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Google kills Hangouts — but its dreams of Gmail dethroning Slack feel far away

Google shut down Hangouts for Workspace in February, but that’s not enough for the search giant: it’s now killing the mobile Hangouts app as well. In a recent blogpost, the tech behemoth announced that it’ll bid farewell to the feature in November 2022. People still using Hangouts are urged to switch to the Chat...

Opinion: Bad things will happen when the AI sentience debate goes mainstream

A Google AI engineer recently stunned the world by announcing that one of the company’s chatbots had become sentient. He was subsequently placed on paid administrative leave for his outburst. His name is Blake Lemoine and he sure seems like the right person to talk about machines with souls. Not only is he a...

Pay compression is widening the gap between new and existing employees

Business owners have known the value of loyalty for a long time. From customers collecting stamps for retail loyalty programmes, to Air Miles, coupons, plastic cards and mobile apps, the mechanism has changed but the rationale remains: repeat purchases are key for growth in almost all businesses. Similarly, businesses...

A Google software engineer believes an AI has become sentient. If he’s right, how would we know?

Google’s LaMDA software (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) is a sophisticated AI chatbot that produces text in response to user input. According to software engineer Blake Lemoine, LaMDA has achieved a long-held dream of AI developers: it has become sentient. Lemoine’s bosses at Google disagree, and have...

Here’s how you can help support victims of the war in Ukraine

Meet the People for People team in person at this year’s TNW Conference to find out more about how you or your organization can help support victims of the war in Ukraine. “It’s very human to start thinking in terms of us and them. But in my personal experience, war only has victims,” said Ali Niknam, CEO of...

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