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Three Mobile Social Networks to Keep an Eye On

This April, technology and digital news site ReadWrite  […]Three Mobile Social Networks to Keep an Eye On originally appeared (...)

The Sunday Share: How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

As a business resource, Slideshare stands pretty much h […]The Sunday Share: How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business (...)

The Ballad of Safe, Potential and Already There

There were three businessmen walking down a long and wi […]The Ballad of Safe, Potential and Already There originally appeared (...)

Are We In Danger of Losing the Right to an Opinion?

Back in 2009, I published a post about online watch sal […]Are We In Danger of Losing the Right to an Opinion? originally appeared (...)

Cash-strapped? 10 PR strategies you can adopt to improve ROI by tenfold

Dmitry Davydov is a Chief Marketing Officer for Bitrix24, worlds fastest growing free CRM, project management, private social network (...)

The customer is mostly wrong: How to use “No” to keep your competitive edge

Gregory Ciotti is the marketing director at Help Scout. This post originally appeared on the Help Scout blog. One of the more iconic (...)

Twitter acquires the team behind password manager Mitro as the project goes open source

Twitter has acquired Mitro, the maker of a password manager. As part of the announcement, Mitro’s product has been open-sourced (...)

3 Reasons to Rethink Your Facebook Ad Bidding Strategy

By now, you already know the basics of running ads on Facebook – impactful headlines, attention-grabbing images, and concise copies, (...)

Wunderlist is completely rebuilt in a bid to become ‘the home of the world’s lists’

On the surface, today’s update to popular to-do list app Wunderlist is pretty straightforward, but it’s what the update points (...)

The best programming language for you to learn

Roger Huang is an entrepreneur who is working on his next venture, and advising several others on growth. This post originally appeared (...)

Distiller is now a social network for whisky lovers

Back in February, we brought you news on Distiller, an iPhone app that’s striving to be the ultimate whisky-drinker’s companion. (...)

Timeful for iPhone uses behavioral science to make your calendar and to-do list smart

Timeful has launched as an iOS app that draws on academic research from Stanford and Duke to add artificial intelligence to your (...)

Runtastic enters Orbit with a waterproof wristband that tracks activity, sleep and ambient light

With every man and their dog seemingly launching a wrist-worn activity tracker, it’s difficult to muster much in the way of enthusiasm (...)

Indiegogo’s first native iPhone app is now available worldwide following a brief Canada-only stint

Indiegogo has announced that the iOS app it released at the beginning of July for users in Canada is now available globally. As a (...)

Review: Macphun’s Tonality brings out your inner Ansel Adams

It’s been at least a dozen years since digital photography has become ubiquitous, and a curious phenomenon has emerged. People (...)

How to create a better Facebook Group that thrives, using Facebook’s own research

Facebook Groups are a great way interact with people that share the same interest. With a digital population of 1.28 billion (...)

Shazam’s seamless music recognition service lands on the Mac

Shazam is bringing its hassle-free music recognition service to the Mac. Available as a free download, the app works quietly in the (...)

Facebook’s begins offering basic internet services for free in Africa

Facebook’s group has kicked its mission to provide global internet access up a notch after announcing the launch of (...)

This website is a guide to the best cities for digital nomads and perpetual travelers

If you’re lucky enough to be able to work from anywhere for a living (as some ‘digital nomads’ do), taking a break to travel, (...)

Android reached a record 85% smartphone market share in Q2 2014: report

Market research firm Strategy Analytics new second quarter 2014 numbers estimate the Android platform’s share of the global market (...)

Google releases the source code for its I/O 2014 app as a template for developers

Google today published the source code for its I/O 2014 app in hopes of teaching developers some of its best practices for Android (...)

Hands on: Will Lytro’s Illum camera, aimed at photographers, live up to its vision?

Lytro’s Illum, the first professional light field camera, will be available at consumer outlets worldwide and will ship all pre-orders (...)

How Google+ Pros can optimize Google My Business for success

Britt Klontz is a PR Consultant at Distilled, a creative online marketing agency.  If you’re already a Google Plus pro, you know (...)

Google’s 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows 7 and Windows 8 arrives as a beta channel

After debuting as Dev and Canary channels in June, the 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows 7 and Windows 8 has now landed as a beta (...)


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