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A Tablet So Simple, Even An Old Person Can Use It


Technology can be scary, with its buttons and beeps and boops. But the Claris Companion tablet is like an iPad made simple, and (...)
Technology can be scary, with its and beeps and boops. But the Claris Companion is like an iPad made simple, and outfitted with all sorts of features that make it easier for families to take care of their older loved ones. Tablets like the iPad are so intuitively designed, children can figure out how to play games and browse photos before they’re comfortable speaking in full sentences. But for their grandparents and great-grandparents, who spent most of their lives in a pre-digital era, technology can be more trouble than its worth, hardly delivering on the Internet Age’s promise of constant connectivity and simplified communication. A new called Claris Companion aims to make it easier for old people to use technology, and to make the experience of aging easier--both for the elderly who experience it and for the family members who provide care. The bamboo-framed device goes beyond the expected large fonts, buttons, and extra-loud speakers to include a bevy of features tailored to the needs of the elderly and their families, including reminders to take medication, emails, and texts that pop up without having to sign in to an account, download an app, or click anything.Read Full Story    

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