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We have extensive experience in developing solutions for institutional presentations on the web and we are able to respond to requests for small businesses, such as for large corporations that need to have a website for institutional presentation, information about products and services, contacts, leads, etc ... .


  • Individuals;
  • New companies;
  • Companies that already own a website but need to perform an update.


BYDAS has the capacity to develop web projects of small or large scale based on the following assumptions:

  • Proprietary Technology / Framework (Typething);
  • Backoffice for self-management;
  • Responsive layout technology (2 break points - mobile / desktop);
  • Layout for internal pages;
  • Layout for pages with listings;
  • Blocks;
  • Layouts for forms;
  • Integration with analytics;
  • Multi-language - Lets you present the website in several different languages;
  • among other features.

The great advantage of acquiring a proprietary web system is that it is not as exposed to exploits / hackers as popular technologies such as wordpress, joomla or drupal, which are meticulously analyzed by malicious users in order to exploit any security weaknesses they may have . By using a proprietary technology, it does not mean that the technology is better, it means that it is exposed, less of a bad target, a factor that guarantees less time to support security updates, backups, code cleaning, etc.

Another quite obvious advantage is the speed of proprietary applications that are very geared towards producing only one kind of website, as opposed to hybrid solutions like wordpress that is used to do almost everything on the internet. This implies that you need to carry a huge set of tools that destabilize the system (at security level), but also make it slower and more complex for systems analysis.

By owning Typething technology, the website will always be up to date with the latest versions of source code that will be updated on the system remotely without any need for customer intervention.


The process used by BYDAS in the creation of websites is characterized by the following phases:

  • Requirements and strategy analysis
  • Creating Layout
  • Web Programming
  • Content
  • Installation, Bug tracking and Training

In the first phase - Requirements analysis and strategy - the client and BYDAS will have to define the intrinsic characteristics of the website taking into account the strategy behind the construction of the website. All requirements must be defined at this stage.

In the second phase - Layout Creation, BYDAS will produce, purchase or adapt a web layout based on the client's instructions and the know-how of BYDAS. The layout may be partially revised to fit the customer's expectations.

Once the layout is defined, it is advanced to the stage of web programming where several sub-steps (if they exist), such as adaptation to mobile phones, integration of backoffice or connections with social networks are inserted.

Having a functional prototype is advanced to the creation, adaptation and editing of contents, as well as activation of new languages and definition of the menu blocks.

Finally, the last step will be to install the website on a public server, debug debugging using conventional Bug Tracking methods and the client training in the use of backoffice (if hired)


The development of a corporate website will require at least one month for its implementation. This period can be lengthened depending on the complexity and type of contractual relationship between the parties.


The strategic and technical advice for the development of the website will be provided during the development phase in order to guarantee:

  • time to market correct;
  • communication and linguistics;
  • categorization and navigation oriented to usability and navigation with low rate bounce rate;
  • among other decisions ...

We have several options for website support:

  • Unsupported - where the customer will be responsible for maintaining the website;
  • With Support - where our agency will be responsible for the management of the website at various levels: contracting and hosting management, contracting for domain and DNS management, backups, creation of email accounts, management of subdomains, correction of updates of software, backoffice version upgrade;

Training on the backoffice of the website is guaranteed through 1 hour of training via skype or telephone.

Typething technology has an annual renewal license that also guarantees:

  • Automatic updates of website software;
  • CRM and productivity tools in the backoffice.

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