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This new site is like an ongoing Reddit AMA where you can ask ‘experts’ anything you want

Have you ever had a question, but didn’t know where to turn? Social media or sites like Quora are great, but may not offer insight (...)

I love Apple Music and I’m willing to forgive its flaws

I love Apple Music, even though it has so many flaws that it can feel like condescending to the slightly-deaf, undeniably jerky owner (...)

Samsung introduces the Gear S2 smartwatch

Samsung has announced its latest offering in the smartwatch world, the Samsung Gear S2. With a round look and two different styles, (...)

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review: The best big phone you can buy

We’re living in a world with a new Samsung. Gone are the days of flimsy construction and uninspiring design, replaced by a new (...)

Augmented reality is the future of design

In 1992, researcher Tom Caudell coined the term Augmented Reality (AR). It’s an experience that supplements the real world with (...)

Upgrade your workflow with the Pay-What-You-Want UX to UI Designer Toolbox

Assets and apps are the tools of the trade when it comes to interface design. The UI to UX Designer Toolbox from TNW Deals brings (...)

2 course bundles to help you build an audience and convert leads

An expert digital marketeer can generate huge growth. To help you learn these skills, TNW Deals has two bundles of video courses which (...)

Choosing font pairings just got easier: Meet ‘Tinder’ for typefaces

Picking font pairings can prove to be incredibly difficult, particularly if you’re not a top-notch designer. Even now, many of us (...)

Light Table Loupe for iOS lets you easily view your film negatives

There are all sorts of tricks you can use in iOS (Accessibility, for example) to view film negatives — the kind you got when you (...)

Internet meme Grumpy Cat is not stoked to be the first Madame Tussauds animatronic kitty

She may look cranky, but Tardar Sauce — the three-year-old internet meme known the world over as Grumpy Cat — seems content to (...)

Meet the 13-year-old founder building an incredible tool to understand startups

Soroush Ghodsi is 13-years-old. It shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t really matter. And yet… I first encountered Soroush when I emailed (...)

App changelogs should be useful, not easter eggs or boilerplates

App changelogs used to be simple – they showed you what was new in the latest update. But now developers have fallen victim to trends (...)

Introducing @TNWstyle: A new account exploring the way we write about technology

You may not realize it, but styleguides are an important part of journalism. They help all writers for a publication use the same (...)

If you want to connect people, sell stories not social media shares

Content marketing may be a timeless concept, but its role within the digital media ecosystem is brand new. It’s known that blog (...)

Why parents should challenge autoplay video

In nineteenth century America, parents prepared children with macabre children’s books and fairy tales. It was impossible (...)

Supercharge your Mac with 9 killer apps for $39.99

High quality apps can seriously streamline your workflow. The Supercharge Your Mac Bundle offers nine of the best for $39.99, covering (...)

Trouble in Mind Candy’s magic kingdom? Sources say ‘yes’, Acton Smith says ‘no’

Michael Acton Smith is one of Britain’s most high-profile entrepreneurs. The ‘Willy Wonka’ figure founded and has continued (...)

iZettle Advance is like Square Capital for small UK and European businesses

Surviving as a sole trader or small business isn’t an easy task – balancing the cash flow against your expenses can often leave (...)

Live inside the LEGO house of your dreams with EverBlock

LEGO bricks are a flippin’ awesome piece of equipment. Whether you’re 8 or 80 years old (and beyond), there’s something really (...)

Android Pay isn’t coming any time soon (but don’t tell Google’s partners!)

Android Pay is coming. Well, someday at least. Partners don’t seem to know as much, and are already promoting their acceptance of (...)

Fitbit’s Surge helped me lose 10 pounds in a month, but I don’t want to wear it anymore

Losing weight is hard work, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Like many others, I committed myself to shedding fat for the new (...)

Report: Yep, Ashley Madison is full of Fembots

In the wake of the scandal-inducing Ashley Madison data dump, there has been plenty of skepticism regarding the demographics of the (...)

6 Web design mistakes (and how to correct them)

It happens to everyone at some point: You look back on a website design and realize that you made a mistake. And we’re not talking (...)

Coin 2.0 has NFC for contactless payments, starts shipping today

Coin, the mobile payment card that’s perpetually in beta mode, is releasing another new card. Version 2.0 has NFC for contactless (...)


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