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Twitter data reveals the agony and the ecstasy of Amazon Prime Day

Prime members purchased more than 175 million items during the online sales extravaganza. Amazon’s latest Prime Day event is now behind us, and the e-commerce giant would like you to know that it delivered all the appropriate superlatives.Read Full Story

Find out how long until John McAfee must eat his own dick (cos Bitcoin)

Two years have passed since cybersecurity wild-man John McAfee first told the world he would eat his own dick if his Bitcoin price prediction didn’t come true — and things still aren’t looking good. if not, I will eat my dick on national television. — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) July 17, 2017 When I...

I built a multimillion-dollar business on Instagram, and you can, too

Millennial entrepreneur Natalie Ellis, cofounder of BossBabe, spills the secrets to building a loyal following and monetizing Instagram. With over 1.4 million followers and up to 600,000 people seeing each post we put out, BossBabe is one of the largest and fastest-growing communities of ambitious women on social...

Here are the Senate’s sickest burns dished out to Facebook’s Libra

Facebook‘s digital currency, Libra, has been causing a bit of a ruckus lately. Since its plans became public a few weeks ago, headlines have largely been awash with why it’s probably a bad idea. Nations all over the globe started to wake up to the reality of a currency controlled by the data hoarding Goliath that...

Suspicious of Google’s reCaptcha? Here’s a popular alternative

hCaptcha helps machine learning companies get their data labeled, pays publishers for their trouble, and users don’t know the difference. In the fall of 2018, Google released a new version of reCaptcha, the company’s widely used bot detector. reCaptcha v3, as its called, is great at detecting bots but...

This ‘career accelerator’ helps applicants get dream tech jobs—for a cut of their salary

Pathrise offers a formal job-coaching program that has landed people at companies like Amazon and Google. But you’ll have to fork over 9% of your first year’s salary. Most of us have a dream employer. According to LinkedIn’s 2019 list of companies where Americans want to work, Google, Facebook,...

See the world’s oldest emoji in this new archive of 650 ancient symbols

A new project catalogues hundreds of icons, making it easier for contemporary designers can use them. Today, we are bombarded with a never-ending stream of images and logos and symbols. In this time of over-stimulation, how do you create symbols that stand out? One designer is looking to the past for inspiration. A...

This jewelry is a brilliant shield against face-recognition intrusions

For now, it’s an art project, not a product—but it’s a powerful and stylish one. Ever upload a photo of friends to your Facebook, only to have the system accurately identify those pictured and ask if you’d like to tag them? Thanks to DeepFace, this is becoming more common, as the social...

Donald Trump’s critique of Bitcoin is antiquated and irrelevant

US President Donald Trump, known for his complicated relationship with technology and his incessant need to share his ill-advised thoughts with the world, has admitted he’s not a fan of cryptocurrency. The controversial billionaire–cum–leader of the free world shared his disdain with cryptocurrencies such as...

Facebook now tells your where brands are getting your ad targeting data

Facebook will now begin to show you more information about the ads you see on the social network. The tech giant has announced a series of updates to its “Why am I seeing this ad?” and Ad Preferences tools with an aim to bring users greater transparency and control. First off, the “Why am I seeing this ad?”...

North Korea launches an ebook to spread ideology among its people

North Korea is bringing its political indoctrination tactics to the digital age. The self-proclaimed republic is developing software designed to teach ideology to party members and workers, North Korean party daily Rodong Sinmun reports. Dubbed Chongseo 1.0, the software is practically an encyclopedia-like ebook...

These beautiful electric charging points are the gas station of the future

Denmark is reimagining what it means to refuel your car. At this new ultra-fast charging station for electric cars along a highway in Denmark, it takes 15 minutes to recharge a vehicle—far faster than plugging in at home, but still slower than pumping gas. The designers took advantage of those extra minutes:...

Lady Bits #5: Facebook’s prude policies, ‘LinkedIn’ for LaDiEs, and #unwantedivanka

Welcome back to Lady Bits, our feminist newsletter that makes everyone mad <3 Sorry we’re late this month… we had women stuff to do. We have a new feature! Each month, our gloriously talented designer, Saïna, will illustrate one of the many shitty replies, comments, or tweets we receive from one of TNW’s...

How to read your first tweet (and all your other old ones)

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Whether you’re looking for that hilarious joke you tweeted last year, or worried that some of your old tweets might contain embarrassing information, there are several ways to go...

10+ million Android users installed a fake Samsung update app

In recent months, we’ve seen quite a few reports of the Google Play Store hosting counterfeit apps that are designed to dupe users and earn money through ad farms. In the latest reveal, CSIS Security Group’s report suggests that a fake app  – promising updates for Samsung phones – has been installed by over...

Here’s the next big step Apple should take to protect our privacy

Using a VPN is a must. Yet, they’re often finicky, and you never know which one to trust. Apple can fix all that. Just about every major tech company and startup is talking about security these days—and it’s about time. For over two decades, most consumers have given their online privacy about as...

‘User in yer face’ is an online museum of design horrors

If you think the design of Facebook, Twitter, or any other popular site you use regularly is bad, hold your horses. I’m going to introduce you to a website that’ll make you spill your coffee, pull your hair, scream in agony, and punch the wall. Maybe all at the same time. The website, aptly named User in yer...

How to know for sure if Facebook (or any social network) is down

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. In the past couple of months, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks have faced a lot of outages. But how can you make sure that if the site’s actually down or if it’s...

India’s largest 4G network teams up with Facebook on a digital literacy program

India‘s second biggest network provider, Reliance Jio, has teamed up with  Facebook to launch a digital literacy program for people coming online for the first time. Jio, which has over 300 million subscribers in the country, will launch this program in 200 locations across 13 states. The company said...

How to reset Chrome to its default settings

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Maybe you’ve used Chrome for years, so long that you’ve forgotten what a “clean” install looks like. You have dozens of theme files, new default search engines, and so many...

It’s official: 2019 had the hottest June ever recorded

Yet another disturbing record directly linked to climate change. When the temperature in Agra, India, climbed above 113 degrees in mid-June, the asphalt on roads started to melt. In San Francisco, where the average temperature in June hovers in the 60s and air-conditioned apartments are nearly nonexistent, it hit 100...

HP and Dell may sharply cut China production to dodge tariffs

Even with a Trump-China truce, electronics makers are drawing up contingency plans. Although the United States has temporarily agreed not to impose new tariffs on Chinese exports, electronics vendors are still looking to take some production elsewhere. Citing unnamed sources, Nikkei reports that HP and...

I’m a VP at LinkedIn and here’s what I learned about hiring people for AI jobs

John Jersin explains which four areas to focus on to figure out how to find and hire AI talent, or how and when to retrain existing teams. Just about every industry is being reshaped by AI. That means there’s a good chance the company you work at is or soon will be building AI as part of its products, services,...

Android creator Andy Rubin accused of running a ‘sex ring’

Android founder, Andy Rubin, may have left Google long back in 2014, but his departure is beginning to attract more unsavory attention as more information is released. According to documents made public by a California superior court, Rubin left the company after having an “inappropriate relationship” with a...

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