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Sample images from Pelican’s mobile light field camera look mighty impressive

As the Lytro Illum light field camera hits the streets today, it’s no surprise that similar photographic technologies in the shoot-first-focus-l (...)

Why employee management is out of control

David Hassell is the CEO of 15Five. This post originally appeared on the the origins of the word “labor”, the definitions you (...)

20 of the best new iOS apps from July

From encrypted messaging, to tools that tell you what to pack for holiday, we covered a lot of ground with new iOS apps in July. Here, (...)

It’s official: Apple confirms its Beats acquisition is complete

Apple has confirmed to us that it has received US regulatory approval for its acquisition of Beats. The news comes as the company (...)

Can’t afford to give your staff a pay raise? Vooza has the answer...

There’s trouble at Vooza, where there’s not enough money to give the team pay rises. Luckily, the resourceful CEO has a solution… (...)

HP jumps on the smartwatch bandwagon with a luxury designer device

The first glimpse of the HP and Gilt tie-up, a smartwatch designed by Michael Bastian, has been posted online today. According to (...)

Russia’s ‘Blogger’s law’ comes into effect today for sites with more than 3,000 visitors per day

The new law requiring Russian bloggers to register as media entities and hold themselves to the same standards as a full media organization (...)

Windows XP falls below 25% market share while Windows 8.1 loses share for the first time

Despite support for Windows XP finally ending three months ago, the ancient OS has only now fallen below the 25 percent market share (...)

TriplAgent is a beautiful travel lists iOS app that lets you tap on locals’ knowledge

Locals are the best source of knowledge when it comes to travel tips, and as tourists increasingly turn to online resources to orientate (...)

Why Asia is Facebook’s biggest strength and biggest weakness

The growth of internet access and smartphone sales in Asia is turning the continent into fertile ground for social networks. But while (...)

RIP ‘Google Barge’ – the mysterious floating showroom is being scrapped

We’ve said goodbye to a few Google products over the past year or so, but no farewell has been as strange as that of ‘Google (...)


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