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Searching for a job? It’s time to get your references lined up

References: Didn’t they go out with the ark? These days we are far more inclined to think that all the power in job hunting lies in employee referral programmes or social media recommendations, and as a result, lots of job seekers forget about the power of a good reference. According to a Society for Human Resource...

AI stalks influencers in the wild to expose horrors of high-tech surveillance

Influencers may crave attention by “occupation,” but a new AIexperiment shows they can’t always control their admirers’ gazes. Dubbed “The Follower,” the project tracks Instagrammers in the wild. In the process, it offers a glimpse at the terrifying capabilities of automated surveillance. The experiment is...

Do your social media posts impact your employability? Here’s what Jobbio has to say

In the age of Google, we all naturally turn to the internet when we’re facing a challenge. For example, “How do you snake a drain?”, “What’s the best way to get over a hangover?”, or perhaps even, “How do I land my dream job?.” If you’re currently in the market for a new career, you’ve probably...

Forget chess, DeepMind’s training its new AI to play football

Researchers from DeepMind, the UK’s juggernaut AI lab, have forsaken the noble games of chess and Go for a more plebeian delight: football. The Google sister company yesterday published a research paper and accompanying blog post detailing its new neural probabilistic motor primitives (NPMP) — a method by which...

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