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The Great Barrier Reef: On assignment with Nat Geo and Microsoft Lumia

This post was brought to you by Microsoft Lumia.Stretching 1,200 miles along the northwest coast of Queensland, the Great Barrier (...)

Adobe Post update supports sizable images and fine-tuned filters

Adobe Post has been updated to version 2.0, and now supports images of just about any size as well as improvements to its filters. (...)

Ulysses powerful text editor app is now available for your phone

Ulysses is a popular writing app aimed at people who regularly write, like poets, journalists, novelists, or academics. Up until now (...)

Marketing the TNW Way #10: Google Search Console, master 855 properties

In this series of blog posts, I’ve enjoyed shedding some light onto how we approach marketing at The Next Web through Web analytics, (...)

Microsoft cancels ‘Fable Legends,’ mulls closing Lionhead Studios

The Fable series hasn’t been doing too well over the last few years and things just got a lot worse: Microsoft has cancelled development (...)

Facebook’s new WordPress plugin will make it easy for bloggers to publish Instant Articles

WordPress is teaming up with Facebook to release a plugin to make it easy for anyone using the publishing platform to post speed-optimized (...)

Get 88% off PureVPN’s lifetime privacy protection

Safeguarding your data is critical in today’s modern world, with hackers and identity thieves regularly developing new methods to (...)

How to measure video ROI: A beginner’s guide

Any modern age marketer worth his salt is under substantial pressure to prove the ROI (return on investment) behind his marketing (...)

Marketing the TNW Way #9: A/B Testing with Google Tag Manager

In this series of blog posts, I’ve enjoyed shedding some light onto how we approach marketing at The Next Web through Web analytics, (...)

People with fake online profiles may face criminal charges in England and Wales

LONDON — Trolls setting up fake social media accounts in England and Wales to abuse others online could face charges under (...)

$40 hack shows why we should never allow police drones to be armed

According to experts presenting at the RSA Conference in the US this week, Dutch police drones are vulnerable to being hacked by little (...)

Google’s new site lets engineers tell the backstory of some of its best products

You know what Google does as a company, but do you know how they do all of it? Probably not, but there’s now a website where Google (...)

10 lessons learned from a year of blogging

Blog growth is frustratingly slow for many people. Here’s a look back one year after coming on to the blog at Yotpo, about what (...)

Amazon is trying to deploy delivery drones, so why is its approach to TV so predictable?

Is nobody else tired of the ‘x people compete for prize in x industry’ format? Models, drag queens, ‘entrepreneurs,’ bachelors, (...)

With one line of code, Apple just made everyone aware of its ‘d’

“There’s more to love with every click” takes on entirely new meaning if you forego the spacing between the “c” and “l.” (...)

Snapchat’s new face swap filter means you’ll never sleep again

When Snapchat first debuted Lenses in September, funny as they were, one couldn’t help but be feel at least a little creeped out (...)

Sony’s new VR control patent looks like something out of ‘Tron’

Ready to feel like you’re in the future? If a new patent from Sony comes to fruition, you might be able to strap on your VR goggles (...)

How A 1990 Hardy Boys Book Presaged The Future Of The Internet

In the early days of the World Wide Web, this mystery novel dealt with computer hacking, designer poisons, and email surveillance.Late (...)

Twitch now replays with chat, so you can feel a part of the action

The cool thing about livestreaming platform Twitch is that, if you want, you can relive the action of a given stream on a broadcaster’s (...)

Marketing the TNW Way #8: Google Tag Manager, we’re in love!

In this series of blog posts, I’ve enjoyed shedding some light on how we approach marketing at The Next Web through Web analytics, (...)

Master social media marketing and SEO with the Ultimate Package for Business Success

Despite what mom and her adorable kitten videos may believe, “going viral” is no easy feat. There’s an entire industry behind (...)

Facebook brings 360 streaming video to Samsung Gear VR and invests in ‘Social VR’

Facebook’s continued fascination with VR reached new heights today, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke of the company’s new initiatives (...)

Giving young people a chance to grow up without online shame

Not long ago Jane Clementi was simply a mom of three sons, a part-time nurse and an active member of her Ridgewood, New Jersey, (...)

Tesla now owns and all is right with the world

Tesla now has a domain name that makes sense. If you wanted to check out Tesla’s auto lineup, you had to navigate your browser to (...)

World’s cheapest smartphone crashes internet and enrages competitors

Its unbeatably low price tag sounds too good to be true but that hasn’t deterred more than 600,000 people per second from heading (...)

Facebook enhances video metrics for its budding group of content creators

Facebook’s decision to go all-in on video seems like its paying off — you can’t scroll through your Newsfeed anymore without (...)

Site-starter deal roundup: Master SEO, marketing and more

While there is no secret trick to guarantee a successful website, you can stack the deck in your favor with high-level instruction (...)

YouTube has acquired BandPage to help creators monetize their channels

In a move that should make its creators happy, YouTube has acquired BandPage. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. BandPage helps (...)

Google gives Forms a makeover with new notifications and insights

Google Forms power users will have a lot to celebrate today, especially if they use the handy tool for workplace or education purposes. (...)

#RIPTwitter? Calm down – algorithmic tweets won’t ruin Twitter

What’s happening? The Twitter-sphere has got itself into a tizzy over a report from BuzzFeed that algorithmically-sorted tweets (...)

Conquer electronics prototyping platform Arduino with this $15 course guide

A confident knowledge of robotics can make a virtual god of men in today’s rapidly evolving tech world, offering the ability to (...)

8 habits of veteran UX designers

This post was brought to you by Adobe and Creative Cloud, building apps that help you design websites and mobile apps faster.One of (...)

Conquer Python with this $39 Programming Bootcamp

Python is a widely-used general purpose programming language, which drives a great many of your favorite sites across the Web. For (...)

London versus Berlin: Which startup ecosystem will lead Europe?

Comparing two cities’ startup scenes is difficult. A number of companies use various methods and combinations of metrics to produce (...)

Even Adobe is dropping Flash from its own products

It’s pretty obvious Adobe Flash is dying, but the company has avoided ever publicly saying as much. Today, however, it’s dropping (...)

Amazon’s Kindles are finally getting a new home screen

While Amazon has continuously updated its Kindle hardware, the interface has been left largely untouched. Thankfully, an update rolling (...)

After anti-Uber protests pay off in Paris, Uber drivers join ‘funeral’ rally

Having seen taxi drivers in Paris win a court case last week against Uber amid two days of street protests, it looks like the ride-hailing (...)

Microsoft acquires smart keyboard SwiftKey

Update: Microsoft and SwiftKey have confirmed the acquisition on February 3. In a blog post, Microsoft’s executive vice president of technology (...)

Free Ticket Giveaway – Future of Web Design Conference – London 2016

Future Insights are holding 2 conferences in London, Future of Web Design and Future of Web Apps on 25-27 April. The perfect event (...)

Learn photography and editing essentials with Adobe’s All-Inclusive Photoshop Bundle – 93% off

Despite the claims of high-end cameras, spending an ungodly amount of money isn’t necessary to take great pictures. Sure, a more (...)

8 time tracking tools that can skyrocket productivity

As you seek to make your business more productive, you can run into efficiency roadblocks. You know how you spend your own time, but (...)

Sad about Parse shutting down? This GitHub repo has a handy list of replacement services

Yesterday, Facebook made developers collectively throw their hands up as it announced it was discontinuing Parse. If you’re looking (...)

Marketing the TNW Way #7: Our web analytics? We track everything!

In this series of blog posts, I’ve enjoyed shedding some light onto how we approach marketing at The Next Web through Web analytics, (...)

How Giphy got its start: The 2 guys behind the great GIF search engine

One afternoon in December, Giphy’s two dozen staff members gathered around a long picnic table in their Lower East Side Manhattan (...)

GrabTaxi rebrands as Grab and launches corporate service in bid to overtake Uber

Southeast Asia’s GrabTaxi has dropped the word ‘taxi’ from its name after announcing that it will now be offering a corporate (...)

Safari is crashing on iPhone and Mac because Apple’s search suggestions are down

If you can’t open Safari on your Mac or iPhone today, you’re not alone. A bug that appears to be related to Apple’s search (...)

miPic wants to turn your social media images into cash

UK-based startup miPic is a new social network that allows designers, photographers and artists to monetize the images they upload (...)

Medium stands by investigative journalists as Malaysia blocks the site

The Malaysian Communications and Mutimedia Commission (MCMC) has blocked Medium after the blogging platform refused to remove a post (...)


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