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IMDB’s Top 50 Movies, Arranged By Genre

The bigger winner: drama. Netflix has proven it’s possible to get incredibly granular when breaking down different types (...)

The Price Of Global Women’s Health: $12 Billion

Women Deliver says that spending $12 billion more would bring the world healthy mothers and babies and--more importantly, a $3 (...)

Fast Food’s Latest Innovation: Hands-Free Whopper Consumption

Suck it, cup holders. Did you ever wish that you could eat a whopper while playing the guitar, or rubbing suntan lotion on a (...)

Brazilian Restaurant Lets Women Who Feel Beautiful Dine For Free

In an effort to improve worldwide feminine self-esteem on International Women’s Day, Brazilian restaurant Spoleto let all (...)

Two Ultra-Minimal Lamps That Also Juice Up Your Phone

Lights on, power up: Pablo design debuts two new lighting collections at ICFF. In the current universe of lamps, designers want (...)

A Hyperrealistic Farmville To Train The World’s Farmers

Farm Defenders, a Gates Foundation-funded game that lets people use incredibly detailed data (down to soil conditions in specific (...)

A Tea Infuser That Takes Its Cues From The USB Stick

The Loop is a handy, gadget-like strainer that stores loose tea and lets you brew a fresh cup any time. Tea is synonymous with (...)

Twitter Now Supports Longer and More Lists

Twitter lists got a refresh on Thursday, giving users the ability to create more lists on the social network and include more people (...)

Twitter expands its Certified Products Program with 11 new services targeted at international brands

Twitter has announced that its Certified Products Program, a list of companies using Twitter data in approved ways, is expanding (...)

Twitter expands Lists, allowing users up to 1,000 lists of 5,000 accounts per set

Twitter announced that it is updating its List feature, expanding it so that users can now have up to 1,000 lists with a maximum of (...)

Why You Should Try Hacking Books

A few years ago, publishers were looking at what was happening to the music industry and saw digital in an apocalyptic light--now (...)

In The Golden Age Of Experimentation, Doing Is Believing

Former Wired editor Chris Anderson has started more than one business--from blogs to 3D Robotics--in attempts to interest his children. (...)

Is The Dream Of The Electric Car Headed To A Better Place?

Five years ago, Better Place seemed poised to dominate the mass market electric car industry. How did it end up in the ditch? (...)

Deconstructing The Doomed Yahoo, Tumblr Romance

One is old, out of touch, and clueless when it comes to social media and Internet trends. The other is young, lightning-fast, crazy, (...)

5 Principles of Convergence: How To Work Better At The Intersection Of Tech, Creativity And Media

Convergence is both buzzword and marketing reality. Razorfish CEO Bob Lord outlines 5 ways creative companies can adapt to a converging (...)

This Robotic Bee Just Took Flight, To Pollinate Crops And (Maybe) Spy On You

The quarter-sized RoboBee looks like a fly, but it was designed to save us from colony collapse disorder. If the bees die, we have (...)

An Uneasy Collaboration: The Creative Push And Pull Of Making A Richard Pryor Documentary

Director Marina Zenovich and executive producer Jennifer Lee Pryor talk to Co.Create about the creative give and take involved (...)

The Hills Have Eyes: A Look Into The Non-Human Faces That Are All Around You

In a dark corner of the Internet, some people have a low-level obsession with the faces that are formed by naturally occurring (...)

These College Friends Couldn’t Find Healthy Food Options, So They Opened Their Own

The founders of the Sweetgreen restaurants and music festival espouse a simple philosophy: that "fun and easy" and "healthy and (...)

An Imaginative Robot That Sees Faces In Clouds

Think humans are unique in seeing faces in clouds? Think again. We often cite creativity as the driving force of human intellect--this (...)

The Creator Of “Convos With My 2-Year-Old” On His Viral Hit

The reenactment of a guy talking to his young daughter--who is played by a fully grown man--racked up 4 million views in a week. (...)

Mapping The 31 Million People Displaced By Climate Change So Far

This is what it looks like when floods, hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons force millions of people to flee their homes. When (...)

Life After Kickstarter: 5 Costly Lessons From A Kickstarter-Backed Designer

Kickstarter backers pledged $212,265 to make Jon Fawcett’s flexible iPod dock a reality. Here’s what came next.Read Full (...)

Challenging Girls To Get Involved In STEM, With A $10,000 Incentive

To get girls interested in the sciences, the nonprofit Iridescent is offering them a little cash in exchange for brilliant ideas. (...)

Did A Hedge Fund Guy Unlock The Biggest Question In The Universe?

A Grand Unified Theory is the greatest missing piece of contemporary math and physics. Now, Oxford believes that a man 20 years (...)

Coke’s Social Can Splits Into Two Before Your Eyes

A clever package turns sugar water into a way to connect people. I don’t remember the last time I cracked open a full (...)

These Marijuana-Fed Pigs Won’t Get You High, But They Do Taste Deliciously Dank

Perhaps most importantly, it’s a novel use of local leftover agricultural products--cutting down drastically on the pig’s (...)

This Moving Street Art Helped Topple A Dictator During The Arab Spring

This Moving Street Art Helped Topple A Dictator During The Arab SpringRead Full Story    

Two People, One Can: Coke’s New Can Lets You Twist and Share

A Coca-Cola experiment makes two cute cans out of one. Coca-Cola marketing has long centered around various ways of sharing (...)

A Beautifully Curated Online Shop Dedicated To Today’s Mobile Workers teamed up with Lunar Design to create a curated e-commerce solution for the untethered workforce. Mobile workers (...)

Apple Hires Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson To Take On Environmental Challenges

Apple’s solution to its environmental woes: hire the former head of the EPA, of course. Apple has long been criticized (...)

Redesigning Schools For Learning, Discipline, And Safety

A school isn’t just a box for learning: The way it’s designed can make a big difference in children’s educational (...)

Infographic: Words & Votes Compares Leaders’ Social Media Talk To Action On Gun Control

An interactive data visualization from agency R/GA shows how government leaders’ social media usage compares to their voting (...)

Ikea In Swedish Is Here To Tell You Exactly How To Pronounce Isfjorden

A website solves the mystery of frequently unpronounceable Ikea products. Although Ikea purports to protect its customers from (...)

Incredible Product Shots That Turn Light Fixtures Into Abstract Art

Carl Kleiner places contemporary light fixtures in a beautiful world of form, color, and pattern. On design blogs, where lights, (...)

Gmail’s New Tabbed Inbox: An Automated Cure For Email Overload

The revised Gmail helps users manage a new breed of spam: the endless stream of semi-relevant deals, newsletters, and social media (...)

To Combat Rising U.S. Poverty, Banks Are Taking Lessons From The Developing World

Poor people in the U.S. need help, too, and banks are finding ways to give it to them by following models set up in places like (...)

Mapping How Cities Smell, Block By Block

Sight is just the most obvious way to navigate a city. Your nose is also constantly being stimulated. What do you know about your (...)

Love Hurts: A Breakup Kit To Mend Your Broken Heart

Just got dumped? Here’s some therapy in a box. Breakups are hard and even harder to get over. No one could possibly understand (...)

A Vase That Tells You To Stop Neglecting Your Plants

The wall-mounted system physically tilts when water evaporates, signaling that it’s time for a refill. Plants have the (...)

From Fuseproject, A Door Lock You Control With Your Smartphone

August is the latest in keyless entry--and party invitations. Consider all the touch points in a morning routine: alarm clock, (...)

Giveaway: HTML5 Interactive World Map Licenses From Simplemaps

Advertise here with BSA** Giveaway Period Has Ended ** This giveaway is perfect for web designers and web developers who need to display (...)

5 Facebook Fan Page Problems and How to Fix Them

Guest post by Daniel Sharkov from Reviewz N Tips. Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook are probably the top three social media sites (...)

The True Cost Of Bad Customer Service [Infographic]

Many companies make the mistake to only focus on the obvious, is the phone ringing? are we closing sales? But there are many other, (...)

Gender Equality Bares Its Chest For A Topless Summer

For years, it’s been legal for women to go au natural (from the waist up) in New York. But the NYPD’s level of tolerance (...)

Where Gay Marriage is Banned, Couples Say Their Vows on Google Hangout

Hanging out in the name of equality. In this amazing video, a gay French couple who have been together for 40 years, decide (...)

JELL-O Turns An Internet Profanity Into Twitter Fun

Rather than curse life’s darkness, JELL-O lights a candle of fun. If you’re seriously in need of a pick-me-up, JELL-O (...)

There Are As Many Reasons As The Population of New York To Use The Dictionary of Numbers

The Google Chrome extension Dictionary of Numbers allows users to translate large numbers into human terms. It should make your (...)


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