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Microsoft’s deep learning toolkit for speech recognition is now on GitHub

In order to speed up their AI and speech recognition projects, researchers at Microsoft developed a toolkit that uses deep neural (...)

Adobe Portfolio takes dead aim at Wix and Squarespace for quick and easy websites

Adobe is rounding out its Creative Cloud suite with a new website design tool. Dubbed Portfolio, Adobe’s offering takes dead aim (...)

The future of media monetization: Cryptocurrencies and micropayments

Monetization of content projects, be it a newspaper or online-only news publication, is a pain these days. When we saw massive newspapers (...)

Speaker Paul Ryan would like you to watch a livestream of snow falling on his office balcony

For those located in the northeastern part of the United States, you’ll well know about the impending winter storm about to hit (...)

Oracle says Google made more than $36 billion from Android

Bloomberg reports today that an Oracle lawyer said in court Google had made more than $36 billion in revenue from Android since the (...)

Don’t trust the Internet of Things: when smart devices leak data

Update: Nest got back to us, saying that the researchers assumed incorrectly what the geo-location data was for, which actually was (...)

Russia’s new internet chief reportedly owned a torrent site with nearly 1.3m members

Vladamir Putin’s recently appointed internet advisor Herman Klimenko used to run a torrent-sharing website in Russia that plays (...)

There are a whole lot of people looking for naughty Minecraft videos on Pornhub

Given Minecraft’s popularity, it’s probably not all that surprising that people out there are taking to one of the world’s largest (...)

Why you may want to include password retrieval instructions in your will

CBC reports that when 72-year old widow Peggy Bush wanted to retrieve her late husband’s Apple ID password to play card games on (...)

‘Today in Black Twitter’ magnifies the voices of African-American culture online

There are a scant few social media circles that have had the far-reaching impact and daily presence that “Black Twitter” has. (...)

Crashlytics’ Answers now available for Mac apps, supporting tvOS in beta

Two months after its launch as a stand-alone kit, Answers is now available for OS X Apps. So if you’re looking for the same insights (...)

‘Today in Black Twitter’ captures and magnifies the voices of African-American culture online

There are a scant few social media circles that have had the far-reaching impact and daily presence that “Black Twitter” has. (...)

Watch Michigan Tech’s ‘Robotic Falcon’ snatch this drone out of mid-air

A team of researchers at Michigan Tech are seeking to make the skies a bit safer by catching nefarious drones hell-bent on causing (...)

Microsoft’s speedy Chakra JavaScript engine is now open source

Following Microsoft announcing it would open-source its Chakra JavaScript engine late last year, the company has done exactly that, (...)

Facebook has just 24 hours to find the 11 million people it says support Free Basics in India

The Indian regulator consulting on the future of services like Free Basics has released an update outlining its communications with (...)

No, Apple isn’t working on a tool to make it easier to go from iOS to Android

Over the weekend, a rumor that Apple was at work on a tool that would allow users to switch from iOS to Android surfaced. Turns out, (...)

Xcode 7.3 beta has better code completion and support for alternative Swift toolchains

In addition to a new iOS beta, Apple has also released an Xcode beta which has features like better code completion and support for (...)

Lenovo is killing off Motorola, will brand phones as ‘Moto by Lenovo’

Lenovo, which purchased Motorola from Google in 2014 for just north of $3 billion, will be phasing the brand out. Future high end (...)

Huawei unveils a new line of blinged-out smartwatches to woo fashionistas

At CES today, Huawei announced two new smartwatch models named ‘Elegant’ and ‘Jewel.’ Huawei has been hot in the smartwatch (...)

Take a look at the last Canvas art of 2015

If you are a reader of our website, then you probably already know about our Canvas Ads. Introduced earlier this year, these fancy (...)

Oculus delays ‘Touch’ shipment to second half of 2016

If you were one of many customers anxiously awaiting the hand controls meant to give you a virtual sense of touch to accompany the (...)

Marketing the TNW Way #6: What tools do we use?

In this series of blog posts, I’ve enjoyed shedding some light onto how we approach marketing at The Next Web through Web analytics, (...)

The ArcaBoard is a hoverboard that actually hovers over any surface

Hoverboards have had something of a renaissance this year. Segways-that-don’t-actually-hover have become a pop culture punchline, (...)

Save 25% on Dragon – the world’s leading dictation software

Most people can talk faster than they can type, so why not use your voice to quickly dictate and edit documents? Dragon 5 for Mac (...)

Apple and Ericsson bury the hatchet with a new 7-year patent deal

Telecom infrastructure firm Ericsson has entered a worldwide patent cross-licensing agreement with Apple, ending all infringement (...)

Tim Cook won’t pay for Apple’s offshore billions until tax laws catch up with the ‘digital age’

Apple has tens of billions in offshore profits that the US government can’t tax and CEO Tim Cook is defiant against critics that (...)

Steam and Minecraft servers to be targeted by hackers this Christmas

If you’re finding it difficult to get on Steam or Minecraft this Christmas, that may be because digital vigilantes SkidNP have (...)

Report: FAA drone registry will be public, searchable and contain name and address information

On Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is set to launch its online drone registry in an attempt to gather identifying (...)

Save yourself from gift wrap and give something thoughtful to your loved ones

What makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year? It’s on everybody’s mind, but nobody likes to say it out loud. It is (...)

Facebook video players now run on HTML5, continuing Flash’s impending extinction

Many tech giants are working to finally kill off Adobe Flash — largely due to the format’s vast bugs and security flaws. And, (...)

Etsy launches trendy local maker guides for four US cities

One of the Web’s biggest curators of handmade goods Etsy has launched guides to the maker scenes in Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago (...)

Marketing the TNW Way #5: SEO, Running Screaming Frog in the Cloud

In this series of articles, I’d love to shed some light on how The Next Web approaches marketing through Web analytics, Search Engine (...)

If this is an earthquake-proof bed, I’d rather take my chances

As a resident of the West Coast, the threat of an earthquake is ever-present. Being awakened by the house shaking is a scary experience (...)

TNW’s Apps of the Year: Lara Croft GO is the smartest and most visually enticing puzzler since Monument Valley

In our Apps of the Year series, The Next Web team shares personal recommendations for our favorite apps of 2015.  I wasn’t a (...)

Microsoft has launched a dedicated philanthropic organization

Microsoft is adding a new organization under its belt today: Microsoft Philanthropies. As one might infer from the name, Microsoft (...)

LinkedIn brings more ‘Insights’ to help you land the job

In an effort to boost the value found within its job listings, LinkedIn has announced an update today that will provide jobseekers (...)

Microsoft rebrands Bing Pulse and integrates with Skype, Azure and OneNote

Microsoft has announced that its audience polling tool Bing Pulse is to be rebranded as Pulse and integrated into a number of other (...)

Banks of the future are already here

Drastic changes await the banking sector in the next two decades. While banks remain quite wrapped up in themselves, IT companies (...)

As personalized news evolves, Prismatic is closing its apps

If you’re a user of the news aggregation apps from Prismatic, there’s some bad news – the company is closing its consumer-facing (...)

LOAF might be the recipe app that finally gets me cooking

I’m terrible at cooking. Seriously, I can heat something up in a microwave or an oven but that’s about it. Partly that’s down (...)

OpenAI is a $1 billion nonprofit dedicated to Artificial Intelligence research

Artificial Intelligence is going non-profit. Today, a research company dedicated named OpenAI officially declared it was open for (...)

DraftKings and FanDuel allowed to continue operating in New York (for now)

As daily fantasy sports websites DraftKings and FanDuel enter a protracted battle with the New York Attorney General regarding whether (...)

Google app for iOS now supports 3D Touch and multitasking for iPad

If you’ve got a new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus in your hand (or pocket), the Google app is now a lot more useful. Via an update, the mainstay (...)

You might soon be able to ride first class in a glass pod atop a plane, if you’re into that

When flying, it seems logical that most passengers would want to remain in the cabin area. Not so, says Windspeed, an aerospace engineering (...)

#YouTubeRewind celebrates all that is 2015 with epic mashup video

Today, YouTube dropped its epic end-of-year rewind on us that featured the “videos, people, music and movies that made 2015.” (...)

7 tips for turning your blog into a business

This post was brought to you by Webfluential.Blogs – a love affair with a niche interest or hobby. Whether it’s photography, technology, (...)

Be genuine, be yourself, be human: What I learned working at The Next Web

The Next Web has always been one of my favorite tech blogs, because it doesn’t feel like a ‘conventional’ outlet. When it (...)

The 10 most viral Tumblr blogs of 2015

In 2015, Tumblr taught the Internet a few important lessons. For example, we learned that all people can be broken down into two (...)


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