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Apple is breaking the upgrade cycle this year so next year’s iPhone can be awesome

Here’s a bit of unexpected news: Apple is doing away with the traditional two-year iPhone cycle, according to the Wall Street (...)

Study: Netflix’s $2 price increase could cost it almost 500,000 subscribers

In news not pertaining to Netflix’s new icon: according to a study by Nomura Securities, Netflix’s $2 price increase (...)

Sacramento Kings new stadium to have VR instant replay

The Sacramento Kings are set to open a new $507 million stadium in October. Inside you’ll find screens that are nearly as long (...)

Tumblr is reportedly launching live video tomorrow with a bunch of weird streams

Tumblr is getting into the live video business. At least, it certainly looks like it. TechCrunch spotted a mysterious blog, (...)

Walmart considering robotic shopping carts that follow you around and tell you what to buy

Websites have suggestions, Walmart has robotic personal shoppers doubling as shopping carts — or at least it wants to. The company (...)

Engage your child in reading and track their progress with Starwords

BetaList features the newest startups. Today, we interview co-founder Dave Beech about Starwords, an app that helps kids learn to (...)

This Slack bot turns everyday conversation into a game of numbers

If you’ve been looking for new ways to liven up discussions with your team on Slack, this bot might be just what you need. (...)

Buffer, the company known for public ‘open salary’ docs, just laid off 11% of its team

Buffer is a popular social media management tool that also offers a great marketing blog on the side, but you may know it best for (...)

Stop submitting your Android N name suggestions, Google’s already found one

Remember when Google decided to crowdsource some name ideas for the upcoming version of Android? As we’ve mentioned before, (...)

New Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

Design trends come and go, but there are some new trends that are here to stay. Explore the latest techniques & styles to stay (...)

The Mega Macbook Giveaway: Win a brand new 12″ Macbook

Apple’s remarkable advancements continue to push the boundaries of personal computing, and have commanded our cultural attention (...)

How to maneuvre your global business around cultural differences

What if successful collaboration among globally distributed and culturally diverse teams depended less on the right mix of technologies (...)

No, Google isn’t manipulating searches for Hillary Clinton

This week, pop-culture news site SourceFed made a video alleging Google was tipping the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton. The video (...)

It’s a sad day for Gawker and an even sadder day for journalism

I’ve had conflicting thoughts on Gawker as long as I can remember. I’ve never liked them, but part of me always respected (...)

Why you should pick up “Why the Dutch are different”

Welcome welcome, I hope you’ve missed our “What TNW is reading” posts. If you’re not familiar with them, at the (...)

Sony confirms it’s making a 4K PlayStation 4, but you won’t see it at E3

We finally have some solid confirmation: A more powerful PlayStation 4 is on its way. The confirmation comes right from Sony gaming (...)

Federal guidelines for self-driving cars are coming in July

National Highway Traffic Safety (NTHSA) administrator Mark Rosekind said today that the US needs to be more nimble in its legislation (...)

Monkey stumbles into a power plant, sends Kenya on a nationwide blackout

I wish the headline was a metaphor, but it’s literally what happened. On Tuesday evening, a monkey scaled the roof of Kenya (...)

Sketch will begin charging users a subscription fee for its OS X design app

Until now, Sketch, the beloved OS X-based UI/UX design app, has charged its users for major releases like v1.0 and v2.0 and delivered (...)

How to go from $13,000 to almost $20 million in capital

Take it from someone who survived the Shark Tank: the journey of raising capital for a startup isn’t easy. If it was, every business (...)

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