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30 actionable tips on getting serious about influencer marketing

Barry Feldman is a content marketing consultant, copywriter, social media advisor and more. This post originally appeared on his (...)

Apple says iCloud wasn’t breached in celebrity photo leak, individual accounts were targeted

After an internal investigation, Apple is claiming that its iCloud and Find my iPhone services were not compromised in a recent mass (...)

Google rebrands its enterprise business services as Google for Work

Google has cast aside the stodgy “enterprise” label that has, until now, described its business offerings in favor of a new name, (...)

onOne Perfect Photo Suite upgrade will compete with Lightroom and Aperture

onOne Software is taking the occasion of the Photoshop World conference to announce an overhaul of its Perfect Photo Suite image (...)

Google Forms now let you create customized themes

Google Forms is one of the most popular methods of creating surveys and forms, but until now it’s been limited in terms of visual (...)

Microsoft confirms Xbox One launch dates for 28 markets in September, including China, Russia and Japan

Microsoft has made its Xbox One console available in a number of countries around the world for a while already, and has now confirmed (...)

Facebook confirms Europeans can again use Tag Suggest facial recognition in photos, for US friends only

Facebookers in Europe can once again use the Tag Suggest feature to automatically recognize people in photos they upload, however (...)

Become a WordPress pro with the 0-100 Starter Kit: 93% off

Want to design and code quality themes and plugins for the world’s most popular CMS? We’ve got just what you need to develop your (...)

Content marketers: BuzzSumo helps you understand what your audience wants

Content has become the marketing battleground online, but knowing what works with your target audience is key to success. BuzzSumo (...)

Sidestage brings its musician-booking platform to London

Sidestage, a platform for booking bands, DJs and other musicians for private gigs, is now open to users in London, following an initial (...)

Uber banned across the whole of Germany, appeal likely

Car-hailing service Uber has been banned from operating its services anywhere in Germany, according to German newspaper Der Spiegel today. (...)


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