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Facebook users donate $10 million to Nepal

Facebook users have proven the "donate now" button on the social platform is an extraordinarily powerful tool. It has only been (...)

Autodesk goes full-on Microsoft with HoloLens and 3D printing pact

Microsoft’s Build 2015 developer conference may be all about code, but that doesn’t preclude significant deals as well. Autodesk, (...)

Apple is testing Analytics for the App Store

Apple today began inviting developers to a preview of a new App Analytics tool that was promised way back at WWDC last year.   A (...)

April’s top TNW Deals: Grab them while you can!

For folks looking to upgrade their computing skills and security, April was a good month at TNW Deals, but there was also plenty for (...)

12 productivity hacks to optimize your time like a pro

Matthew Capala is an Internet entrepreneur, SEO strategist, speaker, and author. He is the founder of Alphametic, an organic growth (...)

The problem with human resources

David Hassell is Founder & CEO of 15Five. This post originally appeared on the 15Five Blog.  The term “human resources” (...)

Amazon opens a store for businesses

Amazon announced today the launch of Amazon Business, a new marketplace where customers can buy everything from mundane office supplies (...)

6 reasons why American healthcare is broken

Robert J. Szczerba is the CEO of X Tech Ventures, an innovative company focused on solving some of today’s most challenging problems (...)

5 psychology principles every visual marketer should know

This post first appeared on the Image Brief blog. Let’s face it. Lifestyle photography can be cheesy, bland, or completely lackluster. (...)

How being unprofessional increases employee engagement

David Hassell is Founder & CEO of 15Five, web-based communication software that elevates the performance of managers, employees (...)

Smugglers use social media to lure migrants in the Mediterranean

VALLETTA, Malta — Human traffickers throughout North Africa and the Middle East are using Facebook, Viber and other social (...)

10% off select lifetime deals, this weekend only!

Whether you’re into programming, Web design, or games and app development, you’ve got to check out our latest bunch of lifetime (...)

Stop consuming, start acting

Paul Jarvis is a best-selling author and designer. He writes weekly for his popular newsletter and runs an online course on becoming (...)

Famous Logos Look Better Lettered By Hand

Burger King has never looked so classy.In the age of Adobe Illustrator, a sincere, hand-lettered sign or logo is a rare artifact of (...)

Moments as a currency: Brian Wong on identifying and addressing customers’ needs at TNW Europe Conference

Sharing his ideas on the future of advertising at TNW Europe Conference, Kiip founder Brian Wong spoke about the importance of identifying (...)

Teamleader and Somewhere claim TNW Europe Boost and henQ awards

At the annual TNW Europe Conference today, Somewhere – a platform that wants to reinvent how we approach our professional lives (...)

Timewaste Timer charges you $1 for every hour you waste on Facebook

Have you ever been regretting spending too much time on social networks, where you only logged in for a second to find out when your (...)

Tech5: Fairphone named Europe’s fastest-growing startup of 2015

Huge congratulations to Amsterdam-based social enterprise Fairphone, which has just been announced as the winner of this year’s Tech5 (...)

The Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger is dead

Comcast has just announced that its planned merger with Time Warner Cable has been canceled. Here's Comcast CEO Brian Roberts (...)

The NEXT Next Web: Try our big redesign right now

A big redesign is coming soon the The Next Web and we want you to give it a serious roadtest, so we’re opening it up in beta from (...)

You can now push Google Maps directions from your desktop to your smartphone

We all use our smartphones more often than we’d like to admit, but let’s face it: Typing on a full-sized keyboard will always (...)

What’s your Apple Watch notification strategy?

The Apple Watch, early orders of which are delivered to buyers today, is supposed to help iPhone users spend less time looking at (...)

Neelie Kroes and Werner Vogels honored with lifetime achievement awards at TNW Europe Conference

The Next Web’s Europe Conference kicked off today in Amsterdam, starting with Amazon CTO Werner Vogels and The Netherlands’ Special (...)

Two-pizza teams: Werner Vogels on Amazon’s secrets for innovation at TNW Europe Conference

Speaking at TNW Europe Conference in Amsterdam today, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels shared a few of the company’s strategies to ensure (...)


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