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The LaCroix of cannabis? The marijuana market bets on beverages

Cannabis startups envision a not-too-distant future in which consumers seek alternative refreshments during happy hour. As the cannabis industry continues to go more mainstream, entrepreneurs are on the lookout for the next niche market. Edibles have been done every which way, CBD-infused lotions and body care...

Zuck gets an international joint summons from Canada and the U.K.

They want answers about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The Facebook CEO received the summons from parliamentary committees in both countries today, reports TechCrunch. Both the U.K. and Canadian parliamentary committees want Zuckerberg to answer questions about Facebook and the Cambridge Anylitca data scandal from...

Kanye’s done with MAGA and Twitter is done with Kanye. A eulogy for the former artist.

On Tuesday afternoon, Kanye West pedaled back on his recent inflammatory statements and infatuation with Trump. It probably did not go as well as he expected. For a certain substrata of Twitter, Tuesday afternoon felt a lot like Schadenfreude Christmas.Read Full Story

How Women Who Code is making sure women aren’t pushed out of tech jobs

As the organization’s ranks swell to over 137,000, Women Who Code is not only helping individual women, but also companies as they groom leaders. You would think that holding both undergraduate and master’s degrees from Stanford (the latter in computer science) would make finding a job in tech a cinch....

Social media mobs are worse for society than the people they shame

Back in 2013, Justine Sacco was getting ready to visit her family in South Africa, and before she boarded her flight, she made an insensitive joke on Twitter: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” By the time her flight was over, she had become the world’s leading trending topic,...

Scandal-plagued Facebook comes up short on user growth, but profits are still soaring

Facebook’s latest earnings report comes in the shadow of several rotating scandals related to data privacy, fake news, and faulty metrics. Facebook reported sky-high profits today despite a number of rotating scandals related to data privacy, fake news, and faulty metrics.Read Full Story

These Texas voting machines reveal a basic truth about bad design

Texas voting machines are switching votes and state officials are trotting out a familiar excuse: Users are to blame. In Texas, some voters using Hart eSlate machines have reported that the machines suddenly changed their votes. The state’s secretary of state Rolando Pablos claims that the problem is due...

280 characters on Twitter hasn’t been a game changer after all

Doubling the available character count has not fundamentally changed the nature of tweeting. For years before it happened, people debated whether it should. And when Twitter finally did double the maximum length of a tweet–which it did a year ago today–some of us were skittish about such a fundamental...

The ACLU launches a clever UX hack for midterm voting

It turns the iOS Wallet into a nudge to get to the polls. The midterm election is almost here–and a huge focus for many organizations is getting people to the polls. That includes voter guides, social media campaigns, and even free transportation. But for the American Civil Liberties Union, reminding people to...

Google’s Pixel 3 XL grows another notch lmao

In a cruel twist of fate, the most disliked feature of the Google Pixel 3 XL is multiplying. Yes, that’s right, a second notch has appeared on some users‘ phones. Reported on by Android Police, the glitch has been posted on Twitter… So my Pixel randomly grew another notch today. 😂

Google’s latest Doodle celebrates Halloween as a multiplayer game

It just may be the Google Doodle with the best fun factor yet. It just may be the Google Doodle with the best fun factor yet. If you head on over to now, you’ll see the Doodle splash for the game, called Great Ghoul Duel. Click on it to begin playing. (Here’s a direct link for the game.)Read...

Google’s USB-C Pixel Buds are kind of a steal at $30

I’ll be honest with you. When I reviewed the Pixel 3, I didn’t bother to give the included USB-C Pixel Buds – available separately for $30 – a fair shot. Just another cheap pair of plastic EarPod lookalikes, right? The first time I really listened to them happened to be right after spending an hour testing...

The AR experience Instagram never shipped

And what it reveals about the importance of diversity in design. “When you are used to being ‘other,’ it’s helpful when you have to think about others,” said Instagram head of design Ian Spalter during Fast Company’s Innovation Festival last week. It’s a succinct...

Review: The OnePlus 6T is now the easiest phone to recommend to most people

Apple, Samsung, Google. Those are the names most Americans think of when considering a new flagship phone, but OnePlus is vying to become the next household name. The with OnePlus 6T, it might just succeed. It’s the company’s best phone yet – yes, despite the missing headphone jack. But because it’ll be...

Twitter might get rid of its little hearts to make it a kinder site

First they came for the favorites, not they come for our likes? Soon, you may not be able to like tweets by clicking a heart icon. The Telegraph reports that Twitter has weighed the possibility of abandoning this feature. And since Twitter doesn’t actually have all that many features, it caught our...

Google’s Home Hub gives Google Photos the hardware it deserves

This photo-frame gadget isn’t perfect, but it’s a powerful extension of the Google Photos ecosystem. If there’s one major distinction between the Google Home Hub and other Google-powered smart displays, it’s the intent behind the gadget.Read Full Story

Inside Tencent’s new $599 million Shenzhen headquarters

The company’s headquarters flips the sprawling tech campus on its side. When it comes to their headquarters, American tech companies tend to favor sprawling campuses with pathways, pantries, and soccer pitches designed to foster interaction among employees across different departments. For its new, reportedly...

Sam’s Club looks to fend off Amazon with cashier-less stores

Sam’s Club is just the latest brick-and-mortar store to test cashier-less payment systems. The membership-only retail warehouse club is testing a new concept store in Dallas that will allow customers to buy groceries without the need to stand in a checkout line, reports CNBC. The Dallas test location will see...

There’s a design talent shortage–here’s how to capitalize on it

Companies are grappling with how to find great design talent. For young designers, it’s a major opportunity. Business has finally recognized design’s true value. But there’s still one problem: Where do you find enough good designers to do the job?Read Full Story

Gab has been taken offline–for the time being

Companies like GoDaddy, Stripe, and PayPal are refusing to do business with the white supremacist online haven after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. Gab—the supposed social media platform for free speech, which really just means racists and trolls—is now offline. I am usually trepidatious to write...

Here’s how face recognition tech can be GDPR compliant

Ah, face recognition, that nifty little feature that’s already making the still new fingerprint scanners (kind of) obsolete. Let’s face it, any technology that lets us skip a step is a welcome move. But, since these features often collect and use massive amounts of very personal information, there will always be...

IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat is huge news for the Linux world

IBM today announced it would be acquiring iconic Linux firm Red Hat in a $34 billion all-cash deal. According to a joint statement issued by both companies, IBM will pay $190 for each share of Red Hat, with Big Blue intending to absorb its latest purchase into its Hybrid Cloud division. [NEWS] @IBM to acquire Red Hat...

3 handy features in Google For Jobs to measure your hiring campaign’s success

Google For Jobs has made a great impact on the jobs market ever since it was released by the search giant in June 2017. There’s been tons written on the feature since it came out, but it’s still a new product and many users are still figuring out how to get the most out of it — that’s why I’ve written this...

Cesar Sayoc’s Facebook feed seemed like a case study in online radicalization–or satire

The page included numerous public posts from 2016 supporting President Trump and denouncing his political rivals. Cesar Sayoc, the 56-year-old Florida man arrested in connection with the recent wave of mail bomb attacks, had a Facebook profile full of right-wing propaganda. The page is no longer available, perhaps...


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