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Win an iPhone 6s!

As usual, Apple has impressed us all with the iPhone. The 6s is stacked full of new technology, and it now comes in Rose Gold. Enter (...)

Adobe gives a sneak peek of new features in its app publishing tool

Amidst all the artistic glamor surrounding Adobe’s MAX creative conference, the company did not skimp on the more commercial and (...)

People are so desperate to block ads that they’re opening themselves to attack

Apple delivered an official way to block ads in Safari with the release of iOS 9 in September, but there’s a growing trend of people attempting (...)

7 intelligent social analytics tools for the new age

The value of social media analytics was long before proven. But the extent to which it is influencing real-time business decisions (...)

Should I turn my e-business into a regular store?

Lately it’s been becoming more common to start an ecommerce business before transitioning into the retail brick-and-mortar space (...)

This study shows how many teenagers really flirt online

Everyone assumes that all teenagers must be constantly flirting, sexting and dating on their phones — but how has social media (...)

The ad industry may gripe about adblockers, but they broke the contract – not us

The latest version of Apple’s operating system for phones and tablets, iOS9, allows the installation of adblocking software that (...)

Microsoft’s new Windows Phone app lets you recommend home maintenance services to friends

Home Team, the latest app to emerge from Microsoft’s Garage initiative, is designed to let Windows Phone users share recommendations (...)

Patreon was hacked, personal data accessed

Patreon, a service that makes it easy to financially back creators, has been hacked and some personal data was breached. According (...)

A single song could be used to exploit more than a billion Android phones

A new ‘Stagefright’ vulnerability uncovered by security researchers at Zimperium zLabs could compromise your Android phone just (...)

Button Marketplace lets developers link to services like Airbnb and Uber in any app

Button, which brings services and apps together, has announced the Button Marketplace. The shop lets developers quickly identify services (...)

Deezer adds dedicated football section for UK and German users

To the delight of football fans in the UK and Germany, Deezer has added live football commentary and podcasts to its streaming platform. (...)

OS X El Capitan is now available for download

Right on schedule, OS X EL Capitan is now available for download. It replaces OS X Yosemite, Apple’s radical redesign of its desktop (...)

30 essential books for business, marketing and social media

Most everything I’ve learned (and continue to learn) about marketing and the web has come via the inspiration and example of others—reading (...)

Two geniuses post selfies with stolen money, are promptly arrested

One Ohio couple has been arrested for allegedly robbing a bank — and publicly flaunting their stolen cash all over the place John (...)

Mark Zuckerberg addresses the UN, declaring universal internet access a global priority

Mark Zuckerberg addressed the UN today — twice — calling on the global panel to make universal internet access a priority. During (...)

7 lessons learned from organizing a hackathon

We have been running a successful business for several years now. Our company has a wonderful portfolio of successful clients, a growing (...)

Be a pro at keeping your team on track: The Project Management Certification Bundle

Managing a team under pressure can be overwhelming. You can learn proven strategies and methods in the Project Management Certification (...)

Facebook renames mobile and Web app as Free Basics, platform now supports HTTPS

After a barrage of criticism targeted at the Facebook-led initiative, the company announced today that it will now (...)

Before you learn to code, ask yourself why

This post originally appeared on the blog. I feel strongly about the current “learn to code” movement for a number (...)

Looking to grow? Catch these 5 experts at TNW Conference in New York

This November, The Next Web Conference in New York will attract 1,500 attendees from a huge range of industries. While the startups (...)

Yahoo Mail now lets you view messages and attachments side-by-side

Yahoo has launched an update to Mail for the desktop that lets you view both your email and attachments side-by-side — ending the (...)

It’s now easier to post text GIFs on Slack

GIFs are a wonderful way of expressing yourself on the Web, but sometimes you don’t want a full blown clip. Thankfully, posting (...)

Get ahead of the curve with the ‘Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle’ — 97% off lifetime access to over 130 courses

Analytics can tell you what your customers like, what your competitors are doing right, and how you can cut costs. The ‘Ultimate (...)

VC Bill Gurley on on-demand startups: it’s the “same sh*t” as ’99

When it comes to naysayers and prophets in the Silicon Valley funding world, standing at the top of the heap is perhaps Benchmark (...)

Facebook is working on a 360-degree video app, report says

Facebook may be working on a new kind of virtual reality The company is creating a standalone app for immersive 360-degree videos, (...)

Apple won’t allow web views in tvOS and that’s a good thing

Developer Daniel Pasco explained in a blog post that Apple’s upcoming tvOS — which will power the new Apple TV — doesn’t support (...)

Get creative with the Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit, now $79.99

Learning programming is way more fun when your code controls a robot. That is exactly the idea behind the Makeblock Arduino Starter (...)

Amazon will now publish reader-nominated authors from around the globe

Amazon has announced that it’s expanding Kindle Scout — its program to publish books from aspiring authors voted on by readers (...)

The iPad Pro Has A Stylus: The Steve Jobs Era Is Over

Apple Pencil has arrived with the new iPad Pro, which is aimed at business customers, especially designers and artists.Apple is debuting (...)

The Steve Jobs Era Is Over: The iPad Pro Has A Stylus

The new iPad Pro is aimed at business customers, especially designers and artists.Apple is debuting a new, supersized iPad called (...)

Win a MacBook Air!

Ready to enjoy 12 hours of battery life and high-speed computing with the MacBook Air – for free? If you fancy bringing this OS (...)

Meet the woman with a mission to turn England’s North into a tech powerhouse

Claire Braithwaite has a big job ahead of her. As Head of Tech North, the government-backed organization set up to develop the North (...)

Ghost’s blog platform finally got a big design upgrade

Ghost, the blog platform that came out of a Kickstarter after raising £196,000, today got a big visual update for the first time (...)

Last chance to buy SkyHub Cloud Unlimited Backup and the Mac Power User Bundle

SkyHub Cloud Unlimited Backup: Lifetime Subscription We all have a growing mountain of data to keep safe, making online backup a good (...)

Officelovin’: Tech startup offices are the new hiring tools

Among the perks that startup employees enjoy daily, a cool office is probably the fundamental one. Photos of expertly designed workplaces (...)

Why it may be harder than you think to make it as an independent developer

Anyone can make an app. You need look no further than TNW Deals to find tutorials on creating your own app for distribution into the (...)

The benefits of being selfish

None of us wants to feel like we’re being selfish. We all know we should have empathy for others and be helpful. But when it comes (...)

Meet the man searching for an A.I. that will solve everything

Elegized by so many science fiction writers, artificial intelligence has seen a procession of successes and breakthroughs over the (...)

Singaporean politicians win and lose at social media

SINGAPORE — As Singaporeans prepare to vote next week, local politicians have been stepping up their game on social media. When (...)

This Former YouTube Exec Is Taking On Internet Trolls

Trolls are everywhere, but one former tech exec has created a safe haven for online commenting.Anyone who has spent time online, especially (...)

Tumblr is making comments more readable for mobile, but it’s losing a touch of charm

Tumblr’s reblogging feature is getting an overhaul. Now, users will see in-line comments rather than a tree of shares and blockquote (...)

Uber lawsuit in California over drivers rights gets class action status

An Uber lawsuit in California asserting that drivers are employees — not contractors — has been granted class-action status. U.S. (...)

The sharing economy: sharing for money

The sharing economy is disruptive. It gives more power to both sellers and buyers. And it lowers prices while raising quality. But (...)

Women don’t excuse Ashley Madison’s deceitful fembots

Just in case you think we’ve exited the Uncanny Valley of affair site Ashley Madison, particularly its use of bots to cater to (...)

Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Cisco and more are designing an open-source video format

Seven of the largest tech companies have formed the new Alliance for Open Media, an open source project to develop new formats, (...)

Google will soon demote sites with full-page app install ads

On the mobile Web, app install pop-ups can interfere with your experience.  Google is taking steps to make sure they don’t, and (...)

Crashlytics rolls out Pinned Builds for developers who have multiple app versions

If you’re working on several builds of your app, tracking what’s going wrong — and where — can be tough. Crashlytics now has (...)


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