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How to quietly ditch people you follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, tricks, guides, and advice on how to get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Ever wished you could discreetly filter certain people out of your social media feeds? We feel you, and we’re here to help you do just that in a matter of seconds on Facebook,...

People are falling off buildings in search of the perfect Instagram shot

In pursuit of clicks, likes, and followers, a growing number of daredevils are risking injury or even death. What can we do about that? “Is our life just worth one photo?”Read Full Story

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 leaks with new Infinity-O display cutout

A new year, another phone leak. It’s no secret that Samsung is launching the Galaxy S10 this year, likely sometime in late February. By now the rumor mill is running in full force. We’ve seen many renders of the device and some sketchy leaks,  but now we have a clear look at the device courtesy of ever-reliable...

Nokia’s 5-camera phone leaked in all its glory

In September 2018, a leaked photo suggested that Nokia planned to launch a phone with five rear cameras, called the Nokia 9. Now, thanks to reporter Evan Blass, we’ve caught our first glimpse of the device’s design. Blass tweeted an image of the phone (possibly a press render) indicating that the phone will...

Hackers take over Chromecasts to warn owners about security risks

A couple of dutiful hackers have been hijacking thousands of Google’s Chromecast streaming dongles to warn users that the devices can be taken over, and remotely forced to play any YouTube video the attackers’ choose, reports TechCrunch. The CastHack bug exploits a weakness in the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)...

AI is incredibly smart, but it will never match human creativity

One could be forgiven for thinking that machines are creative. Numerous artificial intelligence projects appear to demonstrate that machines are capable of creating intricate works of art that rival those created by their inferior human creators. Just recently, IBM Watson created a movie trailer for the horror film...

How I redesigned Twitter to be mostly harmless

You don’t need to wait for a capital-D designer to save you from bad UX. As we did with nicotine, we may someday discover that there is no safe dose of Twitter. For now, you may be (or just feel) compelled to use the platform. But who says you have to inhale its tar-filled content-vapors unfiltered? What if,...

Inside the most Instagrammable place on Earth

Instagram playgrounds are a burgeoning form of mass entertainment. Here’s how the creator of one of the most successful–the Color Factory–designs her spaces. A million plastic sprinkles. A neon-lit sound bath. A giant egg carton, welcoming you to step inside. Chances are, you’ve come...

How to donate to a charity with Google Assistant

Feeling generous? Google Assistant has quietly introduced support for donations. The next time you mention tuna salad in passing and then Google serves you an ad for tuna salad, try this petty revenge: “Hey, Google, donate $10 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.”Read Full Story

Facebook “owns” my family: a cautionary fable

I hate New Year. I don’t do resolutions and am generally “bah, humbug” about the whole hullabaloo. This year, my curmudgeonly attitude was dramatically amplified by social media in general, and Facebook in particular. And finally, after years of railing against the privacy invasive nature of the machine, I...

For $39, PostFly will get your Instagram account posting on its own

Instagram is home to over 800 million users -- and more than 1 in 3 American adults have an account on the exploding platform. PostFly helps you harness all that engagement and marketing power automatically. Right now, you can pick up a lifetime of PostFly access at over 90 percent off its regular price, only $39.

Did you #DeleteFacebook? Shady players can still exploit your data

Caring about our online privacy might be popular right now, but on a wider level, it’s not as easy as we think to escape the hole we’ve dug ourselves into.

The last resort of failing tech companies is UX design – it won’t save them

Facebook is using billboards to demonstrate their commitment to fighting fake news. Uber is running TV spots to illustrate the company’s commitment to doing good. Once considered disruptors, digital companies are now using the same strategies oil and tobacco companies used back in the ’90s to project the...


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