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Social media pages for Dominican Republic resort vanish after woman claims violent attack

The pages were flooded with angry comments from users wondering why the resort hasn’t responded to the woman’s claims. The social media accounts for an all-inclusive resort chain in the Dominican Republic have vanished after a woman’s Facebook post about an alleged attack in January at one of the...

If you want to change Facebook, you have to change Zuckerberg

An investor asked Mark Zuckerberg if he would give up some of his power for the good of the company. She didn’t get an answer, but she asked the right question. At Facebook’s annual shareholder meeting, a shareholder stepped up to the microphone and asked Mark Zuckerberg if he’d be willing to cede...

This $20 affiliate marketing super-course could change your career

You can find out if you’ve got what it takes to launch successful campaigns with the skills learned in the SEO Affiliate Domination course. It’s available now at 90 percent off the regular price, just $19 from TNW Deals.

Google is cracking down on Drive and Chrome extensions that abuse your data

Google is expanding its privacy audit to make third-party developer access to Chrome and Google Drive more secure. To that effect, developers must rework their Chrome extensions to request only minimum permissions without compromising their functionality “We’re requiring extensions to only request access to the...

When companies say they’re using “100% renewable energy,” take it with a grain of salt

There’s a big difference between “100% renewable” and “100% carbon-free.” When companies commit to 100% renewable electricity–or reach that goal, like Apple, Lego, Google, and others already have–they celebrate it as a win for the climate. But a new study makes clear...

Russia! Russia! Russia! explains Trump’s palilogy

Here’s why Trump’s tweet sounded familiar. This morning, the Tweeter in Chief of the United States issued a bite-size missive on the “Witch Hunt Hoax,” which he believes was orchestrated by angry Democrats who are bitter that they lost the White House (even though the U.S. intelligence...

Why Facebook investors should vote no on Zuckerberg

For years, my organization has engaged deeply with Facebook’s leadership to address an ongoing pattern of dangerous and racist practices. But they have not truly prioritized solutions to these problems. Outside investors in Facebook should vote no on reelecting Mark Zuckerberg to Facebook’s board of...

Facebook is investing hundreds of millions in a gigantic new solar farm

The Texas installation is part of the company’s goal to get to 100% renewables by next year. On a huge piece of land in West Texas about five and a half times larger than Central Park, a massive new solar farm–one of the largest in the U.S.–is now under construction. For Facebook, which is...

Some Facebook shareholders want Mark Zuckerberg to step down

They want Zuck to give up his role as chairman so he could better focus on being CEO. Today a vote of Facebook shareholders will take place regarding whether Mark Zuckerberg should step down from his role as Facebook’s chairman, reports the BBC. Zuckerberg is currently both the chief executive of Facebook as...

How to land a job you’re not qualified for

It doesn’t hurt to apply, even if you feel underqualified. But there is a strategy you should follow. Laszlo Bock says he wasn’t qualified to be the head of people operations when Google hired him for the job in 2006.Read Full Story

Exclusive photos go inside the home of one of the century’s most important designers

Documentarian Gary Hustwit takes us inside the home of Massimo Vignelli just a year before the legendary designer’s death in these never-before-seen photos. Massimo Vignelli was one of the 20th century’s most prominent designers, creating everything from New York’s subway map to logos for...

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes has a $2.5 trillion plan to lift up the working class

Hughes, who made waves with his call to break up the company, helps lead the Economic Security Project, which is building support for boosting tax credits for working people. You may well have seen plenty of headlines about Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes’s recent essay, in which he spelled out the dangers that...

Regulate Big Tech? That’s not a top priority for most voters

Sorry, Elizabeth Warren! One of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) top agenda items should she be elected president of the United States is to regulate big tech companies and break up the likes of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple on antitrust grounds. However, she may want to focus her campaign on...

This game reveals the hidden racial bias of dating app algorithms

It should be no surprise that racial bias factors into swiping matches on dating apps, like Tinder — but algorithms used by these apps may also reinforce prejudice. This is why developer, Ben Berman, and designer, Miguel Perez created MonsterMatch, a game that simulates a dating app while exposing the inherent...

Here’s how much Binance paid to move $1.26 billion worth of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance moved a gut-wrenching $1.26 billion worth of Bitcoin today – and it paid just $124.60 in network fees for the service. The epic transfer was signaled by Binance CEO Changpang Zhao earlier this morning in a tweet. We will be moving some funds between our cold wallets. A tell tale sign...

The Best Gear for Graphic Designers (Sorted by Career Level & Price)

The best software, hardware, equipment and tools for graphic designers, for all stages of their design career.

Leaked doc: Google has more temporary and contract workers than full-time staff, raising concerns about its growing reliance on them

There are fears Google is creating a caste system of workers inside the company. Google and other tech giants are known for their workplace cultures where employees are paid handsomely, 401K plans are generous, and the company health insurance offerings are second to none. And while this may be relatively true for...

Facebook is so insanely big, it had to design a brand new DHCP server

You can tell a lot about the direction of a company by looking at its tech stack. A great example of this comes from Facebook, which today announced the creation of a brand new open-source DHCP server, as it had outgrown the existing products. This tool, called DHCPLB, will allow it to more efficiently scale its data...

I miss blind, dumb enthusiasm for new tech

Today marks 10 years since Google stoked great excitement in the tech community by unveiling a new product called Wave. I remember it clearly, because that day I sat down on my sofa 5,000 miles away from Google’s developer conference and wrote my first ever post as a paid tech journalist, trying to make sense of...

7 Top-Notch Notebooks for Creatives

Are you a designer, artist or illustrator looking for the the best notebook available on the market? Look no further.

These 9 courses can turn you into a digital marketing pro—and they’re on sale for $15

For those ready to tackle 21st century commerce, but unsure where to start, The Complete Digital Marketing Super Bundle ($37, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) is a smart place to begin.

How to access Android’s hidden developer options

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. One of the advantages Android has over iOS is the control Google gives you over its operating system. Case in point is Android’s ‘developer options,’ a secret menu that...

Ikea won’t sell customers this rug until they take a heart and brainwave scan

For the last five years, Ikea has teamed with notable designers and artists to create high-dollar goods. Its “Art Collection” offered customers the opportunity to buy limited edition furnishings and art at prices customers could stomach. Ikea’s 2019 Art Collection was to feature rugs, eight of them from notables...

“Drunk” Nancy Pelosi video provokes starkly different reactions from Facebook and YouTube

Video manipulation technology is only going to get more sophisticated. Where will social media companies draw the line? Facebook has apparently decided to permit the posting of an altered video making House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appear drunk or otherwise impaired, while YouTube has taken the video down from its...


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