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Google kills Hangouts — but its dreams of Gmail dethroning Slack feel far away

Google shut down Hangouts for Workspace in February, but that’s not enough for the search giant: it’s now killing the mobile Hangouts app as well. In a recent blogpost, the tech behemoth announced that it’ll bid farewell to the feature in November 2022. People still using Hangouts are urged to switch to the Chat...

Opinion: Bad things will happen when the AI sentience debate goes mainstream

A Google AI engineer recently stunned the world by announcing that one of the company’s chatbots had become sentient. He was subsequently placed on paid administrative leave for his outburst. His name is Blake Lemoine and he sure seems like the right person to talk about machines with souls. Not only is he a...

Pay compression is widening the gap between new and existing employees

Business owners have known the value of loyalty for a long time. From customers collecting stamps for retail loyalty programmes, to Air Miles, coupons, plastic cards and mobile apps, the mechanism has changed but the rationale remains: repeat purchases are key for growth in almost all businesses. Similarly, businesses...

Stop debating whether AI is ‘sentient’ — the question is if we can trust it

The past month has seen a frenzy of articles, interviews, and other types of media coverage about Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer who told The Washington Post that LaMDA, a large language model created for conversations with users, is “sentient.” After reading a dozen different takes on the topic, I have to say...

Netflix and TikTok are betting on gaming to secure a future away from streaming

The streaming wars are heating up. In March, Disney delayed the release date of Obi-Wan Kenobi to May 27 to coincide with the launch of Netflix’s top show, Stranger Things. This on the back of Google’s announcement YouTube Shorts had matched TikTok’s 1.5 billion subscribers in the short-form video market. Facing...

20+ Best Monospace Fonts for Coding & Design in 2022

The best monospace fonts for coding & design allow designers to be articulate programmers or storytellers, despite their fixed widths. And while it sounds as if all of them should

Facebook is receiving sensitive medical information from hospital websites

By: Todd Feathers, Simon Fondrie-Teitler, Angie Waller, and Surya Mattu A tracking tool installed on many hospitals’ websites has been collecting patients’ sensitive health information—including details about their medical conditions, prescriptions, and doctor’s appointments—and sending it to Facebook. The...

Fear-extinction and the end of self-loathing in the metaverse

Facebook blew it. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the name change or the whole… metaverse thing. Any way you slice it, Meta’s rebranding has been a public disaster. And it’s because hardly anyone can explain just what the hell the metaverse is. Nearly everyone on the planet knows what Facebook did, but...

Can we ‘reprogramme’ our brain for happiness? Former head of Google X says yes

There are probably a billion and one self help books out there claiming to have the key or the secret formula to happiness. Mo Gadwat’s series of books: Solve For Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy and his upcoming That Little Voice In Your Head: Adjust the Code That Runs Your Brain may seem like just two more to add...

Polestar hosts ‘Future Talk’ on sustainable material design at Amsterdam museum

Fighting climate change. That’s about solar panels, ditching meat, flying less, and driving an electric car, right? Absolutely, but that’s only half the story. For a lot of product designers, sustainability is becoming the key focus of their creative process. They’re on a mission to find new ways to replace some...

The 3 things an AI must demonstrate to be considered sentient

A Google developer recently decided that one of the company’s chatbots, a large language model (LLM) called LaMBDA, had become sentient. According to a report in the Washington Post, the developer identifies as a Christian and he believes that the machine has something akin to a soul — that it’s become sentient....

A Google software engineer believes an AI has become sentient. If he’s right, how would we know?

Google’s LaMDA software (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) is a sophisticated AI chatbot that produces text in response to user input. According to software engineer Blake Lemoine, LaMDA has achieved a long-held dream of AI developers: it has become sentient. Lemoine’s bosses at Google disagree, and have...

Here’s how you can help support victims of the war in Ukraine

Meet the People for People team in person at this year’s TNW Conference to find out more about how you or your organization can help support victims of the war in Ukraine. “It’s very human to start thinking in terms of us and them. But in my personal experience, war only has victims,” said Ali Niknam, CEO of...

Whether you’re a scaleup or an individual, here’s how you can support victims of the war in Ukraine

Meet the People for People team in person at this year’s TNW Conference to find out more about how you or your organization can help support victims of the war in Ukraine. “It’s very human to start thinking in terms of us and them. But in my personal experience, war only has victims,” said Ali Niknam, CEO of...

Going to TNW Conference 2022? Don’t miss this talk by Marvel tech designer John LePore

Science fiction frequently inspires real technology. John LePore, who’s speaking at TNW Conference on June 11, not only understands this pathway — he builds it. The Emmy-nominated futurist and creative director designs tech for blockbuster movies and real-world products alike. His credits range from Black...

20+ SVG Fonts for Designers (Free & Premium)

SVG fonts can add a new level of design and innovation to your work. Check out our list of the best SVG fonts for designers and get started today!

Google sets new record for calculating pi — but what’s the point?

Developers have set a new record in the endless quest to accurately calculate pi. A team led by Google Cloud’s Emma Haruka Iwao found 100 TRILLION digits of the mathematical constant — smashing the previous benchmark of 31.4 trillion. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Credit: Google...

Research reveals why so many big tech whistleblowers are women

A number of high-profile whistleblowers in the technology industry have stepped into the spotlight in the past few years. For the most part, they have been revealing corporate practices that thwart the public interest: Frances Haugen exposed personal data exploitation at Meta, Timnit Gebru and Rebecca Rivers...

15+ Best Scanners in 2022 (June)

With our list of the best scanners for graphic designers, all of your sketches and doodles will be digitized in no time.

To evolve, AI must face its limitations

From medical imaging and language translation to facial recognition and self-driving cars, examples of artificial intelligence (AI) are everywhere. And let’s face it: although not perfect, AI’s capabilities are pretty impressive. Even something as seemingly simple and routine as a Google search represents one of...

What Hugging Face and Microsoft’s collaboration means for applied AI

This article is part of our series that explores the business of artificial intelligence. Last week, Hugging Face announced a new product in collaboration with Microsoft called Hugging Face Endpoints on Azure, which allows users to set up and run thousands of machine learning models on Microsoft’s cloud platform....

Google is killing Android Auto for phone screens

Nearly a year ago, the tech giant cut the plug on the Android Auto for phone screens for users of Android 12, redirecting them to Google’s Assistant driving mode. Now, Google is shutting down the app altogether. If users of Android 11 and older versions open the app, they’ll see the following, terse message:...

Microsoft is here to rescue Tesla workers from Elon Musk

Yesterday, Tiana Watts-Porter, Technical Recruiter at Microsoft, put a rescue call out on LinkedIn inviting Tesla employees to escape from the chains of the desks and factory floor at Tesla. In a now-deleted post that mentioned Tesla employees directly, she declared:  “Here at Microsoft and our affiliates LinkedIn...

Eureka! Scientists just linked two time crystals together for the first time

A team of researchers in Europe have successfully created a two-state system using time crystals. The correct response to reading that is: eureka! We would have also accepted “wow,” “OMG,” and “hooray,” given the potential implications of this incredible breakthrough. Up front: Time crystals are a recently...

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