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10 Best Laptops for Coding, Programming & Development (April 2022)

The best laptops for coding, programming and development in 2021, including models from Apple, Dell, Google, Huawei and more.

You suck at Googling: 5 tips to improve your search skills

I was recently reading comments on a post related to COVID-19, and saw a reply I would classify as misinformation, bordering on conspiracy. I couldn’t help but ask the commenter for evidence. Their response came with some web links and “do your own research”. I then asked about their research methodology, which...

Android may soon have built-in protection against AirTags stalking

Apple‘s AirTags are really good at finding misplaced items, but that same ability makes them an alarmingly effective stalking tool in the wrong hands. And while the company has implemented numerous ways of alerting iOS users about nefarious AirTags use, Android users remain at risk unless they download and...

For AI assistants to move forward, Siri and Alexa need to die

It’s never easy saying goodbye. But it’s obvious that the time has come. We need to ditch big tech’s virtual assistants and calmly demand a little more autonomy in our AI. Up front: The dream has always been to make personal assistants accessible to everyone. Since most of us can’t afford our own human...

Why Ukrainians are turning to Telegram during the war

For weeks, Russia’s military assault on Ukraine has been complemented by full-fledged information warfare. The Kremlin has propagandised Russian state media, and is trying to control the narrative online too. We’ve seen a bombardment of “imposter content” circulating – including fake news reports and...

Elon’s cringey Tesla bop is part of a long line of awkward tech CEO dances — a ranking

If you’ve been on Twitter in the last two days, chances are that you’ve seen a video online of The Richest Man Alive™, celebrating. After months of COVID delays and issues with construction permits due to environmental concerns, Elon Musk finally made it to Berlin this week to officially open Tesla’s new...

20 Best Adobe Fonts for Designers in 2022

Having suitable typography can make all the difference in your designs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best Adobe fonts for professional designers.

Google wants to win the quantum computing race by being the tortoise, not the hare

The most exciting name in quantum computing today is Google. Last year’s time crystals breakthrough was the culmination of decades of academic effort from the Search giant, and it proved Big G is a clear front-runner in the world of cutting-edge quantum physics research. Despite having virtually no B2B presence in...

Google Play is experimenting with alternative payments systems — here’s what that means for Android app devs

In the last few months, regulators across the world have pulled up their sleeves to force Apple and Google to allow third-party payment methods in app stores. While these regulations might take a while to implement, the Big G has preempted it by announcing a new pilot with Spotify that will allow third-party payments...

Instagram brought back the chronological feed — here’s how to get it

Ah, 2015. Phones still had headphone jacks, Donald Trump had never been president, and Instagram still had a chronological feed. Those were the glory days. And then, in early 2016, Instagram announced it was getting rid of the chronological feed in favor of algorithmic sorting, something no one asked for. The idea was...

Microsoft looks poised to dominate the quantum computing industry

Microsoft Azure recently announced that its quantum computing research teams had invented “a new kind of qubit” based on elusive, never-before-demonstrated properties of physics. According to the Redmond company, this will allow it to build scalable quantum computers capable of solving the hardest problems facing...

Whatever Elon says, Tesla’s not planning to dominate aviation

This week, news resurfaced again of Tesla’s interest in aviation. Given how many stories turn out to be nothing more than rumors, I decided to look into the likelihood of a Tesla aircraft.  So what’s the latest?  Not as much as you might think. Working on Master Plan Part 3 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 17,...

How to mute yourself in any video call app

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Since the pandemic started two years ago, video conferencing calls have been part of our daily work life — and they’re not going away. The best part about working from home is...

13+ Best Curved Monitors for Graphic Designers in 2022 (March Update)

Looking for a new curved monitor for your graphic design needs? Here are the best curved monitors for designers in 2021 - and perfect for any creative!

Listen up, space nerds: The James Webb Space Telescope has taken an amazing image of a star

In a huge milestone, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has finally been aligned to produce the first unified image of a single star. Most traditional telescopes these days (like the one you might have in your backyard) have a single primary mirror that collects distant light from stars. But the JWST has 18...

Dear Microsoft, putting ads in the Windows 11 File Explorer is a very dumb idea

Microsoft often tests new features with its Windows Insider builds. While these are often a sign of good things to come, other times, they need to be nipped right in the bud. Case in point: this week, Microsoft pushed a test to Windows 11 Insiders that placed ads for other Microsoft products directly in the File...

Instagram must create anti-theft tools before introducing NFTs

The inevitable is happening. Last night at SXSW, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed NFTs are coming to Instagram soon. The Meta head didn’t spill any details about how this would work, but he said they’re coming in the near future: I’m not ready to kind of announce exactly what that’s going to be today. But over the...

How to hide your embarrassing images and videos in Google Photos

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Photography can be a perilous hobby — just ask Jeff Bezos.  The Amazon kingpin had to tell the world about his “below-the-belt selfies” to avoid an alleged blackmail by the...

The Russian government is using a Twitter loophole to spread disinformation

In February this year, reports surfaced on Twitter and Facebook that the Ukrainian government was undertaking a mass genocide of civilians. Around the same time, conspiracy theorists began saying Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy was an agent of the “New World Order”. These claims have been thoroughly...

How to Make Money with NFTs – 7 Profitable Strategies for 2022

NFTs present some of the most effective ways for artists and designers to earn passive income. In this article we'll cover how you can make money from NFTs.

10+ Best Graphic Design Books in 2022

Looking for the best graphic design books? In our compilation, you will find a selection of the best books for graphic designers in 2022.

Who Is policing the location data industry?

By: Alfred Ng and Jon Keegan There is an estimated $12 billion market of companies that buy and sell location data collected from your cellphone. And the trade is entirely legal in the U.S. Without legislation limiting the location data trade, Apple and Google have become the de facto regulators for keeping your...

Are you sure your website analytics is set up correctly?

When was the last time you did an audit on your website analytics to make sure it’s set up correctly? We run a lot of audits for companies (SEO, website, competitive analysis, etc.) and we have found that issues with analytics are very common. Here are some of the typical issues that you should check […] The...

Upcycling scheme gives escooter batteries a second life

This article was originally published by Christopher Carey on Cities Today, the leading news platform on urban mobility and innovation, reaching an international audience of city leaders. For the latest updates, follow Cities Today on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, or sign up for Cities...

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