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YouTube’s new tools help creators give back

YouTube this week revealed new tools that allow users to more easily raise money for charities. It’ll also help by paying the fees for donations up to a point. The primary tool, which I expect will be the most frequently used by followers, is Super Chats for Good. It takes YouTube‘s Super Chat donation service...

Google and Mastercard are secretly tracking your offline purchases

Google has quietly been providing select advertisers a “stockpile” of offline credit card transaction data. After a four year negotiation, Google and Mastercard reached a deal that would pay the latter millions in exchange for coughing up data on its card holders, according to a Bloomberg report. Google then...

Regulating Google search is a dumb idea that could actually happen

Trump’s misplaced anger over the lack of right-wing news in search results could act as a catalyst for a renewed antitrust investigation of Google. Much of Donald Trump’s power comes from setting up bogeymen for his base, and then railing against them. This week Trump’s bogeyman is the tech...

Google has been secretly tracking your offline purchases with help from Mastercard

Google wants to know what you buy, and Mastercard is here to help. The Holy Grail of advertising data is offline sales. Every marketer wants to know if an ad for something online led to someone going into a physical store and buying it. And data companies have long offered services trying to measure this. Nielsen...

Stop annoying everyone with these common email mistakes

“You’d think years of using the tool would make us proficient, but email is considered one of the biggest time wasters at work.” Email has been around for decades, and even though a lot of companies are moving to communication platforms like Slack, it’s not going away anytime soon....

Buckminster Fuller made his own fan art posters

And now they’re for sale in a Los Angeles gallery for $7,000 a pop. Buckminster Fuller was an engineer, architect, inventor, designer, and all around Renaissance man. He was also his own number one fan–and at the end of his career, he even made his own fan art.Read Full Story

Senator wants FTC to investigate Google again

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch (R) has penned a letter to the FTC asking the governing body to “reconsider the competitive effects of Google’s conduct in search and digital advertising.” Utah Senator Orrin Hatch (R) has penned a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking the governing body to...

Top 10 Best Graphics Tablets for Drawing, Art & Design in 2018

Discover the best graphics tablets for drawing, art and design and how to choose a tablet that is right for you as an artist, graphic designer or illustrator.

Twitter fixed the biggest problem with its promoted political tweets

Twitter announced it was making a change to its policy on political ad tweets, and in doing so it’s fixed on of the biggest problems with those promoted tweets — namely, that the information about them wasn’t easily accessible. The policy applies to ads that “advocate for legislative issues of national...

Google Assistant is now way better for bilingual homes

Using voice assistants in a multilingual home is an exercise in frustration, as they can usually only be set to one language at a time. That’s a particular inconvenience if someone in your family isn’t fully fluent in the language of choice. An update to GoogleAssistant will now remove that hassle, if your...

Here’s a rundown of all the smart speakers announced at IFA 2018

Voice control is becoming table stakes for all kinds of speakers. Speaker makers are lining up behind Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa at the IFA conference in Berlin, with companies announcing a slew of new voice-controlled speakers. Here’s a rundown:Read Full Story

Google’s Assistant is now bilingual

Google says a large and growing number of households regularly speak two languages. Google’s Assistant can now differentiate between two languages commonly used in a household, and respond in kind. You no longer have to go into the Assistant’s Settings to choose which language you want to use, Google...

The upcoming Honor Magic 2 has an almost 100 percent screen-to-body ratio

Honor today lifted the lid on its upcoming flagship phone at Berlin’s IFA 2018 tech trade show, the Honor Magic 2. Honor Magic 2 😱🤔🤫 — Clinton Jeff (@clintonjeff) August 30, 2018 The Honor Magic 2 is somewhat of a departure from Honor’s typical fare, which usually floats...

Facebook still has trouble figuring out when nudity is newsworthy

After the social network removed a graphic news article about Holocaust education, the Anne Frank Center fought back. Facebook is facing off against an unlikely group this week—the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect.Read Full Story

Trump posts video accusing Google of not promoting his State of the Union address

But he’s wrong. In a really odd move, President Trump has continued attacking Google for alleged bias against him by posting a 24-second video that purports that Google promoted President Obama’s State of the Union addresses on its homepage every year but stopped the State of the Union promotion when...

Find the right streaming app for whatever you want to watch with Google Play

The Google Play store has a nifty – and seemingly new – feature that should make it a whole lot easier to stream your favorite movie or TV show: its search now lets you look up content right in the store, and displays services that host it. To use it, simply fire up the Play store on your Android device, and punch...

Wear OS is bringing a Google Assistant feed and smart replies to your watch

Google is set to roll out a much-needed update to Wear OS that will revamp the interface so it’ll be easier to use smartwatches running the platform. The biggest change is in notifications, which presents information in a way that’s easier to parse, with colors to distinguish between things like the name of the...

Watch: Tesla goes airborne, crash lands into school parking lot

Security cameras managed to catch a glimpse of a Tesla Model S doing its best impression of the General Lee from Dukes of Hazard. Google it, Generation Z. After speeding over railroad tracks in Barrie, Ontario, Canada yesterday, the car lost control after landing and crashed into the parking lot of a nearby elementary...

Regina Hall is defying your expectations

After two decades in Hollywood, Regina Hall is just warming up. Hear about her new indie “Support the Girls” and projects she’s writing and producing. Listen to the latest episode of Fast Company‘s podcast Creative Conversation featuring actor Regina Hall on Apple Podcasts,...

Polk’s Assist is a better sounding Google Home for $200

Polk Audio has made a name for itself with solid budget- and mid-range audio equipment, and over the past year, it’s been dipping its toes into the smart speaker segment. Its latest connected offering is the Polk Assist, a $200 speaker that’s basically a Google Home on steroids – at least on the audio front....

Google’s Wear OS: These 3 swipe changes are coming soon

Google simplifies its smartwatch software before new hardware hits. Google has spent the last couple of years tacking on new features to its Wear OS smartwatch platform. Now, the company’s making it all easier to access with a revamped interface:Read Full Story

Meet Brian Amerige: Facebook’s aspiring James Damore

A year after Google’s kerfuffle over its alleged stifling of conservative culture, Facebook is facing a similar issue. Remember James Damore? He was the former Google employee who was fired from the company after posting an internal document that essentially claimed women were not as biologically equipped to do...

10 resume tips you probably haven’t thought of

Make your resume stand up to the seven-second test. Having a well-crafted resume can be the key to getting your foot in the door at the company of your dreams. But figuring out how to make your resume fully representative of your experience and also stand out is easier said than done. After all, hiring...

2018-08-29 wants to put you back in charge of your personal data

Harnessing the data that companies collect about you sounds like a great idea, but how much are they willing to share? In theory, a startup called can liberate your personal data from tech giants such as Google and Facebook.Read Full Story


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