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Take a tour of Google Earth with speakers of 50 different indigenous languages

Hear Cherokee, Rarotongan, Fulfulde, and more thanks to Google Earth. “It is a human right to be able to speak your own language,” says Tania Haerekiterā Tapueluelu Wolfgramm, a Māori and Tongan person who works as an educator and activist. “You don’t have a culture without the...

Stock photos of hackers are hilariously bad. Ideo wants you to redesign them

Cybersecurity needs a rebrand. Do a quick Google image search for “hacker,” and you’ll find a hilarious (and hilariously inaccurate) collection of stock photos. In one example, a man in a black windbreaker is chipping away at a keyboard with a hammer and comically large nail. In another, the...

These are the most surprising apps for professional networking

Forget LinkedIn or Twitter. What about TikTok or Goodreads for finding that new job? You might use Hinge to look for a special someone or Fitbit to track your health goals, but have you ever thought of using the apps for career building? Platforms that are meant for social connection could also help your...

This is the computer you’ll wear on your face in 10 years

Snap’s new Spectacles 3 camera glasses are an important step toward the augmented reality glasses that could one day replace the smartphone as our go-to computing device. Snap’s new Spectacles 3 don’t look that different from their predecessors. They consist of a metal designer frame with a couple...

Why developers shouldn’t fear Friday code deployments

I’ve seen the advice of not deploying products on Fridays over and over in my Twitter feed and internet memes. I even stumbled upon a job offer that mentions ‘no Friday deployments’ policy as one of their perks. Most of the industry is now sold on the idea that pushing code to production on a Friday is a bad...

Over 50% of Google searches result in no clicks, data shows

Google is hungry for your clicks. But it turns out that more than half of all Google Search queries now result in no clicks. As of June 2019, 50.3 percent of Google searches received zero clicks. By contrast, searches with organic clicks to non-Google websites now make up only 45 percent of all traffic. That...

Teen finds way around parents’ tech confiscation: Tweeting from the smart fridge

You hear the word “innovation” a lot in tech, and half the time, it’s never really that impressive or even innovative. But last week, for the first time, I was bewildered by the tech that is a LG Smart Refrigerator and the innovation of one Ariana Grande twitter fan account, @thankunext327. For today’s teens,...

Twitter’s trying really hard to make itself a news app

New experiments at Twitter show it’s trying to further establish itself as the go-to news app for its users around the world. Today, the company announced its testing a way for you to follow specific interests, such as sports teams and celebrities. Once you choose these topics, Twitter’s machine learning algorithm...

The ultimate guide to WhatsApp’s powerful privacy options

WhatsApp encrypts your chats, and that’s great. But for true privacy, you need to tweak the app to keep Facebook, stalkers—and even friends—from snooping. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. According to Statista, as of July 2019, 1.6 billion people were using the messaging...

Facebook paid people to listen to and transcribe your voice clips

Facebook doesn’t need any more bad press, but here we go again. According to a report by Bloomberg the company has paid “hundreds” of contractors to transcribe audio snippets from your conversations within its services – without making it sufficiently clear these clips were being recorded. The employees...

Snap’s new Spectacles capture 3D video and aim for the luxury crowd

When Snap first revealed its Spectacles in 2016, they were something of a mini-phenomenon. Here was a pair of wacky sunglasses sold through wacky vending machines that could record video in a circular format. At the time, some thought pivoting into hardware could be the company’s defense against increasing...

Another chunk of the Bitcoin stolen from Bitfinex has mysteriously moved

Another chunk of the 119,756 Bitcoin stolen from cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has been mysteriously moved. Twitter-based transaction monitor @whale_alert signaled the transfer late yesterday, when the hackers’ wallet suddenly transferred just over 30 BTC ($351,000) to a fresh, previously unused Bitcoin...

This subreddit documents the most delightful fuckups on Google Maps

What do a couple of kids pointing guns at an adult, a man about to fall off stairs, a group of people wearing pigeon masks, and a taxi driver pissing himself have in common? These are the type of unusual moments curated by a small Reddit community known as Google Maps Shenanigans. The subreddit, which recently...

A San Francisco startup guide for international entrepreneurs

San Francisco is hallowed ground for tech entrepreneurs. Every year thousands of founders travel to the city, set on starting the next unicorn. However, while the birthplace of Twitter and Uber certainly can provide connections, investors, and talent to help entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level,...

23 job sites to report Google’s job search for EU antitrust violation

In a letter seen by Reuters, 23 job search websites in Europe are calling for an antitrust investigation into Google’s job searching tool. The letter, which will be sent to EU Competition Commissioner Margarethe Vestager today, demands the EU stop the company’s its unfair practices until the it has concluded a...

Hong Kong International Airport cancels all departures for the second day in a row

Arriving flights are still able to land at Hong Kong International Airport, though that may change if the protests grow. Officials at Hong Kong International Airport have announced that they have canceled all departures from the airport for the second day in a row, reports Bloomberg. Today’s cancelations are...

Designer Misha Nonoo has read ‘The Alchemist’ five times

The fashion designer known for dressing British royals takes our career questionnaire. Fast Company: What’s your best habit, and your worst?Read Full Story

Tumblr was bought for the same price as a modest family home in San Francisco

Yesterday, Automattic, the creator of WordPress, announced it had acquired Tumblr for “less than $3 million” from its previous owner, Yahoo. It’s an inauspicious fall from grace for the site, which was previously sold to the search giant for $1.1 billion. Why did Yahoo sell one of its prized possessions for a...

Chrome for Android will now let you login to some services without password

Google announced today that you can use the fingerprint sensor to sign in to some of its services when you’re using Chrome for Android. The company said this functionality is available for all Pixel users today, and will be rolling out to all using Android 7 or above in coming days. At the moment, you can go...

FBI proposal outlines plans for large scale collection of social media data

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is planning to step up its efforts to monitor social media platforms more aggressively in order to detect potential threats. The move, according to the Wall Street Journal, clashes with Facebook’s privacy policies and “possibly its attempts to comply with a record $5...

Facebook is finally testing Dark Mode

From Android to iOS, and from Twitter to Slack, almost every app now has a dark mode. The only app that hasn’t joined the dark side is Facebook’s main app. However, according to reliable app leaker Jane Manchun Wong, the social network giant is now testing dark mode on its Android app Wong also took to twitter to...

The Trump administration drafted an executive order to censor the internet

CNN has obtained a draft of an executive order that could potentially censor huge portions of the internet. In an attempt to stop a perceived “bias” against conservatives, Trump’s plan attempts to strip certain protections from companies like Facebook and Twitter, particularly those protected under Section 230...

Verizon sells Tumblr for a pittance of what it was once worth

Wordpress parent company Automattic is taking embattled free blogging site Tumblr off Verizon’s hands for perhaps less than 2% of what it was once worth. In 2013, Yahoo snapped up free blogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Now it’s worth less than 2% of that sum, with Automattic, Inc., the parent of...

Verizon sells Tumblr to WordPress, but don’t expect NSFW posts back

After spending a few years doing pretty much nothing of note with the site, Verizon’s offloading Tumblr to Automattic, the company that owns WordPress. However, despite the new management, the site apparently won’t reinstate its NSFW content. We have big news to share today: @tumblr is joining Automattic, and we...

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