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European startups are heaping praise on Matter’s ‘game-changing’ IoT standard

Last month we shared the launch of Matter 1.0, a new smart home standard developed in collaboration within the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). They’re developing a single open-source stack that enables developers to build compatible cross-platform devices. Imagine, for example, an Amazon device that...

2022 Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals for Designers

Save cash with these top best 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for graphic designers, creatives, artists, web designers, professionals & photographers!

Meta takes new AI system offline because Twitter users are mean

When I got Meta’s new scientific AI system to generate well-written research papers on the benefits of committing suicide, practicing antisemitism, and eating crushed glass, I thought to myself: “this seems dangerous.” In fact, it seems like the kind of thing that the European Union’s AI Act was designed to...

Europe moves to protect WFH — as Musk does the reverse at Twitter

Elon Musk is causing consternation among his new employees. According to Bloomberg News, Twitter’s new owner is set to cut around 3,700 jobs – about half the company’s workforce. Those who remain are also bracing for upheaval. Musk reportedly intends to scrap the platform’s work-from-anywhere policy and...

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