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End of the galapagos era? Japan’s tech and Internet habits have never been more Western

It wasn’t long ago that Japan’s technology space was considered to exist on an entirely different plane to the rest of the world. (...)

Google forces CyanogenMod to pull its one-click installer from the Play store over violation of developer terms

Well that didn’t last long. CyanogenMod today announced it has pulled its one-click installer from Google Play. The Google Play (...)

For Clothing Designers, Virtual Models Make All The Difference

New software by a company called Body Labs lets designers try new styles on avatars that flex and move like real human models.Traditionally, (...)

Reinventing MIDI For A Big Data World

Standardized for 30 years, MIDI continues to be useful to a lot of musicians despite its age. Still, WaveDNA is trying to improve (...)

Adult Male Circumcision Is About To Become Public Policy In Rwanda

In the name of HIV prevention, a relatively new adult male circumcision device that is bloodless and purportedly painless is about (...)

Bitcoin Reaches All-Time High, Tops $1,000

Shopify becomes the latest company to accept payment in the virtual currency.Bitcoin, the virtual currency that has been steadily (...)

Founder vs. hired CEO: Who is better suited to face company crisis?

Serguei Beloussov is the CEO of Acronis, a technology company focused on data backup software and disaster recovery solutions. A company’s (...)

Google adds folders to bookmarks search in latest Chromium build, a feature that was request back in 2009

Google has committed a long-requested feature to the latest Chromium build: folder support in bookmarks search. In short, this means (...)

The future of radio

This is the fifth in our Future Of series, where we analyze and dissect one facet of life that’s been impacted by digital technology. (...)

T-Mobile and AT&T went head-to-head on Twitter over a customer... T-Mobile won

Conversations like this one are what makes Twitter an amazing service. If you considered switching your mobile operator in the past, (...)

Nokia loses all its social media points with ‘F*** you’ tweet [update]

Last week, we gave Nokia props for its mastery of Twitter with a zing against rival BlackBerry, but we’re now rescinding those points (...)

Google brings ‘OK Google’ hotword voice search to the desktop with new Chrome extension

Google today launched the Google Voice Search Hotword extension for Chrome, bring its “OK Google” feature to the desktop. You (...)

6 reasons to consider adding Live Chat support to your business

Brian Honigman is a marketing consultant, a freelance writer and a social media enthusiast. This post was originally published (...)

Google offers free shipping and $25 in Google Play credit for new Nexus 7 purchases in the US and Canada

Google today announced a new “holiday special” deal for the Nexus 7 on Google Play. When you buy the tablet in the US and Canada, (...)

There Are 5 Types Of Boredom. Which Are You Feeling?

Boredom can drive you to the brink of insanity, or give you incredibly creative ideas. It all depends on how you experience it.Boredom (...)

Microsoft mocks the Chromebook in a new video ad for its anti-Google ‘Scroogled’ campaign

Microsoft took its ‘Scroogled‘ anti-Google campaign one step further today by ridiculing the Chromebook in a new online video (...)

Google Apps to get new sign-in page ‘early next year’ without customizations and full email addresses required

Google today announced a new sign-in page will be rolled out for all Google Apps customers “early next year.” The updated design (...)

Bib + Tuck launches for iPhone to let you refresh your wardrobe on the move

Bib + Tuck has been making minor ripples in the fashion tech space for more than a year, and today it officially lifts the lid on (...)

Best practices for building cross-platform mobile apps

Michael Thomas is the Principal Development Lead for SkyDrive, Microsoft’s personal cloud storage service. In his role, Michael (...)

5 Questions All Marketers Need To Ask Themselves

In order for your campaign to really cut through the noise, you need to know what your customer wants--not what you want.Sometimes (...)

Infographic: The Chemistry Of Thanksgiving

A cute video explains how science can rid the world of dry turkey.When it comes down to it, cooking is all about chemistry. Which, (...)

3 Content Marketing Practices to Stop Immediately

Bad advice is the worst. Whether we accept relationship advice from someone who can’t hold a relationship of their own or marketing (...)

Pixable tempts Everpix users with quick-import tool for photos ahead of December 15 closure

Pixable, the SingTel-owned company that organizes your social photos in smart ways, has announced a quick-import tool for Everpix (...)

Kogan CEO pokes fun at Facebook chief with the ‘Zuckerberg Selfie Stick’

The founder of Australian electronics retailer Kogan has penned an open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a publicity stunt (...)


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