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High performance cloud servers

End the traffic problems in your online store with a consolidated 99.97% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to support up to 500,000 pageviews per minute on a cloud infrastructure configured with 7000 cores. If you already understand the cost of having your business in the comfort of the Cloud, you will definitely find this as the most competitive factor of the Shopify Plus offer.

SaaS Solution (Software as a Service)

In large organizations, the need for an IT team to secure backups, software updates, plug-in updates, and general technical maintenance can mean annual costs of more than € 200,000. With Shopify Plus, you have our team working for you.

Level 1 SSL Certification included

In today's reality where personal data protection regimes have become real challenges for large organizations, Shopify Plus offers a suite of top-level certifications so your business does not have to waste time transitioning into privacy policies or to obtain frames in GPDR.

20 integrated channels of sale

The challenges of integrating the sale of your products in other channels besides the store itself is an important technological challenge, a barrier broken with Shopify Plus that offers you to put your products on Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten, Pinterest, Twitter, etc...

9 Extension stores included

Having an online business prepared for different languages, different countries, different tax regimes and different currencies is the main challenge in the internationalization of an online business, so Shopify Plus offers you 9 additional stores that you can use as extensions of the main in the development of other regions or in other fiscal contexts.

RESTfullAPI for ERP integration

The use of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a reality in SMEs and large companies, so being able to access a RESTfullAPI allows seamless integration with the main ERPs in the market such as PHC, Netsuite, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, among others. ..

Success Manager

Analysis of Analytics data, building of business strategies or the search for technological solutions for automating processes in marketing or for the user experience is no longer necessary to be done internally as Shopify Plus provides you with a Success Manager that has the role of ensuring that your business wins the competition.

Integrated B2B Store solution

Having an online end-consumer store is a challenge, but anyone who is in this business knows the difficulties in implementing a parallel retail channel. Shopify Plus guarantees a customized retail channel for the sale of large volume products to resellers with an intuitive and direct interface.

Innovation and sustainability

Get into the SaaS reality

The e-commerce in Software as a Service format is the secret behind the most innovative online stores of today

Anyone who has experience with websites and even other online stores has experienced new challenges with Cloud and SaaS. Suddenly, all of the costly infrastructures that companies have implemented over the years no longer make much sense and it makes more sense to pay for resources that you use instead of buying resources without knowing if they will ever be used.

It was here that the SaaS conquered the new technology business and is now conquering fast-paced e-commerce. Your business does not need to waste time and money planning and implementing a technology structure, but rather concentrating on what it does best - the product or service it has to offer.

This paradigm shift has fostered the big business of the last decade with innovation and creativity being the main motivation of entrepreneurs - as a democratization of the digital economy.

Owning your entire business in the cloud, run by a SaaS, guarantees you a peace of mind that you will never reach with old-fashioned solutions like unloading the old opensource software Wordpress, Prestashop or Magento and installing it on a server in your company. We all know that this is a solution to sell 100 orders per month. It is not a credible or sustainable solution for the future, unless it has a dedicated team to guarantee technological sustainability.


For businesses that want to scale up

Solution oriented to scale business and multiply sales

The Shopify Plus program, at the outset, is not for those who want to take the first steps in online sales. Let us be clear.

This program is clearly aimed at companies that understand the subject, know the cost of all the resources they have to allocate for the business to sustain itself technologically and commercially.

The contract with each company is done in a personalized way, but always expect an average monthly fee of around € 2,000, which is not a comfortable value for a small company, it is an extremely competitive value for companies that pay for other technology solutions such as the Magento Enterprise that can reach USD 75 000 per year

Companies that already own businesses in the cloud with millions of monthly pageviews know the differences between the cloud and have a dedicated or even shared server. But they also know that the hundreds of Euros that pay monthly make the investment in digital a serious issue that should generate return - Shopify plus already includes in the price all the traffic you can get in your store with unlimited bandwidth.

While being the grayest argument for adopting Shopify Plus, it is certainly the strongest argument on the investment side.


Success does not have to be a mirage

65/5000 A complete service that is geared to success in every detail

Within the options currently on the market, this technology solution from Canadian company Shopify is by far the most balanced for most online businesses that have some maturity and need to scale, or even for new business with very solid and valid business plans for the digital economy

BYDAS has been accompanying several companies on this successful track record, and so far, we have not known of any cases where the investment in this program did not bring a return.

On average, and in a market context like Portugal and with the right investment in advertising, a brand can expect at least a return of more than 1 million Euros in the first year, provided it is well advised by the Success Manager and has a clear strategy and with the product validated in the market.

This program is definitely for projects that want to manage a volume of orders over 100 a day, so the broad product offerings and the inventory itself should match the investment.

Performance eCommerce

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