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Former Apple artist Susan Kare joins Pinterest as a lead product designer

If you grew up using a Mac — or have any connection with computer graphics or design — the name Susan Kare will be familiar. (...)

How to build the perfect pricing page on your website

There are many elements to take into account when creating a pricing page. From strategy to messaging and finally the design, each (...)

Why infographics are the secret to super SEO

As founders, we are conceptualizers, thinkers, leaders, developers and most of all, we are change agents. We obviously oversee the (...)

Look out for gorgeous new Canvas art on TNW

As you might have noticed, we recently introduced a new ad format on The Next Web, called Canvas Ads. Behind this article you can (...)

Dublin’s newest coworking space is building an incredible ‘startup dungeon’

Dogpatch Labs might sound familiar if you’ve been keeping your eye on startup accelerators and coworking spaces in the past few (...)

LinkedIn says it’ll stop littering your inbox, don’t believe it

If you check your email right now, you probably have at least one email from LinkedIn telling you something nobody cares about. The (...)

The pro guide to the perfect UX portfolio

For UX and UI designers, your website is more than just descriptions of your work — it is your work. In a lot of cases, the site (...)

Learn to be a great project manager with this course bundle

Managing a team under pressure can be overwhelming. You can learn proven strategies and methods in the Project Management Certification (...)

42 mobile landing page optimization tips

We’ve all heard the phrase “you only have one chance to make a first impression”, this is even more true when it comes to mobile (...)

Get daily war news delivered in a ‘Star Wars’ credits crawl

A short time ago, in the same galaxy we’re in today, a developer called Julien Deswaef created a YouTube bot that renders one New (...)

The emotional power of color

Colors can have a tremendous impact on a consumer’s decision to purchase. With today’s three seconds to convince visitors to convert (...)

Developers, it’s time to stop relying on App Store algorithms to get noticed

An algorithm change in Apple’s App Store is reportedly affecting some iPad developers. While we don’t know the particulars of (...)

Solidworks for Entrepreneurs Program assists startups with affordable 3D design software

Dassault Systèmes, specialists in 3D CAD software, has launched the Solidworks for Entrepreneurs Program, giving early-stage (...)

Twitter says sorry for frat-themed party thrown at its headquarters

Twitter is in trouble again The social network apologized for throwing a frat-house-themed party on Tuesday at its San Francisco (...)

Weird dog-walking machines, Marilyn and Elvis: 550,000 historic videos hit YouTube

Hundreds of hours of historic video clips are hitting YouTube thanks to the Associated Press (AP). The news agency is uploading more (...)

Readymag’s Design School will teach you the fundamentals of visual design

Plenty of online tutorials will teach you how to piece together the nuts and bolts of a webpage, but there’s another aspect that’s (...)

5 Boost startups doing clever things with data

The third edition of TNW Conference USA is coming up this November, and we’re once again looking for fresh startups for Boost, (...)

Figure1 is medicine’s answer to Instagram for crowdsourcing diagnoses

Being pegged as the ‘Instagram for Doctors’, Figure1 for iOS and Android is a growing hit among medical professionals and lay (...)

Configure your perfect AWS setup with the Amazon Web Services Engineer Bootcamp Bundle

If you need to deploy any kind of application, especially one that needs room to grow, Amazon is a great place to host it. These (...)

PocketRocket helps you slim down your Pocket account by emailing and archiving articles

If you’re anything like me, you love Pocket — and find your overflowing stash of articles daunting. A new service, PocketRocket, (...)

Code school or university?

Harsh Patel is CEO of MakerSquare.  By the time the calendar turns to 2020, there will be one million unfulfilled computer programming (...)

The start of a new career? Get 88% off the Network Engineer’s Learning Bundle

As the Internet of Things continues to grow, networks are more important than ever. If you want to understand them better, or make (...)

5 ways being wrong makes you right

Finding a creative idea with your team is not about waiting for someone to come up with that one good idea out of the blue. Rather, (...)

How to make a living with WordPress

Matteo Duò is Content Strategist at Codeable, the #1 outsourcing service for WordPress providing top-notch WordPress experts to small (...)

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