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Does Evil Lurk In The Heart Of Your Green Tea?

Like many healthy food options, new studies show that with green tea, you may not be getting exactly the benefits you think you’re (...)

A Fumble-Free Alarm App With A Brilliant Gestural UI

Heavy sleeper? This app, from Tiny Hearts, makes you shake your phone until you wake. Everyone has tricks for motivating themselves (...)

This House Is Built To Be Constantly Reclaimed By Nature

What’s better than a house in the country? A house being eaten by the country. An unused garage of a vacation home in (...)

Google now lets anyone turn their YouTube upload into a slow motion video

Google on Tuesday announced a minor feature addition that will likely take the online video world by storm: YouTube slow motion videos. (...)

Google+ for iOS updated with Auto Enhance for photos, related hashtags, interactive Google Offers, and more

Google on Tuesday updated its native Google+ app for iOS, with a big focus on photos. You can download the latest version now directly (...)

Israel-based Cortica raises $1.5M from Mail.Ru to fund its Image2Text visual search technology

Image and video technology startup Cortica has raised $1.5 million from the Mail.Ru group to help fund its Image2Text visual search (...)

As lifelogging looks set to go mainstream, meet its pioneers in this new documentary

Lifelogging has been the pursuit of geeks who don’t mind strapping huge homemade HUDs to their heads and computers to their (...)

Google debuts Chrome games Roll it and Racer to show off the browser’s cross-platform syncing via WebSockets

Google on Tuesday launched two new Chrome Experiments, both games, that let you play with other people using phones, tablets, and (...)

‘Private’ Path has a ‘Repath’ option that can share your photos onto others’ profiles. Huh?

When Path today retweeted someone telling Android users that they could ‘Repath’ photographs with a long press on a photo, (...)

Newsreader app Circa hires Reuters Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa as its new Editor in Chief

News consumption service Circa announced today that it has hired Anthony De Rosa, currently Social Media Editor for Reuters, as its (...)

2013 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration

Logo Lounge, for the past ten years, has posted annual logo design trend reports and they have just released the 2013 logo design (...)

How to Use Custom Fonts with @font-face on WordPress

This is a guest article by Matt Russell. Using custom fonts is a fantastic way to help create a unique look for your site. There are (...)

As Apple readies an iOS update, Google woos developers with new tools

At the end of 2011, Google’s internal team in charge of the developer-facing bits of Google Play decided that it was time for (...)

Are Social Impact Bonds The Future Of International Development?

The financial mechanism that attaches a possible return to positive social outcomes is starting to take off in the United States. (...)

Werner Herzog Directs “Don’t Text and Drive” Spot for AT&T

Filmmaker helps deliver the message: "It Can Wait." Filmmaker Werner Herzog, known for documentaries like Grizzly Man and Into (...)

An iPhone App That Nags You To Work On Time

The problem with calendars is that they can never anticipate traffic. But NeverLate wants to attune your schedule to the flow of (...)

This Pointer Answers The Age-Old Question, “Where The Hell Are My Keys?”

This big, colorful arrow might help well-intentioned scatterbrains keep things in order. You’re late again (no judgment). (...)

Buy Yourself A Close Shave To Help Give Others An Edge

Harry’s is applying the buy-one-give-one model to razors, and is using its shaving apparel business to better the community, (...)

Recreating The Neighborhood Newsstand, With Some Help From Internet Culture

Petrella’s Imports is a downtown New York newsstand where passersby can purchase zines and art, not just the usual snacks (...)

Interactive Site Takes You Inside The Awful Reality Of A Puppy Mill

Singapore-based animal welfare groups teamed up with digital agency Yolk to create an interactive website that reveals some of (...)

Google’s Dead-Simple Tool For Making UX Decisions: 2 Jars Of Marbles

When the Android team wants to decide whether a design decision is good or bad, they turn to the least techie of tricks. Nothing (...)

Amazing Photographs Of A Giant, Forgotten Collection Of Human Brains

This brain collection from the University of Texas, which effectively disappeared for decades, has been rediscovered and is going (...)

Kill Your Darlings And 4 More Rules For Doing Creative Work

In Forty-one False Starts: Essays on Artists and Writers, author Janet Malcolm reveals creative insights from artists ranging from (...)

Designers: Learn To Code! Here’s How To Start

When you start experimenting with code, you find that the new tool helps you do your job better. Just think of it like getting (...)

Kickstarting: A Documentary On Cicadas That Will Either Make You Shudder Or Cry

Samuel Orr has been trying to get his documentary on cicadas off the ground since 2007. That’s still 11 years less than it (...)

Loneliness Is Bad For Public Health, And It’s Up To Us To Fix It

Being alone can be good in small doses, but it’s reaching epidemic proportions, with disastrous results for our collective (...)

The Perfect Facebook Contest App [Infographic]

As you know, Facebook contest have become a huge part of social media in the last year or so, specially as a vehicle for brands trying (...)

How To Create A Disney-Like Addiction To Your Company

Step one: Make eye contact and smile. That and six other seemingly simple steps can help create customer-service magic. I have (...)

Most Creative People, Live At C2-MTL

Fast Company officially celebrated our 100 Most Creative People in Business last week at the jam-packed, high-energy C2-MTL conference (...)

Artists Turn A Craft Fair Into A Laboratory For New Materials

At this year’s COLLECT: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects, in London, few things are what they seem. (...)

Watch this homemade ‘lightsaber’ quickly burn through everything put in front of it

Today is a holiday in the US. Since tech news is next to nonexistent, we’re all watching cool videos on the Internet. In other (...)

Almost half of Facebook’s advertising revenue now stems from mobile

Facebook revealed in its third quarter earnings report today that mobile ad revenue represented 49 percent of its $1.8 billion in (...)

Facebook’s European HQ wouldn’t be in Dublin if it wasn’t for U2 frontman Bono

One thing that comes up frequently whenever you talk to people in Ireland is the level of influence that U2 frontman Bono has. Indeed, (...)


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