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Engage your child in reading and track their progress with Starwords

BetaList features the newest startups. Today, we interview co-founder Dave Beech about Starwords, an app that helps kids learn to (...)

This Slack bot turns everyday conversation into a game of numbers

If you’ve been looking for new ways to liven up discussions with your team on Slack, this bot might be just what you need. (...)

Buffer, the company known for public ‘open salary’ docs, just laid off 11% of its team

Buffer is a popular social media management tool that also offers a great marketing blog on the side, but you may know it best for (...)

Stop submitting your Android N name suggestions, Google’s already found one

Remember when Google decided to crowdsource some name ideas for the upcoming version of Android? As we’ve mentioned before, (...)

New Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

Design trends come and go, but there are some new trends that are here to stay. Explore the latest techniques & styles to stay (...)

The Mega Macbook Giveaway: Win a brand new 12″ Macbook

Apple’s remarkable advancements continue to push the boundaries of personal computing, and have commanded our cultural attention (...)

How to maneuvre your global business around cultural differences

What if successful collaboration among globally distributed and culturally diverse teams depended less on the right mix of technologies (...)

xHamster enacts ‘Brock Turner rule’ banning rape porn sitewide

Convicted rapist Brock Turner has draw the scorn of a nation after many feel his six month sentence for raping an unconscious woman (...)

No, Google isn’t manipulating searches for Hillary Clinton

This week, pop-culture news site SourceFed made a video alleging Google was tipping the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton. The video (...)

It’s a sad day for Gawker and an even sadder day for journalism

I’ve had conflicting thoughts on Gawker as long as I can remember. I’ve never liked them, but part of me always respected (...)

Why you should pick up “Why the Dutch are different”

Welcome welcome, I hope you’ve missed our “What TNW is reading” posts. If you’re not familiar with them, at the (...)

Sony confirms it’s making a 4K PlayStation 4, but you won’t see it at E3

We finally have some solid confirmation: A more powerful PlayStation 4 is on its way. The confirmation comes right from Sony gaming (...)

Federal guidelines for self-driving cars are coming in July

National Highway Traffic Safety (NTHSA) administrator Mark Rosekind said today that the US needs to be more nimble in its legislation (...)

Monkey stumbles into a power plant, sends Kenya on a nationwide blackout

I wish the headline was a metaphor, but it’s literally what happened. On Tuesday evening, a monkey scaled the roof of Kenya (...)

Sketch will begin charging users a subscription fee for its OS X design app

Until now, Sketch, the beloved OS X-based UI/UX design app, has charged its users for major releases like v1.0 and v2.0 and delivered (...)

How to go from $13,000 to almost $20 million in capital

Take it from someone who survived the Shark Tank: the journey of raising capital for a startup isn’t easy. If it was, every business (...)

How to navigate the dynamic digital marketing world

Mashable recently hosted a special #Mashies Twitter chat to discuss how to adapt to the changing landscape of digital marketing See (...)

Google Play will soon let you join beta programs to test Android apps

Developers know how important it is to test their apps with as many people as possible before releasing it to the public. This is (...)

The only 4 digital marketing courses you’ll ever need

Take the leap into marketing with these promising offers on TNW Deals, giving you a leg-up over the competition, at a tenth of the (...)

Blogspot sites are going HTTPS – but it might knock out some features

Google is rolling out HTTPS to all blogs that use the Blogspot domain, with users now given the option to redirect all requests made (...)

Tumblr breaks the 1 billion [BLOGS?] mark, celebrates with a perfectly terrible gif

Today in a terse post, Tumblr announced that it has crossed the 1 billion blog mark, a key milestone for the company. Tumblr, a social (...)

How your personal brand can stand out in crazy-competitive spaces

It’s a common misconception that personal branding is reserved for authors, speakers or those looking to become well-known personalities. (...)

Twitter just released its developer playbook for building great mobile apps

Developers who want to know how to take advantage of Twitter’s tools and knowledge can do just that now that it has released (...)

Meet Talkshow, the latest viral app the Internet is freaking out about

Look out, Internet. The new Peach has arrived — and we have Taylor Swift to thank.  A new text messaging app called (...)

IKEA’s meatball-cooking VR kitchen is peak virtual reality

Earlier in April, IKEA released a VR experience on Steam, because its marketing department was bored, or something like that. Don’t (...)

Who needs selfie sticks when this Hover Camera drone can follow you around?

Selfie sticks are arguably dumb, but selfie sticks on wings? The guys at Zero Zero Robotics might be onto something. The Beijing-based (...)

The Apple Watch, one year later: Did we expect too much?

Whether you have one or not, Apple Watch is a hot topic of late. As we look back on a full year with Apple’s first smart wearable, (...)

Job hunting? This will help get your social media profiles recruiter-ready.

If you’ve amassed a large, diverse social media collection, it’s safe to say you’re probably having a hard time (...)

Marketing the TNW Way #12: How are you engaging with this page?

In this series of blog posts, I’ve enjoyed shedding some light onto how we approach marketing at The Next Web through Web analytics, (...)

Using URL shorteners could expose you to privacy invasions and malware attacks

URL shorteners are great for packaging links that you want to share on blogs, social networks and messaging services. Unfortunately, (...)

This app writes ‘100% unique’ content in 2 minutes for a dollar – too good to be true?

‘Content marketing’ often amounts to nothing more than companies filling their blogs up with posts that try to make them seem (...)

Facebook gives developers better analytics and a powerful notification platform

Launched at F8 last year, Analytics for Apps helps developers get a feel for who their audience is. Now it’ll start leveraging information (...)

Reddit introduces new user blocking feature...11 years too late

Today, Reddit has implemented a tool discussed earlier this week to help users curb harassment. The tool, described by the New York (...)

Why Twitter should pay more attention to Africa

Twitter users in Africa are five times more likely to use the micro-blogging service to voice their political views than they are (...)

23andMe will use ResearchKit to give scientists a ‘turnkey’ method for gathering data

Personal genomics and biotech company 23andMe is leveraging ResearchKit to provide researchers with a “turnkey” way to work genetics (...)

Imagineers: Uber’s engineering manager Conrad Whelan on the future of transport

What do you call people who are stretching the limits of their imaginations to engineer a new future? At The Next Web, we went with imagineers. (...)

This advertising agency just hired an AI creative director – is the future Shingy-less?

David Shing, or simply ‘Shingy,’ is well-known in technology circles. And for good reason, he’s AOL’s energetic (...)

A new exploit gives hackers near-total control of any Mac

A newly discovered zero-day vulnerability for OS X allows hackers to execute code previously thought to be protected by Apples new (...)

Google is challenging developers to amaze us all for a free trip to I/O

Google is once again challenging developers to make the best use of Android, and giving away I/O invitations to the most unique submissions. (...)

Marketing the TNW Way #11: Collecting 500 million Google search results

In this series of blog posts, I’ve enjoyed shedding some light onto how we approach marketing at The Next Web through Web analytics, (...)

These online maps let you find the quietest spots in big cities

How does your city sound? That’s a question a group of researchers are trying to answer with a new project called Chatty Maps. (...)

Imagineers: Advertiser extraordinaire Blake Harrop on what will shape our future

What do you call people who are stretching the limits of their imaginations to engineer a new future? At The Next Web, we went with imagineers. (...)

Twitter is 10 and it’s still not a social network

This week, Twitter turns 10. Over the next five days we’ll be exploring how far the microblogging service has come, the challenges (...)

Unlimited tech courses to conquer UX, coding and more: SitePoint Premium is now $49

Keep your programming knowledge current and build a world of new skills with SitePoint Premium, the ultimate library of courses for (...)

25 promising digital design blogs to follow this year

Let me ask you a simple question. How much value you get from the blogs you read every day? Are they worth your time? Whether you (...)

From Bovine to Big Data: A quick look at the Irish tech scene

When it comes to tech, Ireland is primed for success and expansion. Both parts of the island are fostering a tech startup scene with (...)

Google has 6 new analytics apps to help marketers mine customer data for insights

Whether you’re building an app or running an online store, analytics can help you figure out what your users are trying to achieve (...)

Imagineers: Cybersecurity expert Jaya Baloo on hackers, AI and creating better humans

What do you call people who are stretching the limits of their imaginations to engineer a new future? At The Next Web, we went with imagineers. (...)


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