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Getting to ‘no’: Why rejections aren’t always a bad thing

Marc Albanese is the founder of Smart Vision Labs. This post is part of the Lessons Learned series featuring NYU entrepreneurs’ (...)

3 things you can change to go from startup to grown up

Callum Laing is the CEO of Entrevo Asia and the founder of Fitness-Buffet, an employee fitness business in 11 countries. There are (...)

How CIOs can adapt to embrace developer-led innovation

Jim Franklin is the CEO of SendGrid. Developers are accustomed to using SaaS, cloud and developer-friendly tools to build and scale (...)

Samsung Gear Live review: Finally a smartwatch you could wear every day

For what seems like forever, companies have been telling us that wearables are here to stay and trying to sell them to the public (...)

How companies are tracking their best people without becoming big brother

Andre Lavoie is the CEO of ClearCompany, the first talent alignment platform that bridges the gap between talent management and (...)

Irregular immaturity: Why 21st century parents must replace sex talk with tech talk

A marker of 21st century adult life may be the eternal debate about whether to “disconnect” once in a while, but for children (...)

4 easy tricks to personalize your marketing strategy

Ritika Puri is a content marketer, freelance business writer, and media entrepreneur. This post originally appeared on the Evergage (...)

FIFA cracks down on Twitter users using its logos as avatars

FIFA is in charge of the biggest sporting event outside of the Olympics. But in addition to making sure the games start on time, (...)

Chronicunlocks circumvents iPhone Activation Lock feature for $150

Sometimes you forget a password and sometimes that password is the iCloud password associated with your iPhone. Now instead of a smartphone, (...)

Why mobile advertising isn’t as huge as it’s hyped to be (yet)

Christof Wittig is founder and CEO at LiquidM, a white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP).  Mobile is huge, tech (...)

5 methods and 15 tools to find your audience and build a community

Alex Manthei is the Community Manager at mention, a media monitoring app that lets you monitor, react, collaborate and analyze your (...)

Keep your kids busy with science at Google and Maker’s 3rd annual online DIY Maker Camp

Summer vacation is awesome. You have three whole months to sit around and gradually get bored. Fortunately, for the creative and technically (...)

American Apparel Apologizes for Using Challenger Disaster Photo Instead of Fireworks

American Apparel has apologized after posting a photo of the space shuttle Challenger disaster on its Tumblr account, mistaking (...)

Tinker is a beautifully simple to-do list app for iPhone

Productivity apps may be plentiful, but that doesn’t stop a steady slew of new additions to the App Store every month. The latest (...)

Morph is back! First episode in the Kickstarter-funded series hits YouTube later today

Morph, the beloved stop-motion sketch show featuring a tiny, orangey-brown character made entirely from plasticine, is ready for (...)

Same video, different song: How music guides perception

Derick Rhodes is a footage content producer at Shutterstock. This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been (...)

An early look at the Gramofon, a cheap Wi-Fi router that lets you stream Spotify to any speaker

It should be simple for multiple people to control and stream music through a single sound system. But too often, it’s not. Some (...)

Google denies being deliberately over-zealous on your right-to-be-forgotten, but it does want a debate

In the wake of the landmark EU ruling back in May, stipulating that individuals should have the right to be forgotten by removing (...)

These Are the Ultimate Beach Hacks

Heading to the beach this summer? Elliott has you covered with these must-know DIY beach tricks. And on Thursday, Elliott was (...)

Mind Candy gets social with Instagram-inspired PopJam app for kids

Mind Candy, the creator of Moshi Monsters, is back with another mobile app for children. It’s called PopJam and offers an Instagram-inspired (...)

Alibaba’s first US retail site 11 Main is now open to shoppers, but by invitation only

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is finally opened up its first direct-to-consumer online store to shoppers in the US, after launching (...)

Little trouble in big China: Flickr, OneDrive, Line and Kakao Talk suffer accessibility issues

There is currently trouble brewing in China as several foreign internet companies are experiencing accessibility issues in the country (...)

Facebook builds on its suggested events feature to introduce ‘Events for You’

Facebook rolled out suggested events way back in 2011, and now it is finally beefing up its event discovery role with a redesign that (...)

This restaurant reservation startup is all kinds of sleazy

I’m not keen to give the recently launched ReservationHop startup attention it doesn’t deserve, but I hope this is a cautionary (...)


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