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Use LinkedIn like a pro with this marketing and sales package, now just $34

You can get trained in leveraging all the power of LinkedIn for yourself with the courses in The Complete LinkedIn Marketing & Sales Bundle. Right now, it’s hundreds of dollars off the regular price, only $34 from TNW Deals.

CHEAP: Yes, I will take 54% off this Google Home Hub thank you very much

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP! For a long time I wasn’t really a fan of smart speakers. The idea was cool, but relying only on audio seemed like a clumsy way to interact with technology. Then, I started using smart speakers with screens. It changed everything....

This ancient baby bottle is a 3,000 year-old lesson for today’s designers

Our ancestors designed beautiful, useful products out of natural materials that eventually returned to the earth. We should look to them for guidance.In the In the Bronze and Iron Age, the world was a different place. Humans had only just invented flint tools, which allowed them to build homes, weave cloth, and plant...

‘You have the wrong Heather Patton,’ pleads Kaiser Permanente after racist CVS video

The healthcare company has been tweeting at users who have mistakenly identified a doctor as a woman seen going off on a racist rant in a viral video. Kaiser Permanente has a message for Twitter users: You have the wrong Heather Patton.Read Full Story

Before you agree to any app’s Terms of Service, check this site

Nobody reads terms of service agreements. Guard puts a computer to work reading them for us. I don’t need to tell you that we live in a privacy nightmare, in which it seems there’s no social network or app you can truly trust to protect your personal identity and everything you do online. But the worst...

This game shows you how bots and trolls spread fake news on social media

Social media platforms off late have come under criticism for poisoning public discourse, even to the extent of getting labeled as “toxic swamps full of trolls, liars and bots.” But as Facebook and Twitter become a conduit for bad actors to manipulate news, set agendas, and propagate toxic viewpoints, they’ve...

‘Accessibility’ and ‘playability’ in video games are not the same thing — here’s why that matters

This article was originally published by Super Jump Magazine, an independent publication all about celebrating great video games and their creators through carefully-crafted, in-depth features produced by a diverse team of games journalists, designers, and enthusiasts. It was founded by games journalist and product...

Facebook tests hiding Like counts, just like Instagram

Facebook has gone ahead and done it. The company begun hiding the number of likes that posts have received, starting today in Australia. You will see “John Doe and others” instead of “John Doe and 15 others” under your post. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong uncovered this test from a beta version of the social...

Microsoft now lets you control your Xbox with the Google Assistant

Microsoft today revealed it’s collaborating with Google to bring the Xbox Action to the Assistant — meaning you’ll soon be able to control your console by saying “Hey Google.” With this update, you can command Google to turn your Xbox on and off, boot up apps, resume paused games, or take screenshots — all...

Facebook needs to delay Libra’s launch — if it really wants to work with regulators

Facebook, the American tech behemoth known for its “move fast and break things” motto, the mishandling of customer data, and interference in democracy, may not launch its ‘cryptocurrency’ Libra in time after all. “In the last few years, there are a lot of important social issues that Facebook and the other...

Google’s new tools aim to give advertisers real-time feedback on their ads

The new tools added to its Create with Google platform is all about testing, testing, testing. Today Google is rolling out a new suite of tools called Create with Google, so that agencies, brands, and creatives can make better—and better-performing—ads that will work on Google and YouTube....

Study: Weaponized misinformation from political parties is now a global problem

Social media, a tool created to guard freedom of speech and democracy, has increasingly been used in more sinister ways. From its role in amplifying political disinformation in elections, to inciting online violence, and lowering the levels of trust in media — Facebook isn’t just a space to share “what’s on...

Facebook scores big, gets rights to air highlights from major cricket tournaments

The International Cricket Council (ICC), the governing body for the sport, announced today it’s partnering with Facebook to show exclusive digital content for ICC tournaments hosted in the Indian sub-continent until 2023. The social network will also show post-match recaps for ICC events hosted elsewhere in the...

Amazon forays into wearables with Alexa powered-glasses and smart ring

Ever fantasize about becoming a spy, wearing miniature and carefully disguised gadgets, and talking to an invisible computer assistant through them? Well, Amazon is going to make that dream come true – to some extent. Along with a ton of other connected devices, the company announced an Alexa-enabled ring (Echo...

Here’s everything Oculus just announced

We’re not at ‘Ready Player One’ yet, but Facebook’s Oculus VR is trying to get us there. Facebook seems further than ever from beaming us into Ready Player One, Ernest Cline’s dorky VR fever dream. But Oculus, the social network’s virtual reality side project, is...

Reddit and Gab’s most toxic communities inadvertently train AI to combat hate speech

A team of researchers from UC Santa Barbara and Intel took thousands of conversations from the scummiest communities on Reddit and Gab and used them to develop and train AI to combat hate speech. Finally, r/The_Donald and other online cesspools are doing something useful. The system was developed after the researchers...

Sustainable fashion retail platforms leave you with no excuse not to buy eco-friendly clothes

75% of consumers say that sustainability is important to them. We’re entering a golden age of sustainable online shopping. When e-commerce first emerged, it was hard to find eco-friendly products or brands at all. To find a sustainable alternative to a product, you would have to dig deep into Google and...

Amazon’s new Echo Studio promises high-end, 3D sound with Dolby Atmos

Amazon revealed an onslaught of new devices today, and among them was its first ‘high-end’ speaker: the Echo Studio. Amazon is claiming serious audio quality here, as the speaker was designed to go along with the company’s new Amazon Music HD service, which is able to deliver lossless audio. Moreover, it’s the...

Amazon unveils a new, bigger, high-fidelity ‘Echo Studio’

The new speaker will sell for $199, significantly less than hi-fi smart speakers from Apple and Google. Research has shown that playing music is still the biggest use of home smart speakers. That may be why Amazon decided to join Apple and Google in offering a smart speaker that’s focused on sounding good.Read...

Even the Muppets can’t make Facebook Portal seem less creepy

A new ad sees Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy, and the gang stay in touch using Facebook’s new video streaming device. It makes perfect sense. A little sugar with the medicine—or in this case, a spoonful of childhood nostalgia to help the privacy concerns go down. Here we have Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy,...

Here they are, folks: the funniest, most outrageous impeachment memes

Nancy Pelosi had barely announced the impeachment inquiry into Trump when Twitter and Instagram became flooded with memes. Here we go. Yesterday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House is launching a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Pelosi had long resisted calls from several progressive...

Google’s unsurprising refusal to pay for news snippets undermines new EU copyright law

Google has announced it will not pay European news publishers for the right to show their content on Google News, which will be mandatory under the EU’s new copyright directive that will come into effect next month, The Financial Times reports. France is the first out of the 28 EU member states to implement the new...

McDonald’s job-seekers can start now the application process with Alexa or Google Assistant

Apply Thru is a voice app for Alexa and Google Assistant devices that users can activate by simply saying “Help me get a job at McDonald’s.” McDonald’s says it has launched the “world’s first” voice-initiated application process, called Apply Thru. The process...

Google releases trove of deepfake videos so researchers can help fight them

We’ll soon live in a world where you might now be able to tell if the video you are watching actually happened. Google has announced it has released a data set containing 3,000 deepfake videos it has created. Google hopes the release of the videos will allow researchers to develop ways to combat malicious...


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