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Selling products on Amazon severs the ties with your customers

“My advice to anyone starting a business is to remember that someday I will crush you,” comments Jeff Bezos, sitting on his throne at Amazon HQ. Let’s be clear, Jeff Bezos never actually said those words — although some may be able to imagine it. In fact, this quote featured in a recent satirical article about...

Deleting your Facebook account won’t keep it from tracking you

The #DeleteFacebook movement has been riding high ever since the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal got rolling, with high-profile figures like Elon Musk publicly declaring their intention to purge their good names from Facebook’s ledgers (only not really doing it, in Musk’s case). But, by Facebook’s own...

Google wants an alternative to iMessage. Will Apple support it?

Here’s an interesting story from The Verge on the future of Android text messaging. For the past couple years, Google has advocated a next-gen texting standard called Rich Communication Services, whose features (full-resolution images, read receipts, expanded group texts, and more) are already standard in...

Survey: Most Facebook Users Don’t Expect Much Privacy

Consumers’ expectation of data privacy is highly contextual. You’ve probably heard the saying, “consumers don’t care about privacy,” which I’ve always found to be an odd phrase since it seems like a logical fallacy.Read Full Story

Starbucks to angry Facebookers: We can’t deny this is a race issue

Last week, two black men were arrested in Philadelphia for sitting in a Starbucks. In the face of such apparent racism and growing demands to #BoycottStarbucks, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson announced that every company-owned store in the United States would close on May 29 for “racial-bias...

Why understanding your indirect competition is key to acquiring customers

This article is written by product strategy expert Des Traynor, co-founder, and CSO of Intercom. If you’d like to hear from Des or many other experts behind the growth of the world’s most successful companies, you should definitely secure your spot at the Growth Quarters track at the TNW Conference in...

Facebook trials ‘High School Networks’ for Messenger – what could go wrong there?

Facebook is working on a new feature to hook in the one market that they’ve struggled to dominate: teenagers. ‘High School Networks for Messenger’ appears to be its latest attempt to drag post-millennials to its platform, according to sources who shared screenshots with TNW. High School Networks appears to be a...

Here’s what Facebook’s unsend feature for Messenger might look like

Earlier this month, Facebook promised to implement an unsend message (revoke) option for all Messenger users. Well, it looks like the feature is almost ready to go live. TNW obtained this screenshot of how the button looks set to appear in Messenger. The screenshot came from a reliable source who agreed to share...

Recruiters Look At This More Than Your LinkedIn

Here’s what they are looking for when they scroll through your Instagram and Facebook accounts. When it comes to getting your online profiles ready for a job search, you probably focus your attention on LinkedIn. However, a study by the job search website Simply Hired found that hiring managers are more likely...

Alexa disses Bitcoin Cash: ‘Everyone knows Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin’

Bitcoin Cash fans are known to hound anyone who would challenge their claim of being the real Bitcoin – and the latest one to take a dig at the BCH gang is none other than Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. Twitter user Kunani has shared a video where he asks Alexa about the essence of Bitcoin Cash; and chances the...

83% of Americans want harsher penalties for privacy breaches

That’s according to the inaugural Tech Media Telecom Pulse Survey, by HarrisX, reports the Guardian. The survey polled 2,500 Americans after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced Congress last week. Among the poll’s other findings: 84% think that tech companies should be legally responsible for the content...

Google Play is hosting a disturbing amount of cryptocurrency malware

Google is suffering from an epidemic of malicious cryptocurrency apps on the Play Store – and it seems the internet giant is struggling to curb the influx. Security researcher Lukas Stafanko has come across another rogue copycat of popular cryptocurrency app MyEtherWallet designed to steal your private keys and...

11 things you need to know about your smart home devices

There’s no question that the internet of things (IoT) has revolutionized the way people manage their homes. From a simple voice-activated AI assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home to interconnected systems for lights, thermostats, kitchen appliances and security alarms, these devices are designed to make...

Google is supercharging SMS on Android with an iMessage-like experience

As a tech-savvy TNW reader, you may have already ditched SMS for more sophisticated messaging apps years ago, but people still send some 8 trillion texts a year – and that means that it’s worth improving the experience for those folks, and for the rest of the planet that’s yet to send their first message. To...

YouTube’s still monetizing channels promoting pedophilia, Nazis, and extremist propaganda

More then 300 companies and organizations may have received a little more for their YouTube advertising buck than they’d bargained for, according to a CNN scoop. What happened? Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Adidas (among others) who paid to advertise on the platform found their ads appearing on...

Jeff Bezos made 1.2 million times the median Amazon employee in 2017

Last year, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s net worth ballooned by $35.1 billion. Also last year, the median Amazon employee made $28,446. Do the math, and Bezos made 1.2 million times his typical employee in 2017. That’s not the ratio Amazon reports in its annual proxy filing, released yesterday. There, the...

How the Met museum is becoming more inclusive with Facebook Live

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has come up with a clever way to make art more accessible to art lovers who happen to be deaf. Like many museums around the world, the Met has hosted tours with guides who offer commentary in American Sign Language since at least 2001, but as Hyperallergic points out, it...

The Women’s March pissed off women again (this time over Barbara Bush)

The activist organization is struggling to unite all its constituents under the same banner. The Women’s March is taking some backlash for a tweet recognizing the death on Tuesday of late First Lady Barbara Bush. This is the second time in recent months that women have admonished the organization for aligning...

Amy Schumer On Her Career Plan: Continue To Give Zero Fu*ks

As her new movie, “I Feel Pretty,” hits theaters, the superstar comedian and actor opens up about confidence, gender inequality, and why she doesn’t obsess over photos of herself. It seems impossible that anyone could experience the year 2015 as Amy Schumer did and ever suffer from confidence...

Facebook login is letting hidden online trackers slurp up your data

Third-party tracking code, used across the internet to track user behaviors on websites, optimize ads and other purposes, has been grabbing Facebook user information on websites that support logging in through the social media platform, Princeton researchers report. When users log in to websites using...

Blockchain and VR lead a new conversation in tech

We live in a world today where the pace and scale of change is faster than ever before.And it is totally unlike anything we have ever known. Not only in the world around us rapidly shifting to a truly digital economy, but one that will become economically borderless. Existing technology plays a big role in this...

Elon Musk didn’t delete SpaceX and Tesla from Facebook, according to this developer

Shortly after the Cambridge Analytica debacle broke out, heaps of high-profile celebrities and brands – including Elon Musk, and his ventures SpaceX and Tesla – went on to delete their Facebook pages. But it appears these admirable acts of protest might have been nothing more than a self-serving case of virtue...

WordPress runs the learn to run WordPress for under $20

If you’re looking to build your own website — or start getting paid to build websites for others — you can’t go wrong with some solid WordPress knowledge. You can get that in this WordPress Essentials Lifetime course bundle, which is on sale now for just $19 (over 90 percent off) from TNW Deals.

The Privacy-First Social Network: A Great Idea That Never Works

These efforts have tried to compete with Facebook and Twitter on ideological grounds. None have succeeded, but some are still alive and kicking. Riding a wave of negative sentiment against Big Tech, a new social network is here to set things right. Finally, you can share your photos, feelings, birthday wishes, and...

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