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Twitter roasts Don Jr.’s spelling of SNL—er, sorry, S&L

Further proof that the First Family has no clue about anything, including how to abbreviate a 44-year-old iconic television show. The president may not like SNL, but at least he’s probably seen it. The same cannot be said for his son.Read Full Story

Hear from the inventor of the hashtag and many more at TNW2019

With less than 100 days to go, TNW2019 is really ramping up. We already have over 50 confirmed speakers from companies like Bynder, Google, and eToro, all coming to discuss the future of technology on May 9 and 10 in Amsterdam. We also recently announced the 11 tracks we’ll be exploring – whether it’s marketing...

Review: Cambridge Audio’s Yoyo (L) is a hi-fi Sonos alternative with Google Cast

The most popular wireless speakers tend to be part of a walled garden. Sonos, Google, and Apple’s speakers force you into their own wireless protocols, with few or no inputs for wired sources. Though they all sound great in their own way, they might not be the best choice for audio enthusiasts looking for...

How Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk” went from hobby to full-on movement

Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch has created a safe forum for women to discuss deep and personal issues–and it’s about to go global. When Jada Pinkett Smith launched her Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk last May, she considered it more of a hobby than anything else. She was already having...

Apple should borrow these 4 privacy features from the competition

Overall, Apple leads in privacy and security offerings. But here are four smart ideas it should copy from other companies. Apple is a leader in the tech industry when it comes to protecting user privacy and security. Compared to Google and Facebook, and even Microsoft and Amazon, Apple collects way less data about its...

Weiden+Kennedy just keeps doing it

The largest remaining independent agency strives to make advertising that transcends branding and drives the pop-culture conversation. On September 3, 2018, at 2:20 p.m., an image appeared on Instagram: a tightly cropped black-and-white close-up of a face, eyebrows, and chin bordering a resolute gaze, and the message...

What Solange taught Roy Wood Jr. about performing standup comedy

The Daily Show correspondent is a comedy veteran, but he readily admits he’s still perfecting his craft–with a little help from Solange. Listen to the latest episode of Fast Company’s podcast Creative Conversation featuring comedian Roy Wood Jr. on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RadioPublic,...

It’s not just WhatsApp – India’s fake news problem plagues several popular social networks

You can’t discuss the ‘fake news’ phenomenon in India without bringing up WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned messaging service has been constantly under fire after several people were lynched across the country over a misleading video that did the rounds for a year. The platform had to set up a team for India and run...

Apple temporarily disables group FaceTime to fix a bug that lets you eavesdrop on your contacts

There was chaos on the internet late last night after 9to5Mac discovered a bug in Apple’s FaceTime video calling app that let you hear other person’s voice even before they answered your call. According to the report, a user running iOS 12.1 could potentially exploit the vulnerability to eavesdrop on others...

See a chair co-designed by AI

What does the design process look like when AI is actively involved? Designers collaborate with artificial intelligence every day. But generally they do through programs like Adobe Photoshop, which has nifty tools that automate some of the tedious aspects of design.Read Full Story

Now’s the perfect time for Apple to bring Messages to Android

Last week’s bombshell about Facebook’s messaging merger has users looking for other options–and Apple should take full advantage of it. On Friday the New York Times reported a bombshell of a story: By the end of this year or early 2020, Facebook will unify the messaging platform between its three...

Open standards can disrupt Facebook’s messaging monopoly

Facebook made the news last week when The New York Times’ Mike Isaac reported that CEO Mark Zuckerberg intended to integrate the company’s three messaging platforms: WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. We don’t have all the details of exactly how this will work. The plan is still in its early stages, and there...

Automate and grow your Instagram account with Postable for just $39

Growing an Instagram following can take as much time and effort as keeping a business rolling. Thankfully, services like Postable ($39, 88 percent off from TNW Deals) can help you automate and grow your Instagram account without becoming a massive time-killer.

Google algorithms and human psychology: How Jigsaw rescues teens from ISIS recruiters

The Redirect Method is a program from Alphabet’s Jigsaw that aims to stop kids from becoming radicalized terrorists.  Yasmin Green is talking about the considerable social media following of a 14-year-old Kurdish girl. Green, the director of research and development for Jigsaw, which, along with Google, is...

Become a certified Silicon Valley social media guru for $20

Even if you’ve never dabbled in digital campaigns before, this course will teach you everything you need to know to market to potential customers on the world’s most popular social platforms. Whether you’re targeting general sites like Facebook and Twitter, or hyper-localized venues like Reddit, you’ll work...

A landmark ruling gives new power to sue tech giants for violating privacy

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled consumers can sue firms for biometric privacy violations even without proving harm, swatting down an argument used by Facebook and others. A unanimous ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court says that companies that improperly gather people’s data can be sued for damages even...

Landmark ruling gives new power to sue tech giants for violating privacy

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled consumers can sue firms for biometric privacy violations even without proving harm, swatting down an argument used by Facebook and others. A unanimous ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court says that companies that improperly gather people’s data can be sued for damages even...

Meet the designers who make a living building tiny houses on The Sims

Their construction videos get millions of views. Why are so many people obsessed with virtual tiny homes? Five years ago, a young Australian graphic design student was studying abroad in Italy when she got a stomach bug. Bored and in bed, she began searching for game-play videos of her favorite game, The...

Why your Nike redesign is bad

A letter to myself, as a young designer, about what makes a great redesign. Dear Eugen,Read Full Story

How 2018 became Facebook’s worst year in privacy and security

In early December, Facebook’s developer team declared the discovery of a security bug that gave developers access to photos users hadn’t shared on their timeline, including photos they had posted in Facebook Marketplace or Stories. More worryingly, apps could find access to images users might have uploaded to...

How IoT-enabled scooters, bikes, and cars are making streets safe

The flurry of anti-dockless electric scooter headlines reached critical mass last summer. “This town seriously hates electric scooters,” screamed the link to a story focused on Santa Monica, Calif. “San Francisco Is Fighting the Scooter Trend With Poop and Vandalism,” blared another. There’s even an...

FTC may nail Facebook with record fine for privacy abuses

The Federal Trade Commission held meetings Friday to arrive at a penalty amount, the Washington Post reports. The Federal Trade Commission is considering slapping a “record-setting” fine on Facebook for the company’s privacy abuses in the case of Cambridge Analytica, reports the Washington Post....

Facebook’s secretly working on LOL — a meme hub meant to lure teens from Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok

Facebook hasn’t given up on attracting teens. After numerous failed products aimed at teens — including LOL, Facebook Watch, and IGTV — the company is now hard at work on LOL, a meme hub of sorts meant to win the hearts and minds of teens fleeing for greener pastures at TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. First...

Facebook docs reveal a predatory policy for dealing with kids’ accidental purchases

A federal judge this week ruled Facebook must make public internal documents that reveal the rather unsavory ways the company allegedly profits off of unsuspecting children — as if the company’s history with kids wasn’t dubious enough. The whole shebang started in 2012, with a lawsuit against Facebook in which...

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