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Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.
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Joining Shopify is not just getting an online store, but a web structure that allows you to have a corporate website, an online store, multiple blogs and various sales channels with integrations with Amazon, Rakuten, Twitter, Messenger, etc....

More than 100 integrated payment services

This is one of the critical points in any online business, however, at Shopify, it is one of the simplest operations: make payment by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and even Portuguese payment formats as ATM references.

Hosting, SSL Certificate and Unlimited Bandwidth

You do not need to buy web hosting, you do not need to buy an SSL certificate, and most of all, you'll have unlimited bandwidth - the great Achilles heel of all online stores, ensuring a perfect shopping experience for anyone entering your online store.

Integrated with various dropshipping systems.

If your business is Drop Shipping, Shopify is the ideal system to use the most powerful tools on the market like Oberlo and thus sell products that are not yours - and you don't have them in stock.

Integration with several billing systems certified with the Tax Authority

If you think that the idea of automating the entire online sales process is utopian, you don't know Shopify. Receive orders and automatically invoicing your customers.

Advanced Marketing Tools at the click of a button

Discount Coupons, Gift Cards, Shopping Cart Recovery, Upselling, Cross Selling, Multi-Pricing, Bulk Discounts, Loyalty Programs, Affiliate Programs, among other types of solutions are available in the App Store for free or at very competitive rates.

Credit Card Fraud Analysis and Advanced Reports

Credit card fraud is a scourge in e-commerce. Shopify has an anti-fraud radar that will ensure that the 1% fraud rate is not a problem for you. In addition, Shopify offers you a very complete report of your entire operation.

Chat Support 24/365

And the big difference from all competition is the most important part of all - having someone on the other side to help us in times of distress.

Solution for digital nomads

Simplicity in a complete and scalable platform

Track your business in real-time with sophisticated, easy-to-use tracking tools. Shopify has earned entrepreneurs the user-friendly interface that saves hours of work and a very short learning curve.

Growth Oriented

Shopify stores are destined for success!

If you have a good product and a realistic and well structured business plan, you are guaranteed that with Shopify you will get the return you are looking for, as it has all the analysis tools that allow you to make the best decisions.

Sales Channel and Marketing

Focus on your business, leave the rest to us!

The technological dimension in electronic commerce is very complex and critical, and so that you do not lose focus on what is really important - sell - forget the long months of technological development and opt for a tested, safe and reliable solution.

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Companies usign Shopify

2 500

Portuguese Companies using Shopify

46 000

million dollars


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Get technical support and consulting on e-commerce operations..

Design a custom Shopify Theme

If you want to have a store with a unique design, we guarantee design for Shopify!

Integrations and Additional Coding

Advanced integrations using the Shopify API or creating external applications

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