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MD - Adblock Plus (mas menos)

Quer ver menos publicidade na net? Instale o Adblock ou o Adblock Plus. Não são extensões novas, mas há novidades. Ficou-se (...)

This week’s best offers from TNW Deals

Another hot week with great deals! Check out the most popular deals from this week below! Code Black Drone w/ HD Camera Thursday was (...)

11 effective strategies for hiring top tech talent

Technology has become an essential department for any business. And as the rise of technology continues to evolve, the competition (...)

Uber security breach potentially exposes 50,000 drivers’ private information

Last year Uber suffered a security breach. Now it’s saying that the name and driver’s license number of up to 50,000 drivers could (...)

Twitter Hopes To Become Friendlier, Triples Its Abuse-Handling Team

Twitter is finally ramping up its abuse control after getting hit hard by critics. Is it enough to reverse slowing growth?Critics (...)

Google backpedals on its Blogger porn ban just 3 days later

Days after announcing that it would begin cracking down on sexually explicit content on its Blogger platform, Google has reversed (...)

11 handy Chrome extensions you should try today

Power up your browser for increased productivity and easier surfing with these useful extensions we’ve rounded up just for you. (...)

Ericsson sues Apple over patents, wants to block iPhone sales in the US

Ericsson is filing seven lawsuits in a Texas court against Apple for infringing 41 patents. The wireless networking company also (...)

Apple is being sued again by the same company that got half a billion dollars in its last lawsuit

Apple is being sued for the second time by Texas-based patent holder Smartflash LLC for infringing the same patents brought up in (...)

Facebook now allows custom gender options

Facebook now allows its users to enter any term they want to describe their gender, and also indicate how they’d like to be addressed. (...)

Corel updates its consumer video editing software for Windows

Corel today updated two versions of its Windows consumer video editing package: VideoStudio Pro X8 and VideoStudio Ultimate X8. (...)

Wait, what? Kanye West publicly apologizes to Beck ... and Bruno Mars

LOS ANGELES — Out of the blue, more than two weeks after criticizing Beck for winning Album of the Year at the Grammys, Kanye (...)

How Apple Watch changes Apple Retail

Steve Streza is a software developer with over ten years of experience building for Apple platforms, at Ambrosia Software, ngmoco, (...)

How to create GIFs of live events in seconds

Creating high quality GIFs in seconds is a great way to make live video shareable on Twitter, but many people don’t know how to (...)

Twenty20 emerges from beta with a fresh take on stock photography

Had it with artificial, old-fashioned, stagey royalty-free images that literally scream, stock photo? An alternative kind of agency, (...)

Twitter is making it easier to report abuse on its service

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo knows that the service has a problem with harassment. Today it announced that it was rolling out new policies (...)

Box introduces specialized file retention and watermarking for financial services organizations

Just two weeks after introducing new technology to bring the cloud to high-security organizations, Box is now making a greater push (...)

San Bullshit Sans font converts tech buzzwords into...well, you can probably work it out

The world of technology is bedevilled with awful buzzwords but Dutch developer Pixel Ambacht has a solution – Sans Bullshit Sans, (...)

Spotify desktop update brings Musixmatch integration for full song lyrics

Spotify has announced the latest update for its desktop app. The biggest news is that it’s integrating lyrics using Musixmatch, (...)

UberX rides are free in Seoul for a week, but to what end?

Uber has turned off fares this week for its UberX rides in the South Korean capital of Seoul, where the local government has been (...)

Net neutrality rules to be approved in the US today

The Federal Communications Commission is set to approve net neutrality rules on Thursday, which will prevent broadband providers from (...)

LG Watch Urbane LTE runs a proprietary OS and lets you make calls without a phone

Ahead of the Mobile World Congress trade show, LG has unveiled an LTE variant of its fashionable Watch Urbane that will support calls (...)

SwipeMy.Pics Web-based Instagram viewer focuses your eyes on the image

Instagram is cool, but its interface can quickly devolve into a cluttered mess of ads, likes, comments, hashtags and captions. If (...)

Digg launches Digg TV Mode to keep you from getting your work done

After relaunching as an editorial curation site, Digg has been searching the edges of the Internet to surface entertaining or (...)


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