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Why startups are taking social networking offline

On April 30, Kate Jackson had the enterprise high. At The Next Women European Pitch event in central London, Kate was one of several (...)

Our Flooded Future, According To FEMA

By 2100, the area of the U.S. at risk for inundation will increase 45%. These maps--from the guys who are going to have to deal (...)

A Single Coat Design Combats Homelessness, In Detroit And Beyond

A design for a winter coat that doubles into a sleeping bag quickly evolved into the Empowerment Plan, an initiative that trains (...)

An Illustrated Guide To Recognizing Your Gay Stereotypes

Say hello to The Bear, The Twink, The Butch, and your other gay icons. In the spirit of combating stereotypes by reclaiming (...)

This South Korean Bridge Lights Up To Persuade People Not To Jump

When you walk over the Mapo Bridge in Seoul, it flashes you a message of hope. South Korea has the second highest rate of suicides (...)

Beach Closed? It’s Because There’s Too Much Poop In The Water

Refreshing! A new report on beach closings finds that raw sewage is the number one cause keeping you out of the water this summer. (...)

Dash Shaw Tells Surreal Theme Park Story In Color-Drunk “New School” Graphic Novel

The graphic novelist talks about color as a story driver and the power of ink on paper. Dash Shaw is no Luddite. The Brooklyn-based (...)

Browse This Awesome Collection Of Sci-Fi Interfaces

Ever wonder where the touch screens from Children of Men came from? Now you know. Designer, filmmaker, and Berg creative director (...)

Can The Threat Of Climate Change Make Cities Richer And Healthier?

If cities are trying to reduce their footprint and investing in a climate-proof infrastructure, the benefits are astounding. (...)

This 34-Story Skyscraper Would Be The Tallest Wood Building In The World

This proposed Swedish tower would show that not all our buildings have to be built from metal and glass. It’s no longer (...)

How Virtual Reality Can Curb Your Social Anxiety

A British company has begun projecting socially anxious clients into awkward, ultra-realistic social situations--all in the hopes (...)

Do I Play Chess Better In A Dress? Test Any Theory With This Randomized Trial Tool

You can now set up your own (semi) clinical trials and perform ridiculous research, with the help of Randomise Me. Ever wondered (...)

Downloaded: How Napster Conquered the World, How the World Conquered Napster, and Where We Are Now

Director Alex Winter’s documentary on file-sharing service Napster mines the gray area between the tech people and the record (...)

Canuckify Your Photos With The KnowCanada Photo App

Bruce Mau Design makes an app of its clever Canadian brand ID. Think you know Canada? A new photo app for Apple, KnowCanada, (...)

An Inside Look At The Process Of Making A 3-D Portrait From DNA

Heather Dewey-Hagborg’s creepy Stranger Visions project attempted to create a likeness of a person based just on their DNA. (...)

How An Umbrella Pushed Pixar’s Aesthetic Into New Territory

Saschka Unseld’s The Blue Umbrella--the photo-realistic short that precedes Monsters University--goes beyond the proven Pixar (...)

Sleight Of Hand: These Sculptures Of Draped Cloth Are Made Of Wood

Artist and woodworker Tom Eckert magically transforms hard material into fluid compositions. The success of a magic trick depends (...)

Watch: A Low-Tech Technique For Making High-Tech Fabrics

The New York-based textile expert has created mesh for Humanscale chairs and reflective gear for Nike apparel. Here, she talks (...)

The Fascinating, Makeshift Shelters That Occupied Turkey’s Protests

Istanbul architects document the simple, ingenious encampments of #OccupyGezi. Like recent protest movements that inspired it, (...)

In The Future, The Whole World Will Be A Classroom

Futurist Marina Gorbis discusses the future of education and how a new "socialstructured" world will change how everyone--children (...)

An iPhone Flight App Straight Out Of The Pan Am Era

A new app called Flying aims for convenience but also hopes to bring back some of the wonder to air travel. When you strip away (...)

New Home Sensors Will Keep You Up To Date On How Much Water And Power You’re Wasting

New additions to the suite of offerings to create the smart home will monitor exactly how all your resources flow in and out of (...)

Vine Withers as New Instagram Video Shares Take Lead on Twitter

It has been only about 10 days since video on Instagram debuted, and Twitter-owned competitor Vine is already losing ground. Marketing (...)

It’s time to stop comparing Instagram and Vine using Twitter

Reports this week suggesting that Instagram’s adoption of video has seen use of Twitter-owned Vine “tank” are wide of the mark, (...)

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