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20 jumpstagrams that will lift your spirits

Last week, Mashable partnered with Hilton to bring you an exciting photo challenge themed around jumping We asked you to capture (...)

ThinkUp’s handy social media tool adds search, Instagram insights

ThinkUp, the social media tool which we called “your own personal social media guru“, now has features that make it handier for (...)

Shido bot for Slack lets you outsource tasks to freelancers from within your channel

Shido is the latest product from freelancing marketplace Speedlancer and it works by connecting you with people who can carry out (...)

OnePlus Two boasts a fingerprint sensor that’s ‘faster than Touch ID’

The OnePlus 2 is shaping up to be an interesting Android handset; after confirming we’d see a USB-C port, OnePlus now says its second (...)

Get 90% off the Linux Learner Bundle

Master Linux quickly and efficiently with the next great courseware offer from TWC Deals! The Linux Learner Bundle puts you in command (...)

6 personalities in every office – and how to manage them

The best managers create productive and engaging work environments for team members. That’s why, according to Gallup’s recent (...)

New Facebook video tab will track the performance of posted movies

Facebook admins already know that video is a big traffic booster. But it’s hard to quantify. Now, Facebook has announced a new videos (...)

Google celebrates Pride with new Hangouts Easter eggs

LGBT Pride Month may be about to end, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for Google to add some new Easter eggs to Hangouts – (...)

33 powerful tools to get the most out of your users

On one hand, “growth hacking” is quite an overused buzz word which personally makes me cringe, on the other one it well communicates (...)

Fashion discovery app WantList for iOS makes swiping right a lot more fun than Tinder

WantList is a new fashion discovery app on iOS from London-based shopping site Styloko. The app provides a Tinder-like approach to (...)

Yahoo overhauls its search engine for mobile browsers

Yahoo has updated its mobile search engine to now place images, videos and reviews in the spotlight. Announced in a blog post by Andrew (...)

What does the CRM of 2020 look like?

This post was brought to you by GetApp, your number one cloud business apps marketplaceWhat does the CRM of 2020 look like? Contact (...)

Celect helps retailers increase sales by optimizing store layouts

Ecommerce companies are spoiled for choice when it comes to analytics services that can help them track and optimize their product (...)

Google and Broad Institute collaborate to develop data-driven tools to fight diseases

Google Genomics has linked up with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to make Broad’s DNA analysis software as a service available (...)

Spotify acquires analytics firm Seed Scientific that formerly served Beats Music

In an effort to boost its accuracy in suggesting new songs that listeners will like, Spotify has bought Seed Scientific, an analytics (...)

Box is teaming up with IBM to sell cloud services together

Box and IBM have just announced a global partnership that will see the two companies integrate their technologies and jointly sell (...)

Amazon will soon pay self-published authors based on how many pages of a book are read

On July 1, Amazon will pay self-published authors based on how many pages have been read in their books. Amazon is using its Select (...)

Uber faces legal challenge over plan to track you even when its app isn’t running

Uber announced a new privacy policy back in May that will allow it to track you even when you’re not currently using its app. The (...)

Apple responds to Taylor Swift’s open letter, promises to pay artists during free trial

Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue just announced that Apple Music will pay royalties to artists even during its three-month free (...)

Lessons from 7 famous authors who hated their job

Today started like every other day. With a blank page. Articles need to be written. To-do lists need to be completed. But still that (...)

Taylor Swift hits out at Apple Music in a short, powerful blog post

We reported this week that sections of the music industry are up in arms about Apple Music’s free, three-month trial for which (...)

Amazon is now using machine learning to surface better product reviews

Amazon is overhauling its reviews system with machine learning software to help display more helpful insights on its products from (...)

A new algorithm for Instagram helps you make your friends jealous of your fashion sense

Is this the same techniques Cher’s fashion-centric computer used in Clueless? If you post #OOTD (or outfit of the day) pictures (...)

This fabulous new algorithm shows you how to look fashionable in Instagrams

Is this the same techniques Cher’s fashion-centric computer used in Clueless? If you post #OOTD (or outfit of the day) pictures (...)


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