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Slack Stack: A handy directory of ways to do more with Slack

One of the best things about workplace collaboration tool Slack is how many third-party developers have built integrations for it. (...)

T-Mobile rumored to offer unlimited streaming to HBO and Netflix

T-Mobile rumors abound today as we get closer to the Un-Carrier event on November 10th. Evan Blass (@evleaks), a seasoned blogger (...)

DSCO is VSCO’s standalone iOS app for GIF creation

Your VSCO portfolio may soon be full of moving pictures. With DSCO (yes, pronounced ‘disco’), the company is making its first (...)

RebelMail brings interactivity to the email newsletter

Have you checked your inbox recently? Newsletters aren’t the new spam (yet), but you probably have legions of daily, weekly, monthly (...)

Wikipedia’s complaining that it doesn’t get enough media attention

Wikipedia has published a blog post saying that it doesn’t get enough coverage in English-language news media and reckons it’s (...)

The UI to UX Designer Toolbox offers great design assets at a price of your choosing

Assets and apps are the tools of the trade when it comes to interface design. The UI to UX Designer Toolbox at TNW Deals brings together (...)

Medium is planning to pair content creators with brands, just like Tumblr

Medium, the blogging platform du jour, is planning to help people monetize their blogs by connecting them to brands. Speaking to The (...)

Twitter just added nine new SDKs to Fabric

Twitter is weaving more services into Fabric, encompassing everything from mobile payments to scaling infrastructure. Today, the company (...)

Gnip’s new Insights APIs give businesses a better idea of who their audience is

Lots of businesses use Twitter as a central hub for things like customer service, and today at its Flight developer conference, the (...)

Unity games can now take advantage of Crashlytics

If you’re building a game on Unity, you can now take full advantage of Crashlytics. Twitter has announced beta support for games (...)

11 ways to screen your front-end developer candidate

For any business with a website, your front–end developer is arguably one of your most important hires. Their code, UX sensibility, (...)

The weaponization of the humble hashtag

It never started out this way. Chris Messina asked his burgeoning Twitter followers in 2007 if they thought using # would be a good (...)

LAST CHANCE! Scrivener is the perfect toolkit for creative and long-form writers — 56% off

Many best-selling authors have abandoned Word in favor of Scrivener, an app that provides a clean writing interface and useful reference (...)

The funniest parody Twitter accounts from India

From political satire to cricket and Bollywood spoofs, Twitter in India is rife with parody accounts that offer a humorous take (...)

How to make your team love experimenting

A recent article in the New York Observer detailed the complications with introducing lean methodologies, such as experimentation, (...)

Despite the killings, Israel’s tech scene continues to thrive

Female Palestinian stabs Jewish man in Jerusalem; Rogue Wave Software acquires Israeli Zend Technologies. Palestinian stabs Israeli (...)

Abby Godee Thinks Companies Have Only Just Started To Truly Understand Design

"Only a tenth of the design capabilities are actually being utilized." Abby Godee is the head of design for the Healthcare Informatics (...)

Here’s how Facebook’s new emoji reactions work for Page managers

When Facebook started slowly rolling out emoji reactions to supplement its ‘Like’ functionality last week, most users first thought (...)

Scrivener is the writing app of choice for best-selling authors, now with 56% off

Many best-selling authors have abandoned Word in favor of Scrivener, an app that provides a clean writing interface and useful reference (...)

We’re all about to start taking 3D printed drugs

3D printing has been around in various forms since the 1980s, originally as a means of quickly producing affordable prototypes for (...)

5 reasons Apple should make a professional camera

Say what you want about Apple, but the company has a way of revolutionizing or revitalizing most hardware markets it enters; MP3 (...)

5 pieces of wearable tech for meditation & mindfulness

With projections on wearable tech becoming a $75 billion dollar industry by 2025, the largest sector ripe for cashing in on the wearable (...)

Facebook, what’s up with that weird graphic that shows up after you log off?

We’ve all seen it that status update – you know, the one that’s clearly your friend trolling you for forgetting to log off Facebook (...)

The complete guide to never quitting anything again

The truth is, most people can become good at almost anything. However, most of us quit before we reach the finish line. Why? Frustration (...)

The Web has changed our relationships forever

Breaking up is never easy, and while 20 years ago there may well have been little or no post break-up contact between exes, 21st century (...)

Why I’m shifting my entire personal blog to Medium

Medium announced some impressive changes today to its service to foster its future growth, which made me start paying a lot more (...)

LogMeIn just acquired LastPass to build one password platform to rule them all

Remote computing company LogMeIn announced today that it’s agreed to acquire password management service LastPass for $125 million (...)

Win an iPhone 6s!

As usual, Apple has impressed us all with the iPhone. The 6s is stacked full of new technology, and it now comes in Rose Gold. Enter (...)

Adobe gives a sneak peek of new features in its app publishing tool

Amidst all the artistic glamor surrounding Adobe’s MAX creative conference, the company did not skimp on the more commercial and (...)

People are so desperate to block ads that they’re opening themselves to attack

Apple delivered an official way to block ads in Safari with the release of iOS 9 in September, but there’s a growing trend of people attempting (...)

7 intelligent social analytics tools for the new age

The value of social media analytics was long before proven. But the extent to which it is influencing real-time business decisions (...)

Should I turn my e-business into a regular store?

Lately it’s been becoming more common to start an ecommerce business before transitioning into the retail brick-and-mortar space (...)

This study shows how many teenagers really flirt online

Everyone assumes that all teenagers must be constantly flirting, sexting and dating on their phones — but how has social media (...)

The ad industry may gripe about adblockers, but they broke the contract – not us

The latest version of Apple’s operating system for phones and tablets, iOS9, allows the installation of adblocking software that (...)

Microsoft’s new Windows Phone app lets you recommend home maintenance services to friends

Home Team, the latest app to emerge from Microsoft’s Garage initiative, is designed to let Windows Phone users share recommendations (...)

Patreon was hacked, personal data accessed

Patreon, a service that makes it easy to financially back creators, has been hacked and some personal data was breached. According (...)

A single song could be used to exploit more than a billion Android phones

A new ‘Stagefright’ vulnerability uncovered by security researchers at Zimperium zLabs could compromise your Android phone just (...)

Button Marketplace lets developers link to services like Airbnb and Uber in any app

Button, which brings services and apps together, has announced the Button Marketplace. The shop lets developers quickly identify services (...)

Deezer adds dedicated football section for UK and German users

To the delight of football fans in the UK and Germany, Deezer has added live football commentary and podcasts to its streaming platform. (...)


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