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UK police report epidemic of Android false emergency calls

Police forces across the UK have been receiving an increasing number of false calls to 999, the country’s emergency services number. This isn’t attributed to a jump in crime, but largely to an Android feature, the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) reports. Nationally, all emergency services are currently...

EU plants flag in Silicon Valley ahead of big tech crackdown

The EU’s industry chief Thierry Breton travelled to Silicon Valley this week to prep tech giants for sweeping new rules governing social media, AI, and data. Breton also made the trip to inaugurate the Commission’s first-ever office in Silicon Valley, as the bloc looks to plant its flag firmly on big tech’s home...

The Best Printers for Graphic Designers (June 2023)

What is the best printer for a graphic designer? Here we we review the top best most effective printers on the market for graphic design in 2021.

A new metaverse network plots an escape from Meta’s ‘walled gardens’

Two years after Mark Zuckerberg launched it into orbit, the metaverse is crashing back to Earth. As the hype sparked by Facebook’s rebrand fades amid jaw-dropping losses, risible selfies, and the generative AI boom, reality is setting in — which is when things start getting interesting. Metaverse stalwarts are...

UK’s ‘early access’ to OpenAI and DeepMind models is a double-edged sword

Google DeepMind, OpenAI, and Anthropic will grant the UK government “early or priority access” to their models for research and safety purposes, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak revealed during his speech at London Tech Week. While it’s still unclear what type of data the tech companies have pledged to share, the aim...

33+ Best Overlays, Effects & Styles for Photoshop and Illustrator

One of the great things about using Photoshop and Illustrator (get 40% off here) is the number of different add-ons that you can download. Made by other designers all over

35+ Best Adobe Fonts for Designers in 2023

Having suitable typography can make all the difference in your designs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best Adobe fonts for professional designers.

Mistral AI secures €105M in Europe’s largest-ever seed round

The artificial intelligence hype shows no sign of fading just yet, and investors are practically falling over themselves to fund the next big thing in AI. Yesterday, Paris-based startup Mistral AI announced it had secured €105mn in what is reportedly Europe’s largest-ever seed round.  Mistral AI was founded only...

25+ Best OpenType Fonts for Graphic Designers

Go through this post to pick the best OpenType fonts for your upcoming designs. We have included various types of fonts to help you find the right one.

25 Best PAPER Art & Crafts Resources for Designers

When we were all in grade school, every one of us loved arts & craft days, building things with paper, paint, and other crafts. Recapturing the magic that you felt,

29+ Best Instagram Post & Story Templates for Designers & Agencies

Are you looking for the top Instagram story & post templates for your brand campaigns and projects? Here are the top picks for designers and creatives!

Inside Google DeepMind’s approach to AI safety

This article features an interview with Lila Ibrahim, COO of Google DeepMind. Ibrahim will be speaking at TNW Conference, which takes place on June 15 & 16 in Amsterdam. If you want to experience the event (and say hi to our editorial team!), we’ve got something special for our loyal readers. Use the promo code...

20+ Essential Graphic Designer Tools — Hardware & Software (2023)

The most essential hardware, software and equipment that every graphic designer should have on hand.

DeepMind made its AI name in games. Now it’s playing with the foundations of computing

DeepMind has applied its mastery of games to a more serious business: the foundations of computer science. The Google subsidiary today unveiled AlphaDev, an AI system that discovers new fundamental algorithms. According to DeepMind, the algorithms it’s unearthed surpass those honed by human experts over decades. ...

Top 20+ Best WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers, Agencies and Studios

Get a head start on your creative agency website with our list of Top 20 Best WordPress Themes for Designers, Agencies & Studio, perfect for designers!

Why the future won’t look like a sci-fi movie

This article features an interview with Nick Foster, former Head of Design for Google X. Foster will be speaking at TNW Conference, which takes place on June 15 & 16 in Amsterdam. If you want to experience the event (and say hi to our editorial team!), we’ve got something special for our loyal readers. Use the...

32+ Best Affinity Designer Brushes (Free & Premium)

Affinity is an exciting program for any artist or designer looking for a Photoshop alternative. See our list of the top best Affinity Designer Brushes!

20+ Best Photoshop Fonts on Creative Cloud in 2023

Adobe has the tools that all designers can use. The best Photoshop fonts on Creative Cloud can help take any project to the next level.

15+ Best Fonts Similar to Futura (2023)

Are you on the lookout for fonts similar to Futura? If so, we’ve got you covered! In 1924, German type designer Paul Renner began working on the Futura typeface as

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