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No, viewing publicly shared Google Docs don’t reveal your identity

Every day, millions of people use Google Docs to share and collaborate on documents. And when it comes to working on documents online, few tools match the power and versatility of Google Drive and Google Docs. But like all online tools that provide an open environment for many people to share data, Google Docs...

How to get Twitter’s new ‘Lights out’ dark mode on iOS

Twitter introduced a dark theme in its mobile apps in 2016, and for its site the following year. But after a lot of people complained that the social network’s feature is not a true dark mode – as it’s based on a shade of blue instead of black – CEO Jack Dorsey said the company was working on it. It’s...

Facebook expands ad transparency beyond politics: Here’s what’s new

The Library will include all active U.S. ads running on Facebook and Instagram—not just politics or issue ads—following criticism over the limits of its Ad Archive. Facebook said Thursday it’s rolling out an improved and expanded transparency measures for political elections, including an Ad...

World’s most famous nightclub designers create world’s coolest dental office

If the Berghain had an attached dental practice, it would look like this. I hate going to the dentist. But if I lived in Berlin, I would gladly go to The Urban Dentist. Instead of your regular squeaky-clean doctor’s office, this looks like a cool club or a cocktail bar.Read Full Story

The big business of ruins

Phaidon’s latest book collects demolished, forgotten, and transformed architectural ruins–a topic that has obsessed popular imagination for centuries. What’s the value of a ruin? On the internet, it can be a few million clicks. In a city like New York, a few billion dollars. Eighteenth-century...

Are you a white nationalist? Facebook just banned you

Facebook says there is no difference between white nationalism and white supremacy. Facebook has announced a sweeping ban on white separatists and white nationalists after the tragic shooting earlier this month at mosques where 50 people were killed by a suspected white supremacist. The man behind the massacre...

HUD has charged Facebook with housing discrimination over its advertising platform

The Department of Housing & Urban Development is taking Facebook to court over its targeted advertising platform. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has filed a legal motion against Facebook, claiming that the company violated the Fair Housing Act and discriminated against people based on...

Sony will stop selling PS4 game codes in physical stores

Sony revealed it’s eliminating one of the only ways for gamers to buy games for list price without having to hand over their credit card details — namely, in-store digital codes. So if you wanted to buy a game from an actual retailer, your only options now are physical discs or PlayStation cash cards. Twitter user...

Facebook fights for the right to follow users–and nonusers–around the web

The social network is fighting a Belgian ban on tracking people’s cookies and other digital markers. Facebook is hunkering down for a fight over its burning desire to follow users–and nonusers–around the web.Read Full Story

CabbageTech owner charged with running $200K cryptocurrency and cash swindle

The operator of New York-based company CabaggeTech has been accused of defrauding investors out of more than $200,000 in cash and cryptocurrency, according to a nine-count indictment unsealed in federal court in New York, on Tuesday. Patrick McDonnell, also known as Jason Flack, is thought to have defrauded at...

Here’s why the Huawei P30 Pro’s camera could redefine smartphone photography

Huawei‘s P20 Pro and Matte 20 Pro had the best camera hardware of any smartphone in 2017, bar none. Sure, the Pixel 3 had my favorite camera – Google’s image processing is still the best – but Huawei managed to combine solid, versatile software with a giant camera sensor and triple lens setup that remains...

This app exposes which cryptocurrency a user is most likely to shill on Twitter

It’s a challenge to navigate the cryptocurrency space. The entire community pretty much resides within the confines of the Twitter hellscape, where differences in investment portfolios often lead to in-fighting and disinformation. This is why one ingenious software developer created a new browser extension to help...

Fyre Festival’s lead designer talks about branding a scam

“From the start, the brief wasn’t really a brief. It was just: This is our audience, this is what we’re trying to sell them.” We’re living in a cultural moment obsessed with scams. From the HBO documentary on Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos to Netflix and Hulu’s dueling...

Killed By Google is a digital graveyard of the company’s dead products

April 2, Google is killing two of its well-known products: it’s failed social network, Google+, and the much-loved email client, Inbox. They join a long list of products that the Mountain View-based tech giant has killed. So, a clever developer just made a “digital graveyard” to list all of the company‘s...

Facebook is hiring 22 people for its secretive blockchain division

The fact that Facebook is working on its own cryptocurrency and blockchain applications is no longer a secret – so it’s not surprising the company is looking to grow its distributed ledger division. The social media giant already has a 50-strong team squirreled away in a secretive corner of its Menlo Park head...

Google’s latest pet project uses design to toy with your brain

At the annual Milan Furniture Fair, Google is staging an experiment in neuroaesthetics–or the science of how beauty affects our brains. The Milan Furniture Fair, aka Salone de Mobile, is the most important design event of the year, drawing designers and manufacturers from all over the planet. So it was a...

Ahead of Apple’s video launch, YouTube pulls the plug on its Hollywood dreams

The company has reportedly abandoned its plans for high-end original content. The video sharing website has canceled plans for a paid high-end video streaming service with Hollywood production-level comedies and dramas, Bloomberg reports. The Google-owned company has reportedly stopped accepting pitches for such shows...

Why your ecommerce business needs to start as an affiliate site

There is a lot of risk involved in starting an ecommerce business. For one, most would-be merchants don’t know what products will sell well and what products won’t. And being unable to move inventory can be extremely costly — especially if you have a new business with little to no brand recognition. However, if...

Don’t believe the (digital) hype: Political campaigns still focus on TV for ads

Overall, 2018 political campaigns and PACs spent only 2.7% to 5.1% of their budgets on digital ads. Fifty percent of their spending went to TV ads. While the Trump 2020 campaign is already spending big on digital ads, other campaigns at the state and national levels still rely mainly on TV and direct mail to reach...

A eulogy for every product Google has ruthlessly killed (145 and counting)

“This project was born as an act of criticism toward a culture of software product churn,” says the creator of Killed By Google, an archive of products lost to the sands of time. Tez. Trendalyzer. Panoramio. Timeful. Bump! SlickLogin. BufferBox.Read Full Story

Find the perfect gift for your mum with TNW’s Mother’s Day guide

Consider yourself warned, dear reader. There’s just nine days left until UK Mother’s Day. Nine. Days. And you thought the countdown to Brexit was scary. If this news has caused your blood pressure to plummet and beads of sweat to accumulate on your forehead, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. TNW’s compiled...

Here’s how much ‘Bitcoin Twitter’ loves presidential candidate Andrew Yang

The hype surrounding the US presidential election in 2020 is growing palpable, and one candidate, Andrew Yang, is getting significant attention from the cryptocurrency community. Yang, a Democratic Party candidate, is absolutely the favorite of internet memelords, but he isn’t the only one appealing to the...

Bitcoin scammer boasts $760,000 payday through dark web domain squatting

A scammer is claiming to have made 200 BTC ($760,000) through ‘typosquatting’ criminal dark web sites on the Tor network, over the past four years. Typosquatting is a form of cybersquatting – basically sitting on websites under someone else’s brand – that specifically targets users who incorrectly type a...

After Google, Walmart is reportedly building a game streaming service

USgamer reports that retail giant Walmart is working on a game streaming service, hopping on the now-heavily-burdened bandwagon that includes Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, Amazon, and Sony. That’s from the media outlet’s sources, which say that the company has been in talks with game developers and publishers about...

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