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25+ Best Adobe Fonts for Designers in 2023

Having suitable typography can make all the difference in your designs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best Adobe fonts for professional designers.

30+ Best Professional Font Combinations for Graphic Design

The top 30 best professional font combinations, utilizing Google Fonts and premium fonts. Get inspired with these tried & true font pairs.

35+ Best Tattoo Fonts for Pro Tattoo Art & Lettering in 2023 (January)

Tattoos have a long and storied history with beautiful art and designs. With our 25+ Best Tattoo Fonts for Designers, you can add a new tool to your skillset.

10+ Best iPad Apps for Designers in 2023 (January)

The best graphic design apps can take your tablet and turn into a great go-to tool for all of your designs. See our list of the best iPad apps for designers!

15+ Best Curved Monitors for Graphic Designers in 2023 (January Update)

Looking for a new curved monitor for your graphic design needs? Here are the best curved monitors for designers in 2021 - and perfect for any creative!

Quantum computing startup eyes mainstream adoption after £30m investment

Quantum computing has immense potential but incredible complexities. While zealots claim it will cure cancer and save the planet, critics warn their promises are far from being fulfilled. One of their key challenges lies at the very heart of the field: ​​quantum bits, or “qubits.” These units of information...

30+ Best Keynote Templates for Graphic Designers and Creatives

Are you looking for the The Best Keynote Templates for Designers & Creatives? We've got you covered! Here are the top keynote templates online today.

25+ Best Instagram Post & Story Templates for Designers & Agencies

Are you looking for the top Instagram story & post templates for your brand campaigns and projects? Here are the top picks for designers and creatives!

20+ Best Monitors for Graphic Design in 2023 (January Update)

Look for a new monitor for your graphic design needs? Here are the 10 best monitors for graphic designers in 2021 including 4k, 5k, 6k & 8k monitors.

Failure of historic satellite launch ‘a minor dent’ to UK space ambitions

The UK’s space sector is searching for positives after the first orbital launch from western Europe ended in failure. The mission appeared to have started smoothly. At around 10PM GMT on Monday, the Boeing 747 carrying Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne rocket successfully took-off in southwest England. The jet then...

10+ Best Monitors for Graphic Design in 2023

Look for a new monitor for your graphic design needs? Here are the 10 best monitors for graphic designers in 2021 including 4k, 5k, 6k & 8k monitors.

10 Best Power Banks for Graphic Designers (January 2023)

The top best power banks and portable chargers available today, plus tips on how to choose what is right for you!

15+ Best Crayon and Marker Brushes for Procreate

See our shortlist of the 15 best crayon & marker brushes for Procreate that will enable beginners, artists, and designers to design with perfection.

10+ Best Smartwatch for Designers & Creatives

Smartwatches have become as synonymous as cell phones but do you know the best one for you? Check out our list right here!

15+ Best VHS Effects for After Effects in 2023

Designers can get confused about choosing the best choice for their video production, so we have provided a list of best VHS effects for Adobe After Effects.

Arm’s push into cars ‘a logical step’ as competition grows from open-source RISC-V

Chip designer Arm is rapidly expanding its automotive business, amid mounting competition from open-source rival RISC-V.  Revenue from the segment has doubled since 2020, the Financial Times reports. Dennis Laudick, VP of automotive go-to-market at Arm, attributed the growth to the number of chips required by...

2023 will be the year of AR glasses – here’s what to expect

Augmented Reality (AR) has promised some pretty big things, such as, you know, a total disruption to how we live and work. By overlaying a virtual world over our IRL one, endless possibilities in how we communicate with one another, take in information, and see the world, come into focus. But AR has fallen short of...

How To Build an Online Portfolio Website using WordPress

This article shows how to build an online portfolio website using WordPress and why it's important to have an online portfolio.

10+ Best Interior Design Software in 2023 (January)

Are you an inspiring interior designer in the interior design space? Discover the 10 best interior design software that will help you in simplifying your tasks.

The most mind-blowing Neural stories of 2022

We did it! Despite humanity’s best efforts, we made it through 2022. Before we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and brace for whatever 2023 has to offer, we should probably take some time to reflect on the year that was. Here at Neural, that means recounting our favorite stories from the past 12 months. There...

30+ Best Affinity Designer Brushes (Free & Premium)

Affinity is an exciting program for any artist or designer looking for a Photoshop alternative. See our list of the top best Affinity Designer Brushes!

What to expect from AI in 2023

Here we go again! For the sixth year running, we present Neural’s annual AI predictions. 2022 was an incredible year for the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. From the AI developer who tried to convince the world that one of Google’s chatbots had become sentient to the recent launch of...

10+ Best USB Flash Drives for Graphic Designers & Creatives (December Update)

Using USB flash storage to save your projects and files isn't as easy as buying the first one you see. Check out our list of the best USB flash drives!

25+ Best Weather Photoshop Brushes, Overlays, Effects & Filters

Good designers have a laser-sharp focus that allows them to excel in particular themes and spaces, but great designers have a vision that enables them to thrive using any elements

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