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The emotional power of color

Colors can have a tremendous impact on a consumer’s decision to purchase. With today’s three seconds to convince visitors to convert (...)

Developers, it’s time to stop relying on App Store algorithms to get noticed

An algorithm change in Apple’s App Store is reportedly affecting some iPad developers. While we don’t know the particulars of (...)

Solidworks for Entrepreneurs Program assists startups with affordable 3D design software

Dassault Systèmes, specialists in 3D CAD software, has launched the Solidworks for Entrepreneurs Program, giving early-stage (...)

Twitter says sorry for frat-themed party thrown at its headquarters

Twitter is in trouble again The social network apologized for throwing a frat-house-themed party on Tuesday at its San Francisco (...)

Weird dog-walking machines, Marilyn and Elvis: 550,000 historic videos hit YouTube

Hundreds of hours of historic video clips are hitting YouTube thanks to the Associated Press (AP). The news agency is uploading more (...)

Readymag’s Design School will teach you the fundamentals of visual design

Plenty of online tutorials will teach you how to piece together the nuts and bolts of a webpage, but there’s another aspect that’s (...)

5 Boost startups doing clever things with data

The third edition of TNW Conference USA is coming up this November, and we’re once again looking for fresh startups for Boost, (...)

Figure1 is medicine’s answer to Instagram for crowdsourcing diagnoses

Being pegged as the ‘Instagram for Doctors’, Figure1 for iOS and Android is a growing hit among medical professionals and lay (...)

Configure your perfect AWS setup with the Amazon Web Services Engineer Bootcamp Bundle

If you need to deploy any kind of application, especially one that needs room to grow, Amazon is a great place to host it. These (...)

PocketRocket helps you slim down your Pocket account by emailing and archiving articles

If you’re anything like me, you love Pocket — and find your overflowing stash of articles daunting. A new service, PocketRocket, (...)

Code school or university?

Harsh Patel is CEO of MakerSquare.  By the time the calendar turns to 2020, there will be one million unfulfilled computer programming (...)

The start of a new career? Get 88% off the Network Engineer’s Learning Bundle

As the Internet of Things continues to grow, networks are more important than ever. If you want to understand them better, or make (...)

5 ways being wrong makes you right

Finding a creative idea with your team is not about waiting for someone to come up with that one good idea out of the blue. Rather, (...)

How to make a living with WordPress

Matteo Duò is Content Strategist at Codeable, the #1 outsourcing service for WordPress providing top-notch WordPress experts to small (...)

Why Y Combinator alum Themidgame is heading back to Chile

Only a few months after graduating from Y Combinator, the team behind influencer marketing marketplace Themidgame is moving back to (...)

11 of the most helpful communities on Reddit

Reddit has been through a lot lately, but that doesn’t mean you should steer clear of one of the most populous forums on the Web. (...)

Rejoice! Spam rate hits 12-year low

Since the Internet hit the mainstream, spam email has been categorically the worst. Whether it’s Nigerian princes asking for money (...)

Facebook’s Oculus partners with Felix & Paul Studios to craft VR experiences for its Rift launch

Facebook’s recently acquired VR company Oculus has partnered with virtual reality film mavericks Felix & Paul Studios to produce (...)

Google updates Play Books for Android with UI tweaks and improved recommendations

Google has updated its Play Books app for Android with some neat changes to the interface as well as a new way to get suggestions (...)

Engineers meet artists: Discover the startup ecosystem in Bristol and Bath

While London is undoubtedly the center of gravity in the British startup and venture ecosystem, there’s plenty of no less fascinating (...)

Google’s earnings continue to rise in 2015, but growth and revenues have slowed since last year

Google has announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2015. It pulled in revenues of $17.7 billion, with year-on-year (...)

Microsoft’s OneNote for iOS update merges iPhone and iPad apps

Microsoft has merged its OneNote note-taking apps on iOS and added a few new features for the iPad and Android devices. When iPad (...)

Google is hiring someone to help improve its SEO ranking (seriously)

Google is looking for an SEO expert. A new job posting for a “Program Manager, Search Engine Optimization” was spotted on the (...)

Microsoft-acquired Wunderlist updates with Smart due dates, Restore tool

Wunderlist, the to-do list app recently acquired by Microsoft, released a couple of new features today via blog post to help its (...)

The Lyft iOS app is now written entirely in Swift

Think Swift is a language that isn’t ready for prime time? The team at Lyft would disagree, as their latest app was written completely (...)

Amazon Prime Day was great... for Amazon’s competitors

Amazon has already celebrated its own perception of success on yesterday’s made-up shopping holiday for Prime subscribers, Prime (...)

Inbox for Gmail lets you more finely calibrate the snooze timer

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. And this time Inbox for Gmail has made snoozing messages a bit more useful for specific (...)

Summer night surprise: A brand new free album from Wilco

Looking for something to do on a summer night? Do you like cats? Are you a Star Wars fan? How is this all connected to the band, Wilco? (...)

Meet Index: The first tech news source you’re going to read every day

Technology touches every market. Startups pop up in every corner of the world, and tech journalism is on of the most competitive (...)

What we can learn from abandoned e-store shopping carts

A persistent problem faced by online stores is that of abandoned carts. Reminding customers of shopping carts that they have forgotten (...)

Motorola wants to ‘change your relationship status’ in teaser for July 28th event

It looks like Motorola has a new device or two up its sleeve; the company is sending out invites for a global event on July 28th. (...)

Inside the teacher’s studio: Ryan Bonhardt on how to learn (and teach!) better

Since TNW Academy started four months ago we have received a lot of positive feedback from happy students. Most notably, Ryan Bonhardt’s (...)

HBO Now is finally hitting Android and Fire OS devices

HBO Now is no longer exclusive to iOS on mobile. The company announced it’s bringing its internet-only streaming offering to Android (...)

Confirmed: eBay sells its Enterprise unit for $925 million

eBay confirmed today that it has reached an agreement to sell its Enterprise unit to a consortium led by private-equity firm Permira for (...)

Enlight photo editor launches on the iPad

Lightricks’ photo-editing app Enlight is now available on the iPad, complete with new, tablet-centric features. The app, already (...)

Infinit file sharing service now has paid tier aimed at graphic design professionals

Today, Infinit is introducing a new paid tier aimed at professionals. For $9.99 per month, users will get 100GB for uploading and (...)

The EFF’s new website lets you easily contact your congressperson

If you need something to really get done in your community, you have to contact your local congressperson. They are, of course, your (...)

Sir Clive Sinclair’s folding A-Bike has returned and this time it’s electric

There’s been a bit of trend for reviving design classics that sprang from the mind of Sir Clive Sinclair. First the ZX Spectrum (...)

Last chance: Win an Android phablet!

When you’re watching a film or reading an ebook, nothing beats the combination of screen real estate and portability of a phablet. (...)

Smartsheet partners with cloud companies to launch QuickStart Bundle for Office 365

Smartsheet has teamed up with several other cloud vendors to launch QuickStart Bundle for Office 365. This brings together Smartsheet, (...)

Pushbullet now keeps texts sent from your computer in sync with your Android phone

Pushbullet for Android has been updated today to better develop the messaging side of the app as the company continues its push to (...)

Crayon design search engine goes mobile to generate inspiration anywhere

Crayon, a design search engine aimed at discovering image concepts for marketing campaigns, today launched its new mobile platform, (...)

App Annie report: Google Play’s downloads top the App Store as Apple retains revenue lead

While the Google Play store crushed Apple’s App Store in worldwide downloads in the second quarter of 2015, Apple continued to top (...)

Slack now lets you alert the people who are online instead of waking everyone up

Until now, sending a message in a Slack channel to @everyone would bring you a warning that you were about to fire out a notification (...)

How to use design thinking in your next project

With more and more engineering-focused companies trying to become design-centric, they’re no doubt trying to adopt design thinking. (...)

What happens when you give the internet your Facebook password? Beautiful chaos...

Facebook has been under fire for sometime over its ‘real name’ policy but what happens if you create a completely fake person (...)

Apple Pay has launched in the UK

Apple told us during WWDC that Apple Pay – its contactless payment system for iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch – would launch (...)

See the San Diego Comic-Con news that spiked on Twitter

San Diego Comic-Con, the yearly extravaganza for amazing costumes and exclusive news from beloved comics, movies, and television, (...)


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