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Looking To Lose Weight? Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry

Science proves the old adage true: If you go to the supermarket on an empty stomach, you’re going to make some bad decisions. (...)

To See The Future Of Technology, Look At The People Using It For Crime

In this video from our Futurist Forum, Jamais Cascio says that the people hacking a tech to make it serve more shady purposes (or (...)

Google releases Glass system image and rooted bootloader for hackers, but warns of voiding the warranty

In a nod towards the modding community and hackers in general, Google has released the first factory system image and rooted bootloader (...)

2013-05-24 for iOS: The best way to discover breaking stories shared on is a social news reader app for iOS that uses, an ad-free social network that recently hit 100,000 registered users, (...)

TNW Pick of the Day: Fireplug news-aggregrator for iPhone tracks what you read and tells you when you’re a subject-master

News-aggregation is a pretty busy space as things stand, with the likes of Flipboard and Pulse leading the way, and other emerging (...)

Facebook confirms Pages can’t view Insights data beyond May 13 due to technical issues, is working on a fix

Facebook Page owners this week have noticed that their Page Insights data has not been updated since last week, as far back as May (...)

Pinterest Partners With Brands to Add Information to Pins

Pinterest just got an upgrade that could make it easier for users to gather information by navigating in its site. Instead of exclusively (...)

When to Back Off the Social Media Baby Train

We all have those Facebook friends who seem to make a living posting pictures and video clips of their kids How cute is little Johnny (...)

3 Manly Pinterest Alternatives for Your Beard and Bacon Needs

Are the images in your Pinterest feed not quite manly enough for you? If you think the virtual pinboard site is a little too feminine, (...)

Google Maps gets biking directions for Germany, France, Poland, Ireland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein

Google is adding cycling directions for a number of European countries covered by its Google Maps service, including Germany, France, (...)

How a Reddit Thread Inspired a Hollywood Movie

The creation of a Hollywood movie started with a question on Reddit: Could a modern U.S. Marine infantry battalion destroy the entire (...)

Advice for Clueless Brands on Social Media

Dear Bob & Doug: I am the CEO of a major quick-service chain that serves food and food-like substances to billions worldwide. (...)

The Most Creative People In Style, Retail

From a coffee hawker to designer clothes to hair, hair, and more hair, here are the innovators from our Most Creative People In (...)

Offline over the weekend? Here’s the tech news you missed

In some parts of the world (hello, USA and UK!) it’s a long weekend, but we’re hard at work here at TNW and if you’re (...)

Google uses Canada pilot to launch new Partners program that offers agencies resources, training, and support

Google on Monday announced a new program called Google Partners, aimed at agencies and Web professionals who help businesses succeed (...)

Turn Your Phone Into A Skeeball Game With “Roll It,” Chrome’s Addictive New Experiment

Google’s latest game play turns your phone and Chrome into hours of awkward office fun. The mad-scientist experiments (...)

A Moody Lamp Evokes Sun Breaking Through Clouds

Mathieu Lehanneur brings the outside in for a new LED fixture. Watching the sun emerge through gloomy clouds lifts the spirits. (...)

An Insect’s Eye Camera To View The World The Way Bugs Do

What’s the best way to design a high-quality camera with an incredible range? Copy the guys who see that way every day. (...)

Views Of The Hong Kong Sky, Framed By A Canopy Of Skyscrapers

Romain Jacquet-Lagreze’s photographs are a reminder of the dazzling views to be found simply by looking up. For as long (...)

A House Powered By Its Inhabitants, Inspired By Jane Fonda

Spanish architects design a futuristic home that’s dedicated to political activism and physical fitness. The ubiquity (...)

One Infographic That Proves The Art World Is Stunningly Sexist

Want to sell a painting for a lot of money? Make sure it was painted by a man.Read Full Story    

5 Game-Changing Ideas To Improve The Health Of Girls And Women Around The World

From more contraceptives to better screening for cancer, there are simple actions we could take to drastically improve the lives (...)

Pinterest’s Ben Silbermann on turning his collection hobby into a product and not making money

Today at the D11 conference, Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann spoke to All Things D’s Kara Swisher about the genesis of the (...)

Google launches Android app for Google Apps administrators to help with user and group management on the go

Google today announced the launch of a new Android app for administrators of Google Apps. You can download the new app, called Google (...)

Facebook’s public policy manager Andrew Noyes joins Uber to navigate it through policy challenges

Facebook’s Public Policy Communication Manager Andrew Noyes is leaving to pursue a role with private car service Uber. After (...)

See a Music Channel Challenge Shazam In A Different Kind Of Epic Rap Battle

French music channel Trace apparently subscribes to the idea that in order to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man. And (...)

This Strange Looking Funnel May Be The Future Of Wind Power (Or Not)

The people behind the Invelox turbine claim that it can take a small gust of wind and make it much bigger. If they’re right, (...)

This Map Shines A Light On Every Single U.S. Drone Attack

Obama is making changes to how the U.S. drone program operates, but the past of the program is still shrouded in secrecy. This (...)

How An Age-Old Chart Is Redefining Health Care

It’s “just” an electronic growth chart. But lurking inside is a disruptive new approach to medicine. In a (...)

These Beach Pics Will Whet Your Appetite For Summer

In a new book, the photographer Christian Chaize documents six years at the same Portugal beach. The warm, teasing breezes of (...)

Romancing the Rhinestones: Lessons in Trust From The Costume Designer Who Transformed Michael Douglas Into Liberace

The Oscar-winning actor’s longtime costume designer Ellen Mirojnick (they first met on Fatal Attraction) explains how a foundation (...)

Giving Kids Computers Doesn’t Help Them In School At All

A new study looked at organizations that give disadvantaged kids home computers and found that kids used the computers a lot--but (...)

Swedish House Mafia Bids Adieu with Music Video for Volvo

The dance music trio hits the road with Volvo. EDM trio Swedish House Mafia disbanded earlier this year, and they’re bidding (...)

The State of Influence Marketing and Scoring Platforms

As some of you know, Influence (or I should say the attempt of measuring influence online), continues to make waves in controversial (...)

Photos Dominate Facebook’s News Feed, Here Is How To Optimize Them

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that photos dominate Facebook’s News Feed. When we talk about content marketing on (...)

Is Your Facebook Page Performing Above Or Below Average? [Infographic]

Facebook is one of the hardest marketing segments to understand for small businesses. Lets be honest, many of them don’t understand (...)

Tracking: Drones At Home

Drones are coming to American airspace. Whether used in agribusiness to monitor farms, by landscape architects to design properties, (...)

A Forest Hideaway Proves Concrete And Cozy Can Go Together

The AV house makes an excellent case for concrete at the domestic scale. A common, if facile, critique of Brutalism is that (...)

Steven Holl’s Sports Complex For Columbia Looks Like A Transformer

Steven Holl’s first building in New York is packed with the architect’s signature, whimsical flourishes. After designing (...)

A New Model To Pay For Infrastructure in Chicago

The Chicago Infrastructure Trust creates a new way to pay for things like improvements to bridges and roads that won’t destroy (...)

Students Design 22 Playful Wooden Toys For Kids

Twenty-two seniors in the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Metaproject03 created products that would fit in with Areaware’s (...)

Take A Secret Look Inside The Cocoon As A Caterpillar Transforms To A Butterfly

Using three dimensional X-ray imaging, we can now see the magical process of metamorphosis up close. Happy summer! The transformation (...)

Sometimes a Tea Kettle Is Just a Tea Kettle, But Sometimes It’s Also Hitler

There are no words. Recently, we learned about how to hide jokes in the background of TV shows, but of course sometimes jokes (...)

Architects Dream Up A “Hairy” Skyscraper That Produces Its Own Energy

Belatchew Arkitektur plans to turn a Stockholm landmark into a full-fledged urban wind farm. We write about architecture as (...)

PBS Calls Out Guilty Pleasure Purveyors With Fake Reality Show Campaign

A campaign promoting PBS presents fake versions of the kinds of shows that are popular with the competition and laments the state (...)

Help Repair The Rockaways By Playing This Game

While the spotlight has shifted elsewhere, the Rockaways area of New York still suffers from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. (...)

An Origami-Like Bowl That Expands When You Add Water

Two designers and a team of scientists have reinvented the ramen container for our sustainable century. Some late-night hunger (...)

Gillette’s New Campaign Asks, “How Does Superman Shave?”

With Clark Kent going from scruffy-to-shorn in the anticipated summer blockbuster Man of Steel, Gillette has assembled a team of (...)


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