenger, Reseller, Mobile App, Amazon , Pinterest, eBay, among others.


The process used by BYDAS in the creation of websites is characterized by the following phases:

  • Requirements and strategy analysis;
  • Shopify account setup - development version without trial period;
  • Graphic Layout drawing;
  • Web Programming;
  • Contents;
  • Integrations (if any);
  • Bug tracking and Training.


The development of an online store will entail at least one month for its implementation. This period can be lengthened depending on the complexity and type of contractual relationship between the parties.


The strategic and technical advice for the development of the online store will be provided during the development phase in order to guarantee:

  • time to market correct;
  • communication and linguistics;
  • categorization and navigation oriented to usability and conversion into sales;
  • better selection of external apps to increase store features;
  • among other decisions ...

Shopify training at the back shop is another guarantee when contracting our services.

Technical support is an extraordinary contract that is always associated with the sale of an online store and aims to:

  • Keep customer account and process open at the agency;
  • Guarantee immediate technical support to the store (within working hours) with analysis, diagnosis of the problem and resolution of the problem;
  • Ensure upgrades to shopify themes and checkout, as well as external apps being used in the store;
  • Correction of bugs from the technological transformation that is making some obsolete codes:


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