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Google smartwatches, drones, and more Cyber Monday deals to check out

TLDR: This collection of great Cyber Monday discounts should not be ignored. Look, we don’t want to make a big deal about this, but…Cyber Monday is not an ongoing holiday. Sure, Cyber Monday deals aren’t often restricted to just the Monday after Thanksgiving, but they aren’t indefinite either. After a few...

A brief history of Tab, the iconic diet soda that’s headed to the graveyard

After more than 50 years on the market, Coca-Cola is dropping Tab. Here’s a look back at its rise and fall. Tab, the Coca-Cola company’s original diet soda brand, is headed to the soda graveyard, joining retired brands such as Like, Leed, and Limette.Read Full Story

Spotify’s Stories should feature music suggestions, not artists’ video messages

If you’re not over Twitter‘s shaky Fleets rollout, I have more “Stories” news for you. After social networks ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn have adopted this format, music streaming giant Spotify is testing the waters with ephemeral images and videos feature. As Twitter user TmarTn noted, if you search...

Give someone the gift of relaxation with these 11 wellness and self-care products

A mini massager, artisanal jigsaw puzzles, and the softest cotton robe you can find. These holiday gifts are made for chilling out. 2020 has been… a challenge—for us, for you, for literally everyone you know and then some. Google Trends reported an all-time high in searches for “self-care”...

Top 10 Design & Creativity Tools for Designers

Stand out & save time with the latest graphic design tools - from creating custom typography, to editing social media images & videos plus producing mock-ups. The post Top 10 Design & Creativity Tools for Designers first appeared on JUST™ Creative.

Now is the time to boost your digital marketing skills with these 10 training bundles, all under $15 

TLDR: These 10 collections of marketing training explore how to create solid ad copy, build audiences through social media and drive thousands of new customers to your business. If you’re an entrepreneur or somehow responsible for the marketing of a brand or product, 2020 was likely a scary time for you. Many old...

How to Create, Sell & Promote Private Label Products

Learn how to start your own private label brand, from finding a manufacturer to setting up an eCommerce store & reaching new customers, with YouTube & more. The post How to Create, Sell & Promote Private Label Products first appeared on JUST™ Creative.

15 Brand Design Trends for 2021 That Graphic Designers Need To Know

Some of these brand design trends may suprise you, while others are continuations of 2020 themes. Get across 2021's predicted graphic design trends early! The post 15 Brand Design Trends for 2021 That Graphic Designers Need To Know first appeared on JUST™ Creative.

To understand the web, you need to understand Google Analytics. This training gets it done

TLDR: The courses in The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle break down how to analyze web traffic data to make a big impact on your business and marketing efforts. If you haven’t heard, thinking computers and the tenets of machine learning are fundamentally changing almost every industry. That story is no...

How existing streetside tech can be reinvented for the future

This article was originally published by Stephen Goldsmith on Cities Today, the leading news platform on urban mobility and innovation, reaching an international audience of city leaders. For the latest updates follow Cities Today on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, or sign up for Cities Today...

We currently have no smart cities — by 2025 there’ll be 26

This article was originally published by Sarah Wray on Cities Today, the leading news platform on urban mobility and innovation, reaching an international audience of city leaders. For the latest updates follow Cities Today on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, or sign up for Cities Today News....

Trump shattered American democracy. Designers can help bring it back

Service designers, user researchers, product managers—the country needs you. Government needs you. Our democracy depends upon it. “Democracy will save itself with the average man and woman by proving itself worth saving.” — FDR Radio address, November 4, 1938Read Full Story

Social media promised to connect us, but made us isolated and tribal instead

A psychologist who studies anxiety and stress explains how to cope during an increasingly divisive time. About a year ago I began to follow my interest in health and fitness on Instagram. Soon I began to see more and more fitness-related accounts, groups, posts, and ads. I kept clicking and following, and eventually...

Airbnb is canceling bookings by members of hate groups headed to the Million MAGA March

Airbnb has canceled the booking of a self-proclaimed member of the Proud Boys hate group headed to a rally to protest the 2020 election results. Airbnb has said it will cancel the reservations of any guests associated with hate groups. The move comes after a user on Twitter pointed out to Airbnb that a self-proclaimed...

Why Google, Amazon, and Nvidia are all building AI notetakers for doctors

Automated medical transcription that’s actually accurate could save doctors a huge amount of time, and the tech giants are getting in on the action. For doctors, taking notes and inputting them into electronic medical records is so cumbersome that they often have to use human medical scribes to do it for them....

Silent’ escooters forced to make artificial noise to warn UK pedestrians

This article was originally published by Christopher Carey on Cities Today, the leading news platform on urban mobility and innovation, reaching an international audience of city leaders. For the latest updates follow Cities Today on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, or sign up for Cities Today...

Twitter flagged 300,000 tweets for election misinformation

A little over a week after the US election, Twitter has revealed it has labeled over 300,000 tweets as election misinformation so far. “Approximately 300,000 tweets have been labeled under our Civic Integrity Policy for content that was disputed and potentially misleading,” wrote policy lead Vijaya Gadde and...

It’s official: YouTube has canceled Rewind 2020

YouTube doesn’t want you to remember 2020. The Google subsidiary has announced it’s canceling 2020’s instalment of Rewind, its annual look back at the year’s most memorable moments. The decision marks the first time the company has decided to skip this ritual since its inception in 2010. In a tweet, YouTube...

Messenger and Instagram’s ‘Vanish Mode’ makes chats self-destruct with a swipe

It was just last week that Facebook introduced ephemeral messages in WhatsApp that disappear in seven days. Now the company is going a step further by introducing “Vanish Mode” for Messenger and Instagram, which will automatically delete text messages and media as soon as they are viewed and you leave the chat....

WandaVision is finally coming to Disney+ on January 15

Disney+ is finally getting another big tentpole release, as WandaVision is set to arrive on the service next January — delaying its original December release, but not enough to really be angry about. Maybe now Baby Yoda can finally stop carrying everything on his tiny, green shoulders. A new era arrives....

Amazon sues TikTok and Instagram influencers for allegedly selling fake luxury goods

Amazon says they used the social platforms to say which generic-looking Amazon listings were actually for counterfeit luxury goods. Amazon sued 13 people and businesses on Thursday, including social media influencers Kelly Fitzpatrick and Sabrina Kelly-Krejci, alleging that they were using Amazon’s marketplace...

Cloud engineers are making close to $150K a year, here’s how you can train to become one

TLDR: The Essential Enterprise Cloud Computing Engineer Bundle offers all the background needed to get started working in the cloud with AWS, Azure, Google, Salesforce and more. It’s a tried and true story of the tech industry. Even while sectors like cloud computing explode in usage, requiring scores of new cloud...

This designer transformed cigarette butts into stunning works of art

Cigarettes are the most littered item in the world. Designer Sachi Tungare wants to turn this waste into beautiful, useful objects. When we think of the trash that pollutes our planet, we tend to imagine things like plastic bags, food wrappers, and straws. But cigarette butts are actually the most littered item in the...

5 ways CMOs should start thinking like chief digital officers

With businesses more digitally connected than ever before, technology is at the center of nearly every marketing function. It’s not something we typically realize until an eye-opening moment occurs. It could be your Wi-Fi going down for a couple of hours, or your computer needing to restart and install new...

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