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Developers: Stop feeling the pressure to learn every new technology — do this instead

This article was originally published on .cult by Neil Green. .cult is a Berlin-based community platform for developers. We write about all things career-related, make original documentaries, and share heaps of other untold developer stories from around the world. It’s a waste of time to try to learn every new...

10 Best Samsung Laptops in 2022

Graphic designers looking for a high-quality laptop can't go wrong with one from Samsung. See our guide of the best laptops from Samsung!

DuckDuckGo faces widespread backlash over tracking deal with Microsoft

DuckDuckGo’s reputation for protecting privacy has taken a hit after revelations emerged of a tracking deal with Microsoft. Security researcher Zack Edwards this week revealed that DuckDuckGo’s mobile browsers allow some Microsoft sites to bypass its block on trackers. While the browser blocks Facebook and Google...

Moneybags Musk won’t use Tesla shares to secure financing for his Twitter acquisition

There’s a new development in the Twitter–Elon Musk deal, and this time, it’s a financial one rather than a juicy controversy. In his latest step, Musk has removed Tesla shares as collateral to secure financing for his acquisition of Twitter. He declared the expiry of margin loans in a new filing with the...

Google takes on OpenAI with flashy text-to-image generator

The AI imagery competition is getting personal. Google this week unveiled a new challenger to OpenAI’s vaunted DALLE-2 text-to-image generator — and took shots at its rival’s efforts. Both models convert text prompts into pictures. But Google’s researchers claim their system provides “unprecedented...

10 Best 17-inch Laptops for Graphic Designers & Artists

Buying a 17-inch laptop can give you a ton of room to work. Check out our list of the best 17-inch laptops available right here!

10 Best Laptops for Coding, Programming & Development (May 2022)

The best laptops for coding, programming and development in 2021, including models from Apple, Dell, Google, Huawei and more.

Google Street View now lets you ‘time travel’ on your phone. Here’s how

While the real-life Delorean still can’t go back to the future, Google’s Street View vehicles can now transport us to the past. Historial images captured by the cars have been assembled in a tool that shows how places have changed over time. The feature was previously only available on the desktop version of...

Elon Musk’s obsession with bots will do nothing to stop Twitter spam

Twitter reports that fewer than 5% of accounts are fakes or spammers, commonly referred to as “bots.” Since his offer to buy Twitter was accepted, Elon Musk has repeatedly questioned these estimates, even dismissing Chief Executive Officer Parag Agrawal’s public response. Later, Musk put the deal on hold and...

Adobe Stock Alternatives – Top 10 Choices for 2022

Are you a designer who are searching for alternatives to Adobe Stock? Don't worry! This blog will help you with a list of best Adobe Stock alternatives.

Facebook Dating was a catastrophic failure — and I know why

Facebook Inc, now called Meta, announced its dating application, Facebook Dating, in May 2018. There was real excitement, with people expecting a revolutionary dating app that would soon beat Tinder. And it is no wonder when you consider the size of the company, its technical capabilities, and most importantly the...

Losing Ian Goodfellow to DeepMind is the dumbest thing Apple’s ever done

There are a lot of machine learning developers in the world. But only one has been mentored by both Andrew Ng and Yoshua Bengio, invented a new kind of artificial neural network, contributed to or lead research at Google Brain, OpenAI and Apple, and still has fewer than 40 candles to blow out on their birthday cake....

This electric tricycle can transform into a camper AND a boat

If you’ve been wondering what your Bear Grylls lifestyle has been missing all this while, meet the weird and wonderful BeTriton, the amphibious e-trike that’s a bike, a boat, and… a camper. Behold! Credit: BeTriton Formerly dubbed Z-Triton, the polymorphous tricycle was conceived and created by Aigars Lazuis,...

Musk and Twitter are stuck in a stupid stalemate about bots

The Elon Musk–Twitter saga has reached an extremely weird and uncomfortable point. Literally every few hours, the deal to acquire the social platform switches between full steam ahead to a hold state. If you’re an investor, user, or Twitter employee, it could be a really confusing time to understand where the...

DeepMind researcher claims new ‘Gato’ AI could lead to AGI, says ‘the game is over!’

According to Doctor Nando de Freitas, a lead researcher at Google’s DeepMind, humanity is apparently on the verge of solving artificial general intelligence (AGI) within our lifetimes. In response to an opinion piece penned by yours truly, the scientist posted a thread on Twitter that began with what’s perhaps the...

Language matters when Googling controversial people

One of the useful features of search engines like Google is the autocomplete function that enables users to find fast answers to their questions or queries. However, autocomplete search functions are based on ambiguous algorithms that have been widely criticized because they often provide biased and racist results....

I left my dream job at Google — and I’m undoubtedly happier

A few months ago, I quit my job at Google after 10 years to join a 40 person startup (Replit). At the time, I had a hard time expressing why I needed to make the change, even though I knew with certainty. Writing this helped me sort it out. I left because I needed to fix my work-life balance. I joined Google in early...

Android Auto gets a UI makeover and increased functionalities

 It’s been a big week of updates on all things Google. Yesterday the company launched a bunch of handy updates for Android Auto, giving the in-car digital experience a much-needed refresh with added features and a far superior user interface. Let’s take a look. Split screen for the win I’m liking the split...

Bird unveils new AR tools to curb illegal escooter parking

This week, escooter company Bird launched the latest tech to stop bad rider behavior. The Bird VPS (Visual Parking System) was shown on stage at Google I/O, demonstrating the latest tech to monitor escooter parking. The tool is powered by Google’s ARCore Geospatial API, enabling Bird to geo-localize parked scooters...

Elon Musk is putting his Twitter deal on hold because... bots

Elon Musk said today he’s temporarily putting the Twitter deal on hold — because of bots. Yep, you read that right. Musk said the company has to prove that bots consist of less than 5% of users on the platform. This comes after a Twitter filing with SEC earlier this month, that claimed that the number of bots and...

Famous Logo Rebrands of 2016 and Past Logo Design Fails

Take a look at some famous rebrandings of 2016 (Instagram, Netflix) as well as some past horror branding stories including Tropicana & London Olympics.

Logo Wave Awards International: Open for Entries

Get more logo design gigs by becoming an “award-winning designer”! Enter the Logo Wave Awards today and win $1000 & a crystal trophy.

Learn How To Design A Logotype with the Designer Behind Instagram’s Logo

Mackey Saturday shares his essential process for creating a great logotype: a type-only treatment of a brand or company name. Learn from his free tutorial or enroll in his full class.

Pixel Watch, Pixel Buds Pro, and more: All the hardware announced at Google I/O

For most of its existence, Google has been seen as a software and services company. It’s the company millions rely on for search, emails, and documents. But if today’s Google I/O presentation is anything to go by, Google really wants to make sure it’s known as a hardware company too. Granted, Google has been...

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