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10+ Best Laptops for Coding, Programming & Development — April 2024

The best laptops for coding, programming and development in 2024, including models from Apple, Dell, Google, Huawei and more.

Earth Day: Ecosia launches world’s first energy-generating browser

Today — on Earth Day — non-profit search engine Ecosia has launched the “greenest browser on Earth” as it seeks to offer customers a more sustainable alternative to Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari.  Just like Ecosia’s search engine, the more you use the browser, the more trees you will help plant. The...

Google will outpace Microsoft in AI investment, DeepMind CEO says

We have all been guilty of falling under the foundation model spell of the past year-and-a-half, initiated by OpenAI’s unveiling of ChatGPT to the public. But it is not only where large language models (LLMs) such as GPT-4 are concerned that incredible progress has been made in the field of artificial intelligence....

Opera is now the first leading browser with built-in local LLMs

Opera now becomes the first major browser to offer built-in access to local AI models. Starting today, the Oslo-based company is introducing experimental support for 150 variants of local Large Language Models (LLMs), covering approximately 50 families. These include Mixtral from Mistral AI, Llama from Meta, Gemma...

Gocycle releases first pics of F1-inspired folding cargo ebikes

London-based Gocycle, founded by Richard Thorpe, a former industrial designer at McLaren, has released the first images of its new range of folding cargo ebikes.  Gocycle, best known for its sleek folding ebikes, first announced its move into the cargo bike market back in February, along with some shiny 3D renders of...

EU investigates Apple, Google, Meta in first-ever probe under DMA competition law

In a significant blow to big tech, the EU is investigating Apple, Google’s parent companyAlphabet, and Meta over potential violations of the new regulations set by the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA — with its compliance deadline set on March 7 — is a landmark pro-competition law, designed to ensure a fair...

8 Female Graphic Designers That’ll Rock Your Socks Off

In this blog we will introduce you to 8 of the best female graphic designers while showing off their best work!

‘Hidden’ racial slurs are flooding across Russian media, AI study reveals

A glut of racial slurs hidden in slang has emerged in Russian digital media. The insults were discovered by Osavul, a Ukrainian startup that uses AI to analyse information threats. Osavul tapped language models to conduct a cross-platform survey of racial discourse in Russia. The system scanned over 5,000 messages...

French competition watchdog fines Google €250M for AI copyright breaches

Google has been slapped with a €250mn fine for breaching EU intellectual property rules in how it deals with media publishers, including scraping news articles to train its AI models without permission.  The regulator found Google guilty of scraping content from news websites to train its chatbot Bard — now...

Iceland eruption: How tech can help predict the next volcanic event

On Saturday, a giant 3-kilometre fissure opened up in the ground on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland, sending a river of molten lava flowing across the landscape. The eruption is the fourth and largest to hit the region since December. It has forced some 3,800 residents from the nearby town of Grindavik to evacuate....

The Best Printers for Graphic Designers (March 2024)

What is the best printer for a graphic designer? Here we we review the top best most effective printers on the market for graphic design in 2024.

Digital bank Monzo raises £340M amid UK push to remain fintech leader

Amid tough market conditions, digital bank Monzo has raised £340mn (€409mn) in new funding, reaching a post-money valuation of £4bn (€4.7bn). The round was led by new investor CapitalG, the growth fund of Google’s parent company Alphabet. GV (Google Ventures, Alphabet’s venture capital investment arm) and...

Digital bank Monzo raises £340B amid UK push to remain fintech leader

Amid tough market conditions, digital bank Monzo has raised £340bn (€409mn) in new funding, reaching a post-money valuation of £4bn (€4.7bn). The round was led by new investor CapitalG, the growth fund of Google’s parent company Alphabet. GV (Google Ventures, Alphabet’s venture capital investment arm) and...

Why PHP continues to be a popular but divisive programming language

One thing you can say for PHP is that it’s persistent. Like many long-standing programming languages, it’s often maligned by developers who would like to see a shift to newer candidates, yet it also maintains many supporters and practitioners, serving as a reminder of C++ inventor Bjarne Stroustrup’s wise words:...

Google DeepMind taps the power of its AI to accelerate quantum computers

In new research, Google DeepMind has demonstrated that its AI can help accelerate the development of quantum computers — taking one step further in combining two of the most disruptive technologies. DeepMind worked together with UK-based Quantinuum to solve a key challenge in fault-tolerant quantum computers:...

Arm says ‘software is becoming the driver’ for cars after inking deal with Nuro

After watching its share price almost double in a week, Arm has further tapped into the demand for AI compute. The chip designer today announced a deal with Nuro, a US startup in the autonomous vehicle (AV) sector — a growing market for Arm. The partnership aims to accelerate the commercialisation of self-driving...

10 Best All-in-One Computers for Designers, Artists, & More (2024 Feb)

The best all-in-one computers can be the perfect piece of technology your business needs. Check out our list of the best options for designers & creatives!

10 Best HP Laptops for Graphic Designers in 2024 (Feb)

Do you a preference for using an HP laptop to do your work? Check out our list of the best HP laptops for designers & creatives right here!

Google DeepMind has a new family of open AI models for devs: Gemma

Just months after Google DeepMind unveiled Gemini — its most capable AI model ever — the London-based lab has released its precocious offspring: Gemma. Named after the Latin word for “precious stone,” Gemma is a new family of open models for developers and researchers. “Demonstrating strong performance...

10 Best Monitors for Mac Mini in 2024 (Feb) Update

The Mac mini from Apple can help any designer. Without a monitor, not so much. You should check out the 14 Best Monitors for Mac mini in 2021 to help fix that.

10 Best Smartphones in 2024: For Designers, Content Creators, and More (Feb)

Looking for the best smart phones available today? We've ranked the top mobile smartphones for graphic designers including the best Apple & Android phones.

10+ Best iMac Alternatives for 2024 (Feb)

The iMac from Apple is a beast of a machine, price included. Here are 10 great iMac alternatives for graphic designers, illustrators and artists.

Don’t trust AI girlfriends — they only want you for your data

It’s Valentine’s Day and digital romances are blossoming. Across the world, lonely hearts are opening up to virtual lovers. But their secrets aren’t as safe as they may seem. According to a new analysis by Mozilla, AI girlfriends harvest reams of private and intimate data. This information can then be shared...

Dutch fintech leader Finom nets €50M to boost digital banking for SMEs

Dutch fintech Finom has raised €50mn, which the startup will use to boost its digital banking services. Founded in 2019, the Amsterdam-based business operates a pan-European neobank for SMEs and entrepreneurs. It integrates online banking, accounting, and financial management into a single platform. Kos Stiskin,...

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