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Google launches €25M AI drive to ‘empower’ Europe’s workforce

Google has launched a €25mn training and skills programme to help Europe’s workforce “seize the opportunity of AI,” the tech giant announced today.  The initiative is targeted at “vulnerable and underserved” communities, who Google said risk getting left behind as the use of AI in the workplace skyrockets...

Murena launches ‘deGoogled’ smartphone with a kill switch for privacy

The Murena 2, a “deGoogled” smartphone with a kill switch, has finally launched in Europe. Billed as a privacy-centric disruptor to the Apple-Google mobile duopoly, the device is the second handset from French startup Murena.  One new addition to the Murena 2 is a physical privacy button, which instantly...

UK fails to reach consensus on AI copyright code in major blow to artists

The UK government, AI companies, and creative organisations have failed to reach consensus on a proposed code that would set clear guidelines for the training of AI models on copyrighted material. For almost a year, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has been consulting with companies including Microsoft, Google...

Taylor Swift deepfake porn deluge a ‘wake-up call’ for lawmakers

Last week, explicit, non-consensual deepfake images of Taylor Swift flooded X, formerly Twitter — one of the videos racked up 47 million views before it was removed 17 hours later.  In an attempt to stop the distribution of the images, X banned searches like “Taylor Swift” or “Taylor Swift AI”. However,...

Insta mules and crypto mixers: How tech is transforming money laundering

On the shallow surface of Instagram, Ramon “Hushpuppi” Abbas was a quintessential influencer. The flamboyant Nigerian portrayed a lavish lifestyle of private jets, luxury cars, and designer clothes. His glamorous adventures had earned him over 2 million followers and millions of dollars. But his posts concealed a...

Apple begrudgingly allows EU customers to use rival app stores on iPhone

Apple will allow EU-based users of its devices to download apps without going through its app store, as the tech giant reluctantly moves to comply with the bloc’s incoming Digital Markets Act (DMA).  Apple will also give iPhone and iPad users a range of browsers to choose from as their default and allow the use of...

Meet ClimateGPT — an open source AI platform fighting climate disinformation

A collective of startups known as the Endowment for Climate Intelligence (ECI) has unveiled the first-ever open-source ensemble of AI models dedicated to addressing the impacts of climate change.   Large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT and Google’s Bard have faced concerns over the accuracy of the...

10 Best Huion Tablets in 2024 (Jan)

Are you in the market for a drawing tablet? Huion tablets can be some of the best value out there, take a look at the best Huion tablets for graphic designers.

Enter ClimateGPT — the ‘first-ever’ AI model dedicated to fighting climate change

Fledgling AI startup EQTY Lab has unveiled the “first-ever” AI chatbot designed to provide accurate and authenticated climate data. AI tools such as ChatGPT and Google’s Bard have faced concerns over the accuracy of the information they provide, as they are trained on data scraped from the internet, but do not...

This ‘digital twin’ of the planet could rival Google Earth — here’s how you can try it

French startup Kermap has developed a ‘digital twin’ of the Earth that claims to offer the most up-to-date views of our home planet.  The programme is called Nimbo Earth Online and it is the only platform providing new satellite views of the world every month, without clouds. Google Earth refreshes its imagery...

AI design startup shuns Stable Diffusion for in-house foundation model

An AI design startup/generator will swerve the likes of Stable Diffusion after raising $12mn (€11mn) to build its own foundation model. Recraft is billed as the first-ever AI tool for generating and editing vector art, icons, 3D images, and illustrations within a brand’s style guide.  By leveraging generative AI,...

Inside DeepL: How the startup is rivalling machine translation giants

AI translation has transformed the way we communicate, breaking down language barriers in an unprecedented way. The sector’s global market size is projected to reach $12.3bn (€11.3bn) by 2026 — and big and small players alike are aiming to cash in. Among them, Cologne-based DeepL has been raising industry...

Big tech keeping consumers ‘in the dark,’ European rivals say

Twenty-four European companies have banded together to accuse big tech of not doing enough to engage with smaller rivals ahead of an EU regulatory deadline.  In an open letter, the companies that include eco-friendly search engine Ecosia and Swedish media group Schibsted, say that Google parent company Alphabet,...

Startup behind world’s first hydrogen eVTOL eyes 2025 takeoff

Swiss startup Sirius Aviation has unveiled designs for the world’s first hydrogen-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.  The jet, which kind of looks like Night Fury from How to Train Your Dragon, is billed to travel 1,851 km at speeds up to 520 km/h. That is four times as far as competitors...

The Top Essential WordPress Plugins of 2024

The top best must-have Wordpress plugins for websites in 2016. From back up plug ins, to security, social media, SEO and anti-spam.

The Best Printers for Graphic Designers (February 2024)

What is the best printer for a graphic designer? Here we we review the top best most effective printers on the market for graphic design in 2021.

Advanced SEO Techniques for 2024: Generate More Traffic

Over the past few years, SEO has changed a lot. Learn about these advanced SEO techniques that will help you generate leads in 2021 and upcoming years!

9 Best Surge Protectors for Artists & Designers 2024

Hunting for the best surge protector can be tedious. To help that, we've listed the best surge protectors for your laptops, computers, speakers, TVs, etc.

The Ultimate SEO Checklist For Web Content Creators in 2024

When it comes to your online presence, you need to get your web strategy right. That's why, we've gone ahead and created the ultimate SEO checklist for you!

11 Best Curved Monitors for Designers & Creatives (Jan 2024)

Looking for a new curved monitor for your graphic design needs? Here are the best curved monitors for designers in 2021 - and perfect for any creative!

35+ Best Adobe Fonts for Designers in 2024

Having suitable typography can make all the difference in your designs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best Adobe fonts for professional designers.

99 FREE Graphic Design Resources in 2024

The ultimate list of the best Graphic Design Resources for graphic designers & creatives including stock, icons, fonts, templates, mockups, tools and more.

15 Best Canva Templates for Instagram in 2024 (Free and Paid)

Canva has carved out a great niche, helping anyone create incredible designs. Our list of the best Canva templates for Instagram can make you an influencer!

Adobe-Figma Deal Canceled: What Happens Next?

In September 2022, Adobe announced plans to buy Figma for $20 billion. Figma is a popular online design and team collaboration tool. Many designers use it to create prototypes and

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