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Twitter loved Apple’s WWDC keynote according to Oxford academics’ sentiment analysis

TheySay, a sentiment analysis startup spun out from Oxford University and founded by the institution’s Professor of Computational (...)

7 truths about the mind you missed in psychology class

The longer you live, the more you realize that the difference between success and magnificent failure lies in how well you understand (...)

MyAlbum lets you create visual stories packed with data-rich embellishments

Storytelling is an art — and if the growing number of apps dedicated to it is any indication — many people harbor artistic aspirations. (...)

ISIS social media post leads to U.S. airstrike in 22 hours, Air Force says

The Islamic State frequently uses social media to spread its message and garner support, but their posting can have deadly consequences. As (...)

eBay’s Valet service will sell your designer apparel for you

eBay announced today that it’s expanding its Valet reselling service to accept high-end clothing from users. eBay Valet launched (...)

Pulsar partners with Datasift to bring Facebook topic data to its social media monitoring platform

UK-based social media monitoring platform Pulsar has partnered with Datasift to allow its customers access to Facebook topic data (...)

Boeing just patented a system for recharging drones in mid-air

Aircraft and defense systems manufacturer Boeing was granted a patent this week for a system to recharge drones in mid-air. Our friends (...)

Threadless eases the way for artists to create unique storefronts

The Threadless design community, which helps artists share and market their designs, has launched Artist Shops, a free platform that (...)

YouTube for Artists is getting its own analytics tool

YouTube launched YouTube for Artists back in March to help boost musician’s profits on its platform, and now it’s launching an (...)

Apple CEO Tim Cook castigates Silicon Valley rivals over privacy, and he’s right

Speaking remotely to an Electronic Privacy Information Center crowd honoring him last night, Apple CEO Tim Cook had some choice words (...)

The fastest-growing category of YouTube video blogs? Sneaker hauls

We all know what it’s like to be stuck in a YouTube loop – you know, that moment when you meant to watch one video, but end up (...)

New WordPress Insights tool shows you the best time to post

WordPress is introducing more powerful analytics with a new tool called Insights. The main new feature is the ability to tell you (...)

Silk Road founder is sentenced to two life terms without parole

Ross Ulbricht, convicted founder of the Silk Road online drug marketplace, was sentenced by a US federal judge to two life prison (...)

Google launches Universal App Campaigns for AdWords, updates Analytics and AdMob

At Google’s core is advertising, so it comes as little surprise that the company used its I/O developer conference today to announce (...)

Here’s how to DIY muscle-activated bionic claws that let you flex like Wolverine

Just how badly have you wanted to have claws that automatically extend like Wolverine’s? Well now you can, thanks to a do-it-yourself (...)

Facebook Messenger payments are now available in NYC, along with easier in-chat transactions

Facebook got into the payments game two months ago, but the roll out has so far been pretty slow, available in only select parts of (...)

Xiaomi is launching its online store in the US and Europe, but no phones yet

Xiaomi is finally hitting the US and Europe with the launch of its online store in a few days, but there you still won’t (...)

Twitter unveils Audience Insights to detail follower demographics, interests and behaviors

Twitter is unveiling a new analytics tool that should provide marketers with a deeper understanding about the people interacting with (...)

#TurtleTuesday on Instagram is your new weekly cute fix

Tuesdays can be rather “meh.” Not quite hump day, and still so far from the weekend. Luckily we came across @turtletuesday on (...)

50 email newsletters you need to know about

While email consistently gets a bad rap for being a productivity killer, we beg to differ. Below you’ll find a list of the 50 newsletters (...)

From co-founder to ousted CEO of 500px: Trials, errors, and lessons learned

Started in the early 2000s as a community on the LiveJournal blogging platform, 500px has become one of the most popular places in (...)

Microsoft’s new WordPress plugin lets you directly publish your OneNote documents

Microsoft announced a new partnership today that makes it a lot easier to transfer your OneNote writings over to WordPress. The company (...)

Watch this DJ make a Tesla coil dance to the beat

What do you get when you combine turntables and Tesla coils? Well as you might expect, the results are pretty illuminating. At a recent (...)

Oculus Rift is helping football players skill-up in virtual reality off the field

Oculus Rift is often associated with gaming, however, the virtual reality technology is now being used to train football players off (...)

Ad-blockers aren’t ‘immoral,’ but maybe you’re using them wrong

Last week we learned that some European mobile networks plan to block advertising across their services beginning later in 2015. (...)

Google is fixing Maps to deal with locations pegged to offensive search queries

Earlier this week, there was some controversy over some less-than-ideal results on Google Maps. Basically, entering a certain n-word (...)

Adobe demos upcoming Photoshop 3D magic at London print show

Everyone likes a sneak peek, and today Adobe obliged with a look at some new features it is working on for upcoming versions of its (...)

Sling TV now playing on all Android TV devices

Sling TV has expanded its reach, and is now available on Android TV. The service — which brings scheduled TV broadcasts to your (...)

Rockstar Games sues the BBC over Grand Theft Auto TV drama

Rockstar Games owner Take-Two Interactive today filed a lawsuit against the BBC, taking issue with the British broadcaster’s plans (...)

Adobe is shutting down Photoshop Touch to focus on Creative Cloud apps

Come May 28, Photoshop Touch will no longer be available for download. Instead, Adobe is focussing on building its suite of mobile (...)

The crown prince of profitable Web pranks: meet the guy behind Abusive Elmo and ShipYourEnemiesGlitter

Mat Carpenter has a knack for creating devious ideas that get the Web excited. The 23-year-old Australian was the original brains (...)

The longer Apple’s HomeKit takes to arrive, the longer the ‘connected home’ suffers

Apple’s HomeKit, announced last year at WWDC, has yet to find its way into our homes. Citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans, (...)

Netflix is readying a new Web interface to offer a more ‘immersive experience’

Netflix is prepping a redesign of its Web interface for release to all users — perhaps as early as June — and some subscribers (...)

Today in Tabs: Journalition Man

Put down your newspapers for a moment, we have a surprise!*porky pig voice* ibidi ibidi ibidi ibidim-m-m-m-m-m-m-Maybach MusicRead (...)

The UK gets a dedicated esports betting service this week

UK gamers can gamble real cash on the outcome of some of their favourite online video games, thanks to a dedicated new betting site, (...)

9 ways of gathering meaningful data about your customers

Understanding your customer better isn’t as complex as you might think, but it does require a thoughtful analysis of where and how (...)

This mom will review your website for $75

We can sometimes wrongly convince ourselves that user can easily navigate through our website. Or even worse, we stay on the Web (...)

WooThemes joins WordPress parent company Automattic

WooThemes is joining the Automattic family in a bid to make eCommerce sites more plentiful. According to WooThemes, its flagship (...)

Google’s Tone Chrome extension transmits between computers via sound

The appropriately named Tone is a new Google Chrome extension that can transmit URLs from a tab on one computer to another computer (...)

The Boss Bracket: Vote For The Most Badass Fictional Leader Of All Time

To mark our New Rules of Work week: a chance for you to vote for the fictional boss you think is the most inspirational, effective (...)

Monster’s TalentBin skips resumes to help recruiters find tech talent in Asia

Job search portal Monster announced today that its 2014 acquisition TalentBin — a tool that looks at blogs, social posts and more (...)

Taylor Swift nabs Twitter’s first celebrity custom emoji #BadBloodMusicVideo

Whether she’s trademarking her lyrics or inspiring a custom iOS keyboard, Taylor Swift has a knack for being on the cusp of tech (...)

Why Facebook doesn’t like your brand

Organic growth for digital marketers is in steep decline. Brands shake in their boots at the prospect of Google making further major (...)

The Light Phone is a credit card-sized phone designed to be used as little as possible

This is one of their selling points: We are using the same technology we used ten years ago, to build a phone Goes to show new and (...)

The no nonsense guide to networking

No matter what level of profession you’re in, networking is the fuel to accelerate your success. Not only is it useful for learning (...)

Yahoo! Mail is down (again) for a lot of people

Yahoo! Mail is still the platform of choice for a lot of users, and apparently it is down today. It was also down 2 days ago, so something (...)

Google expands the information it discloses in its Transparency Reports

Acknowledging the ever-broadening scope of information requests — from both the US and international governments — Google announced (...)

Apple settles lawsuit over allegedly poaching employees from auto battery tech company

Apple has put to rest a lawsuit that alleged that the company had been deliberately and aggressively poaching battery engineers from (...)


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