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Twitter’s new policy aims to eradicate ‘dehumanizing speech’

Twitter today announced it’d be altering its hateful conduct policies to prohibit “dehumanizing speech.” By doing so, it intends to patch a hole in its rules against hate speech to account for tweets that don’t specifically target anyone, but which are nonetheless demeaning. It’s also asking for users to...

Instagram’s loss is not necessarily Snapchat’s gain

Instagram’s founders are leaving, but that doesn’t mean Snapchat will suddenly become appealing for Instagram users. News broke last night that Instagram founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, are leaving the company. This was certainly a shock, as Instagram could easily be considered one of...

Gaming Twitter showed its strength and rage after Telltale’s catastrophic closure

Telltale Games announced on Twitter last week, with little warning, that it’d be shuttering its doors. The news drew a not-unexpected amount of backlash and scrutiny based on first-hand accounts from the people involved. Now the same Twitter-based community is keeping the company on notice for its messy handling of...

These popular #Vanlife vehicles are basically rolling offices

Though the lifestyle movement is about getting out into nature, today’s RVs are equipped for life online, with LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. You’ve probably seen evidence of #Vanlife, the burgeoning lifestyle movement, in the stream of idyllic photos on your Instagram: People in expertly outfitted...

Google’s Eric Schmidt accidentally discovers labor unions

The Google executive tweeted that he wanted to find a “unicorn for the middle class.” People reminded him one already exists. Yesterday, extremely rich technology executive Eric Schmidt tweeted that he wanted to figure out ways to increase the wages of lower-income and middle-class people. In his own...

Google is revamping search on its 20th anniversary – here are the most exciting new features

To mark the 20th anniversary of search, Google has introduced tons of new features for a refreshed user experience across platforms. These range from organizing your search results better, to introducing an Instagram Stories-style presentation for select content. Here are my favorite new updates: Activity cards: When...

Instagram’s co-founders are leaving Facebook

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who co-founded Instagram eight years ago, are leaving the service’s parent company, Facebook. The news of their departure comes from The New York Times, and is corroborated by a statement from Systrom. The duo have resigned from the company and will leave in the coming weeks....

These people will go to the edge of the Earth to prove it’s flat

At least one supposed member of a group calling itself “Project Edge” claims they will be undertaking a mission to travel to the edge of the Earth later this week. Here’s hoping they can finally figure out if our planet resides on a series of turtles’ backs, or the shoulders of Atlas. In the following video,...

People are taking to the streets to show they “Believe Survivors”

People around the country are stopping work in solidarity with Christine Blasey Ford. Over the last week, two women–Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez–have gone public with stories about alleged sexual misconduct from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Instead of withdrawing the nomination,...

Ex-Google CEO: Competition between US and China will split the internet

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes that in next 10-15 years, the internet will split into two with one part will be led by China and other by the US. Schmidt said in reply to economist Terry Cowen’s question on the possibility of having three to four separate internets a decade from now: I think the most...

With its voice assistant delayed, Roku is sticking to the basics

The big player in TV streaming announces two new devices, but pushes its own entertainment-centric assistant feature to 2019. Back in January, Roku revealed a grand vision for expanding from smart TVs and streaming boxes into the broader realm of home entertainment. The company’s plans called for smart...

Celebrated studio Telltale Games shuts down in the messiest way possible

Over the past 14 years, California-based game development studio Telltale Incorporated made a name for itself with its range of well crafted adventure- and story-driven titles. That includes hits like The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, and adaptations of popular franchises including Batman, The Walking...

How to escape Google’s forced logins on Chrome 69

According to security researcher S. Bálint, any time someone using Chrome 69 logs into a Google service or site, they are also logged into Chrome-as-a-browser with that user account. Essentially, Google is forcefully logging users into Chrome. Chrome browser’s privacy policy notes that if you are is not signed in,...

How Facebook’s Disaster Maps is helping aid organizations serve people affected by Florence

The social network tracks where people evacuate to after a disaster–and then helps organizations figure out in real time where to bring food and supplies. On Friday, September 14, Hurricane Florence made landfall along the North Carolina coast, prompting high winds and massive flooding throughout the region....

WhatsApp appoints a grievance officer to handle fake news concerns in India

WhatsApp has appointed a ‘grievance officer’ to address complaints concerning the spread of fake news and misinformation on its platform in India, reports the Press Trust of India on NDTV. This comes in response to the government’s demands from earlier in the year, following a nationwide string of lynchings...

Create a finished website in minutes with Visualmodo WordPress Themes, now just $39

You can score the best of both worlds — easily deployed, yet entirely customizable website templates — with this lifetime subscription to Visualmodo WordPress Themes. It’s on sale now at 84 percent off, just $39, from TNW Deals.

Animation reveals what could be Google’s new ‘Pixel Stand’

A new accessory for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL could give Alexa devices a run for their money. The Pixel Stand, as its reportedly known, is an upright dock that effectively turns your smartphone into a Google Home hub.   For those unwilling to shell out $400 for the Home Max, or $49 for the Home Mini, this provides a...

Trump inadvertently gets Twitter to explain why rape often goes unreported

The U.S. president’s attacks on Christine Blasey Ford prompted Twitter to explain #WhyIDidntReport No sooner did some anonymous White House aides brag to Axios about preventing Trump from attacking Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser on Twitter than the president did exactly that.Read Full Story

This lunch box for adults transforms sad desk eating into an Instagram event

No more sad desk lunches. As Fast Company‘s lunch box correspondent, I’ve been tracking some of the latest advancements in portable meals. The kid’s lunch box Omie, for instance, is adorable, and also has hot and cold compartments. But why should kids have all the nice stuff? If you work at...

This week’s best Android games to play instead of doing laundry

Welcome to our weekly column, in which YouTuber NimbleThor brings you a short list of the best new mobile games for your Android device, released over the past week. Whether you’re into casual time wasters or hardcore shooters, you’ll find something in here to exercise your thumbs with. You really should do your...

Facebook’s new home gadget might have a creepy camera as its main feature

Unlike smart screens from Google and Amazon, Facebook’s device will ID users and follow them around the room. After calling off the launch of a smart display device earlier this year, Facebook is reportedly planning to announce it next week. Here are the details from Cheddar’s Alex Heath, who cites...

Microsoft Excel? Google Sheets? Why choose when you can learn both for under $20

Whether you’re transitioning from one spreadsheet titan to another or if you just want to learn both to be a cross-disciplinary threat, then jump in on the The Excel & Google Sheets Mastery Bundle. It’s on sale now for less than $10 per course, just $19.

“We’d be breaching precedent”: Leaked emails show Google workers discussing search tweaks

The emails are likely to stoke perceptions of anti-conservative bias within Google’s ranks. In an email thread obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Google employees discussed ways that they could tweak search functions to affect results related to President Trump’s controversial 2017 travel ban. The...

Facebook’s new dating service wants to find you love

Yesterday, Facebook debuted its much talked about dating service – announced at its developer conference F8 earlier this year– in Columbia.  The social network doesn’t want to compete with Tinder, but instead will take on other major players such as OkCupid and Hinge by adopting a similar approach to...


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